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  1. Compétition de Tchoukball: Tchoukball Aux Jeux Mondiaux de 2009, European Winners' Cup 2009, Championnat de Suisse de Tchoukball Lna 2007-2008 (French Edition)
  2. Keeping the excitement alive: Tchoukball and cooperative learning.(Essay): An article from: JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Phoebe Constantinou, 2010-03-01
  3. Jeux Mondiaux: Tchoukball Aux Jeux Mondiaux de 2009, Kayak-Polo Aux Jeux Mondiaux 2005, Kayak-Polo Aux Jeux Mondiaux 2009 (French Edition)

41. Tchoukball - P.E.Teachers Resources
Video. Download this video and watch students play the game of tchoukball. See this video and watch 5th grade students play the game of tchoukball in Geneva IL.
P.E.Teachers Resources Video Download this video and watch students play the game of Tchoukball. See this video and watch 5th grade students play the game of Tchoukball in Geneva IL. Articles Phoebe Constantinou "Keeping the Excitement Alive: Tchoukball and Cooperative Learning", JOPERD -Volume 81 No 3. March 2010 Handouts Get information and exercises with these Handouts. (If you want a hard copy of these documents, please contact us National Standard For Physical Education Learn how Tchoukball meets the National Standard for Physical Education, a complete guidelines and assessments for the introduction of Tchoukball in your class. This guideline includes assessment tests for 9 to 10th grades and Lifelong test with Keys. Developed by Ms. Beverly Ahern, Head of the Physical Education Department at Spencer HS, Iowa.

42. University Of Portsmouth Tchoukball Club Home
UoP tchoukball Club founded in 2008 and operates as part of the University of Portsmouth Student's Union. The Club is run by students for students and has a dedicated commitee

43. Tchoukball
Symbol of tchoukball tchoukball match in progress. tchoukball match in progress. tchoukball (pronounced chukeball) is an indoor team sport developed in the 1970s by Swiss

44. Singapore Tchoukball - Learn To Play Tchoukball In Singapore
Singapore tchoukball's Mission. To actively develop and promote the spirit of tchoukball and bring forward the principles of its founder Dr. Hermann Brandt (1897 1972).
Singapore Tchoukball's Mission >Click here to view the Tchoukball Charter click here
Singapore hosts the Asia Pacifi c Tchoukball Championship!
9th to 11 July 2010
- Republic Polytechnic
Singapore will host the 4th edition of the Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships 2010 (APTC 2010) from July 9th to 11th at Republic Polytechnic. This is the first time the Republic is hosting the championship. This is going to be one exciting match that is the largest so far with more than 9 countries in participation! Raffles Girls Primary Introduces Tchoukball to Primary 4 Students
June 2010

Students at RGPS are having a great time learning about valuable life lessons through a great sport like Tchoukball! Singapore Tchoukball is priviledged to be part of this meaningful programme. Children are having fun and learning the true values of life with our excellent coaches!
To develop our pupils to be useful citizens and lifelong learners
Peiying Primary Learns Tchoukball at School Camp
March 2010

During the March School Holidays, Peiying Primary Students have fantastic fun picking up some key life skills lessons with our coaches. Singapore Tchoukball conducted workshops for all camp students and engaged the students to use Tchoukball as a platform to build team spirit and more!

45. YouTube - Tchoukball, Best Of Canada (Usti 2008)
Tournoi de qualification en R publique Tch que pour les World Games 2009 de Ta wan

46. Tchoukball
tchoukball is a team building sport created in the 70's. The creators goal was to have a game that always has its players......tchoukball ( Pronounced chukeball)

47. Maharashtra State Tchoukball Association.
MAHARASHTRA STATE tchoukball ASSOCIATION Our Maharashtra State tchoukball Association is affiliated to tchoukball Association of India (Affiliated to International tchoukball
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Welcome! Close Would you like to make this site your homepage? It's fast and easy... Yes, Please make this my home page! No Thanks Don't show this to me again. Close Home Page About Page Photo Page ... Rules Page Maharashtra State Tchoukball Association MAHARASHTRA STATE TCHOUKBALL ASSOCIATION : Our Maharashtra State Tchoukball Association is affiliated to Tchoukball Association of India (Affiliated to International Tchoukball Federation F.I.T.B.)
Our Maharashtra State Tchoukball Association is formed on 14th April 2000 at Nashik. This team game TCHOUKBALL is Introduced first time in INDIA by Mr.RAVINDRA CHHAGANRAO NAIK (Sports Teacher, Guru Gobind Singh Public School, Nashik). The origin of Tchoukball is Geneva (Switzerland). The game is started by Dr.Hermman Brandt at Geneva. In India this game first indtroduced at Nashik by the hands of Mr.Dadasaheb Waghchaure (Shiv Chhatrapati Award Winner, Govt.of Maharashtra). First District Tchoukball Championship, First State Tchoukball Championship and also First National Tchoukball Championship was organised at Nashik.

48. Tchoukball World Network !
tchoukball World, follow the players on live from everywhere
Tchoukball World Network !
Ústí 2008 Kaohsiung 2009 Hereford 2010 TBW @ Hereford : Paolo Dolzani (Italia #2) ... TBW @ Hereford : Filippo "Fil" Gilli (Italia #9)

49. Tchoukball
With Tschouko the ‘throwing’ team receives a point if the opposing team fails to catch the rebounding ball before it touches the floor.
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Preparation time: none No. Players: Duration: 1-2 hours Material cost: minimal Age: Location: outdoors Season: any Activity level: high Materials: 2 Frames (=similar trampolines, from which a ball can bounce back) Goal: Fun, games, sport Summary:
Game idea:
With Tschouko two teams of 9 play against each other. The game starts at the base of the pitch. The team in possession of the ball has to try after a maximum of three passes to hit the opponents frame, and so gain a point. The throwing team receives a point only if the opposing team fails to catch the rebounding ball and it touches the floor. After each point gained, the opposing team takes the ball and again, after 3 passes tries to get into a good shooting position. The special thing about Tchoukball is that the defending team is able to hamper the action or the attack. You have to focus less on defending the goal/frame and more on defence in the playing field itself.
Game procedure
The team in possession of the ball has to after a maximum of three passes, throw the ball (a hand ball or something similar) onto one of the 2 frames; this is not to be intercepted by the opposing team. Contrary to most other ball-sports, the direction of play constantly changes i.e. both teams can throw onto any of the frames. If the ball rebounds off a frame and is caught by the non-throwing team, then the ball can instantly be thrown into the same frame or the frame at the other end of the pitch. So the playing field is defended and not the goal/frames. However the three-pass rule always stands. If the ball touches the floor, the opposing team now gets the ball.

50. UAE Tchoukball
It was held in the Sharjah Youth Center, on the 1st and 3rd of april, the M12 Friendly Tournament Singapore UAE. The young team from Singapore came to the UAE to take part in
UAE Tchoukball
quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010
UAE - Singapore M12 friendly tournament
It was held in the Sharjah Youth Center, on the 1st and 3rd of april, the M12 Friendly Tournament Singapore - UAE. The young team from Singapore came to the UAE to take part in this event with another 4 local teams : Sharjah Educational Zone, Sharjah Youth Centres, Sharjah Children Centres and UAE M12.
All the teams played together in a very friendly and nice atmosphere of fair play. The level was very good and all the final scores were very tight, with the last minutes been crucial to definite the winner of each match. The last match was the official international match UAE x Singapore. It was a very exciting match and the spectators and VIPs present enjoyed it a lot ! The final score was 44x37 for the Emiratis.
During this event was organized a trip to Dubai with the kids from Singapore and UAE team together. They visited the Burj al Arab Hotel, Madinat Center, Burj Khalifa building (highest in the world) and the Dubal mall, as well as the Sharjah traditional Souk (market).
Mr Jeff Ang from Singapore, coach of the national squad, conducted a FITB Coach C seminar with the participation of 65 physical education teachers from all over the country.

51. Tchoukball
Shop online for tchoukball Equipment at tchoukball (pronounced chukeball ) is an indoor team sport designed to be accessible to anyone who can run, throw, or

52. Ion Tchoukball - Your Focused Tchoukball Channel | Watch Tchoukball, Share Tchou
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tchoukball events Athlete Registration and ion events . Stay tuned to ION Tour and ION Fest.
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53. Learn Tchoukball - FindSportsNow
Learn tchoukball. Learn about tchoukball history, training, equipment, terminology, and more!
Sign Up RSS Feeds Advanced Search Already a member? Forgot Password? Remember Me? Learn Tchoukball Tchoukball "That's a lot of consonants." Tchoukball is an indoor team sport where players pass and carry a ball up a small court with the intention of putting it into a basket located on either end of the court. Teams may score on either basket and may not make physical contact with any member of the opposing team. Overview Tchoukball is an indoor team sport played with two teams of nine players on a court with trampolines at either end. To score, a team must throw the ball so that it hits the frame and bounces outside the trampoline area without being caught by the defending team. Goal of Tchoukball The goal of tchoukball is to score more points than the opposing team at the end of regulation. Rules of Tchoukball Two teams of nine players each (men or women) compete to score points. A player scores a point when he bounces the ball onto either of the two trampolines, or frames, and it touches the ground outside the semi-circle facing the trampoline. If a player of the attacking team misses the frame, or if the ball touches the ground outside the court before or after the bounce, then the defending team scores a point. Each team can score a point on either of the two trampolines. History of Tchoukball Tchoukball was created by Dr. Herman Brandt in the 1970s because of his concern over the serious injuries athletes suffered in more aggressive sports. He believed that sports should not only form champions, but also contribute to the creation of a better and more humane society. It is designed to be played by anyone at his or her respective level, irrespective of the player's sex, age or physical abilities. He believed that "The objective of all physical activities is not to make champions, but make a contribution to building a harmonious society."

54. Tchoukball - Group Games - Games And Activities - Palos Sports - Physical Educat
Palos Sports physical education equipment, physical education resources, team sports equipment, AHPERD supplier, sporting goods, and other athletic supplies.

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