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         Snakeboarding:     more books (44)
  1. Advanced In-Line Skating by Liz Miller, 2000-04-05
  2. Skateboarding: Ramp Tricks by Evan Goodfellow, 2006-06-28
  3. Skateboarding Skills: The Rider's Guide by Ben Powell, 2008-03-18
  4. Bikes, Scooters, Skates, and Boards: How to buy 'em, fix 'em, improve 'em & move 'em by Neil Bibbins, 2002-05-15
  5. The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding by Michael Brooke, 1999-09-01
  6. Skateboarding: Instruction, Programming and Park Design by Ben Wixon, 2009-01-16
  7. Street Skateboarding: Endless Grinds and Slides: An Instructional Look at Curb Tricks by Evan Goodfellow, Doug Werner, 2005-06-01
  8. Skateboard Retrospective: A Collector's Guide by Rhyn Noll, 2000-06
  9. Learning How: Skateboarding (Learning How Sports) by Jane Mersky Leder, 1991-03-01
  10. SK8 (Access All Areas) by Robin Reeve, 2002-03-27
  11. Concrete to Canvas by David Penhallow , 2005-11-30
  12. Skateboard Roadmap:History by Skin Philips, James Davis, et all 2002-10-28
  13. Fixing and Skating With In-Line and Roller Skates by Russell J. Terry, 1997-11
  14. Hawk: Occupation Skateboarder by Tony Hawk, 2002-07-01

1. S N A K E B O A R D E R . Com is a snakeboarding/pivotboarding/streetboarding site featuring news, howto, tricks, pictures, video clips, history, skateparks, an online store (Flipside USA) and



2. Snakeboard - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Snakeboard is the name of the first company that manufactured boards of this kind, and since it was the only company at the time The sport rapidly became known as snakeboarding.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article does not cite any references or sources
Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (April 2009) A snakeboard is a board that was invented in 1989 by James Fisher and Oliver Macleod Smith. It evolved from the original skateboard Melon over spine Early snakeboard model
edit Performance
edit History
Snakeboard is the name of the first company that manufactured boards of this kind, and since it was the only company at the time - The sport rapidly became known as snakeboarding . They also owned the patent to the sport so were the only ones to produce them through most of the 1990s. In the late 1990s, the inventors sold their company to MV Sports in England, who stopped production. However, the sport survives today with more advanced boards, and is becoming more widely known as Pivotboarding. Being strapped to the board gives the sport a higher incidence of serious injury: a skateboarder can "bail out" of a trick and land on his or her feet. It should also be noted, however, that whilst the footstraps limit the amount a rider can manipulate the board itself, they also facilitate certain techniques. Much like a snowboarder, the rider can perform spins and somersaults higher and further than any skateboarder. At the same time, this means a higher learning curve; as while a skateboarder will have to spend weeks learning the most basic maneuvers, such as the Ollie, or jump, a Pivotboarder (Snakeboarder) simply has to strap himself to the board, and jump as he would without the board attached. It is self-propelled and there is no need to touch a foot to the ground.

3. Snakeboarding Videos - DRô
Les meilleures vidos drles gratuites en streaming classes par catgories avec codes d'insertion pour ton site et tlchargement direct sur ton disque.

4. Recreation & Sports, Sports, Skateboarding, Snakeboarding,
TopicCraze directory of Recreation Sports, Sports, Skateboarding, snakeboarding, . Lists TopicCraze communites by topic. Allows searching topic clusters.

5. - Magazin Für Skateboard, Rollerskate, Inline, BMX
Skate-Magazin zum Thema Ramp-Skating mit den Rubriken Events, Spots und People. Dazu Berichte zu Skateboarding, Inline, Rollerskating und snakeboarding mit vielen Bildern.

Contests ...
Update: Hot LaWa 2010 in Freiburg
Am 17. und 18. Juli fand in Freiburg der Halfpipe-Contest Hot LaWa Fotos vom Inline-Contest
Neu: The Austrian Bowlmasters, Brixlegg/Austria 2010
Austrian Bowlmasters 2010 statt. Hier der Pressebericht von Chris Cab Percival.
Skatepark im Hirschgarten
sein Repertoire an Beton-Parks aus.
Neu: Potsdam/Innenstadt
Ein paar Streetspots in der Potsdamer Innenstadt
Neu: Kombi-Bowl Stahnsdorf/Brandenburg
Ein brandneuer Kombi-Bowl in Stahnsdorf/Brandenburg
Update: Hot LaWa 2009 in Freiburg
Am 18. und 19. Juli fand in Freiburg der Halfpipe-Contest Hot LaWa statt. Nun endlich auch die Fotos vom Inline-Contest und vom Skateboard-Contest
Neu: Indoor-Skatepark Real-X in Apeldoorn/Niederlande
Der Indoor-Skatepark Real-X in Apeldoorn/Niederlande
Neu: Skatepark Haguenau
In Haguenau gibt es einen feinen neuen Indoor-Skatepark von Vertical.
Chris Eggers hat interviewt.
Neu: Skatepark Oberkirch
Bei Oberkirch steht ein kleiner Skatepark mit Beton-Obstacles und Beton-Miniramp.
Neu: Karlsruhe Backyard
Sascha Reichert bosselt an einer neuen Skatehalle in Karlsruhe
Update: Neubauten beim Factory-Bowl
Der hat Zuwachs bekommen: Den OMSA-Pool und eine Mini-Ramp.

6. Snakeboarding
snakeboarding is an adventure sport developed from the sport of skateboarding with influences also from snowboarding and surfboarding and is generally performed on a special kind
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... Adventure Sports Snakeboarding
Snakeboarding is an adventure sport developed from the sport of skateboarding with influences also from snowboarding and surfing and is generally performed on a special kind of board. This board is called the snakeboard because the zigzag motion it generally takes resembles the movement of a snake. The sport is generally played in the streets like skateboarding, yet the game never became as much popular as skateboarding. This is because with the board having pivoting footplates , the free feeling of a skateboard is absent in Snakeboarding. The snakeboard rider can take the board any direction he wants just by moving his feet out of the line of the shoulder and by shifting the body weight. Invented by James Fisher and Oliver Macleod Smith in 1989, the board, known as Snakeboard today, was actually a product of the company named Snakeboard . The product also became famous in the name of the company itself. The users can even ride a snakeboard uphill and also perform several skills and extreme stunts with these. The sport of Snakeboarding is quite common in the present days. However, a different name is used to describe it now and it is widely known as Street boarding The popularity of Skateboarding has diminished the chance of acceptance of Snakeboarding. The later is also more perilous as the risk of injury is there. Yet it has long been and continues to be among the favorite adventure sports of a number of persons round the world.

7. MGS2 Substance: Snakeboarding, What's The Point? - IGN Boards
In order to have an spiffy looking user profile, you must first sign up. After that, you can customize your profile any way you desire!

8. Snakeboarding | Facebook
Welcome to the Facebook Community Page about snakeboarding, a collection of shared knowledge concerning snakeboarding.

9. HigherVoltage
Archive snakeboarding The Boardwalk This is a direct quote from EGM Issue 157 In an apparent effort to not take himself too seriously, series creator Hideo Kojima has included a
Dear internet friends, At 1am GMT on the 6th October 2010, I cancelled my hosting account with Layered Technologies, thereby instigating the death of I apologise for doing so without proper ceremony but this latest server failure comes at the very nadir of my interest and involvement with the site. More seriously it was a regular financial burden, one that I can no longer effectively sustain. While the loss of the content is undoubtedly a sad one, much more than that I mourn the passing of the community, what was always my favourite corner of the web; my favourite collection of dickheads, nerds and losers. And even though this is the end of my role as site admin/boss and spiritual guru, I don't want it to be the end of my involvement with you fine people. I want you to stay in touch, where you can. And if any enterprising soul out there wishes to hijack that community and build on the ashes where HerV once stood, you have my absolute blessing to do so. Just, er, make sure you tell me where it is. :D Thank you all for a brilliant and hilarious eleven years

10. | Snake Boarding | Clearance Skate Wear | Element Skateboard D
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11. New Page 1
Trisha's WeBpAgE Home My Bio Music snakeboarding Welcome to my wEbSiTe. This page was made for ICS 101. Feel free to browse around this site u can read a little bit
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My Bio


Welcome to my wEbSiTe. This page was made for ICS 101. Feel free to browse around this site...u can read a little bit on me, my favorite musicians, and Snakeboarding. Note for Jason: The button on the snakeboarding page was made my PSP.

12. YouTube - Snakeboarding's Channel
Age 21 Joined August 16, 2007 Last Visit Date 6 months ago Subscribers 2 Country Canada

13. Urban Dictionary: Snakeboarding
Streetboarding, formerly known as snakeboarding, is a relatively new extreme sport which combines the elements of snowboarding, surfing skateboar

14. YouTube - Snakeboarding
skateboarding, cam and timmy. Big Punisher;Prospect Off Wit His Head (featuring Prospect) (Explict)

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16. Catalog: Snakeboarding
snakeboarding A Bruce Bolinger original. All products guaranteed for 30 days. All prices in US Dollars.
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17. Snakeboarding Men
Men snakeboarding Friends And Dating Men looking for snakeboarding check it out

18. Articles About Snakeboarding - Los Angeles Times
snakeboarding News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about snakeboarding from the Los Angeles Times

19. Video – Myspace Video
snakeboarding. snakeboarding by Nick. Watch it on MySpace Videos. Less about this video More about this video

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De norske Bokklubbene De beste forfatterne - rett hjem. Maks rabatt og portofritt tilsendt.

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