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         Speed Skating, Inline:     more detail
  1. Roller Skating: Inline Speed Skating
  2. Racing Venues: Athletics (Track and Field) Venues, Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton Tracks, Horse Racing Venues, Inline Speed Skating Venues
  3. Inline Speed Skating
  4. Speed Skating Venues: Inline Speed Skating Venues, Speed Skating Venues in Norway, Richmond Olympic Oval, Bislett Stadion, Thialf, Ullevi
  5. Speed on Skates: A Complete Technique, Training and Racing Guide for In-Line and Ice Skaters by Barry Publow, 1998-12-14
  6. Skate: Your Guide to Inline, Aggressive, Vert, Street, Roller Hockey, Speed Skating, Dance, Fitness Training, and More (Extreme Sports) by Michael Shafran, 2008-08-11
  7. Skate! Your Guide to Blading, Aggressive, Vert, Street, Roller Hockey, Speed and More by Michael Shafran, 2003-05-01
  8. Skate!: Your Guide To Blading, Aggressive, Vert, Street, Roller Hockey, Speed An (National Geographic Extreme Sports) by Michael Shafran, 2003-05
  9. Racing Over the Maple: A History of Indoor Roller Speed Skating 1876-1976 by Clive Wyatt, 2003-08-17
  10. Anybody's Roller Skating Book by Tom Cuthbertson, 1981-03-01

1. In-line Skating FAQ: Manufacturers And Mail-Order Shops (3.2) WWW http// _Inline Retailer_ 2025 Nat'l Coaching Cert Program Canada) certified coaches in either speed skating or

2. About: International Roller Sports Federation
world governing body for roller sports, including rink hockey, inline hockey, speed skating dbpediaInternational_Roller_Sports_Federation_–_Inline; is dbpediaowl
About: International Roller Sports Federation
An Entity of Type : List of international sport federations , from Named Graph : , within Data Space : The International Roller Sports Federation or Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) is the world governing body for roller sports, including rink hockey, inline hockey, speed skating and artistic roller skating. It was established in April 1924 in Montreux, Switzerland by two Swiss sportsmen, Fred Renkewitz and Otto Myer, who had close connections to the International Olympic Committee. Property Value dbpedia-owl: abstract
  • La Fédération internationale de roller sports, ou FIRS, gère au niveau mondial les sports pratiqués sur patin à roulettes. Créée en 1924, la FIRS regroupe plus de 100 fédérations nationales, incluant des pays de tous les continents. La FIRS vise à favoriser le développement des sports de patinage à l'échelle mondiale, le nombre de pratiquants à travers le monde étant estimé à plus de 40 millions. Ses domaines de responsabilité sont l'organisation des compétitions internationales ainsi que le développement, la promotion, l'administration et la régulation des sports de patinage.
dbpedia-owl: formationYear
  • (xsd:date)
dbpedia-owl: headquarter

3. Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 Of 20)
Unless you have a background of speed skating, beginning skaters should avoid the 5 Cover price $8.95 ISBN 0312-06936-7 This book is nearly as good as _Inline

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