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  1. Tug of War: Classical Versus Modern Dressage: Why Classical Training Works and How Incorrect Riding Negatively Affects Horses' Health by Gerd Heuschmann, 2007-09-01
  2. Tug of War (Puffin Teenage Fiction) by Joan Lingard, 2004-10-28
  3. Tug of War: A Judge's Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court by Harvey Brownstone, 2009-01-01
  4. Tug-Of-War: All About Balance (Beastieville) by Kirsten Hall, 2005-03
  5. TUG OF WAR by Sue Peters, 1981
  6. Tug of War (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends) by Francine Pascal, 1998
  7. Love's Tug of War: Partnership Beyond the Power Struggle by David Congo, Janet Congo, 1997-04
  8. Anansi and the Tug O' War (Story Cove: a World of Stories) by Bobby Norfolk, 2007-05-25
  9. Tug of War: Why You Should Care About the Global Currency Crisis by Paul Erdman, 1997-10-15
  10. The New Tug-Of-War: Congress, the Executive Branch, and National Security by Jeremy D. Rosner, 1995-08
  11. Tug of War: The Allied Victory That Opened Antwerp by Denis W. Whitaker, Shelagh Whitaker, et all 2000-04
  12. TUG OF WAR: The Battle for Italy 1943 - 1945 (Pen & Sword Military Classics) by Dominick Graham, 2004-09
  13. Inheritance Tug-Of-War Stories - How to Pull Your Family Together Before Your Things Pull Them by Peter McClellan ChFC, Kelly Shackman, 2010-11-01
  14. Deadly Game of Tug of War by Craig Key, 2008-02-01

1. Tug Of War: Definition, Synonyms From
n. , pl. , tugs of war . Games . A contest of strength in which two teams tug on opposite ends of a rope, each trying to pull the other across a dividing line. A struggle for

2. Okinawa Index: Index > Culture
The tugof-war used to be held to pray for rain and a good crop or to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. It is believed that the tug-of-war in every area was held on June’s

3. Tug-of-War Journal - Page 4 @ Forex Factory
Trading Journals tugof-war Journal Trading Journals GBP/USD analysis. Not enough reward to take the short, but maybe the long would be worth looking at.

4. Bluewater Tug-of-War Club Web Site
The beauty of tug of war is in four areas Art, wisdom, science and humanity. It’s an art because it is a demonstration between power and rhythm.
This page is designed for use with a browser that supports frames.

5. Tug-of-war : Tug-of-war News And Photos -
Information about tugof-war RSS feeds allow Web site content to be gathered via feed reader software.
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6. How To Play Tug-of-War |
This is a great outdoor game for a group.
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Home Games How to Play Tug-of-War
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How to Play Tug-of-War
By an eHow Contributor I want to do this! What's This? This is a great outdoor game for a group. Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:
  • Garden Hoses And Attachments And Water Source Measuring Tapes Resins Ropes Sports Referee Whistles White Spray Paints Or Flour Colored Electrical Tapes
Find a level, grassy area to play on. Make a line on the ground with flour or paint. This will be the center line. You can put a wading pool there or, better yet, make a big mud pit for the losers to fall into. Choose a non-player to be the judge. His job is to mark the rope, start the pull, determine a winner, and watch for people breaking the rules. Mark a 120-foot rope at the center with tape. If you make knots in the rope, be sure that they are at matching intervals from the center. Measure 15 feet from the center in each direction and tape the rope at those points. When this line crosses the line on the ground, the team on that end has lost.

7. Tug-of-war | Define Tug-of-war At
World English Dictionary tugof-war — n 1. a contest in which two people or teams pull opposite ends of a rope in an attempt to drag the opposition over a central line 2

8. Welcome To South African
What is tugof-war you may ask read here BOLAND IS S.A. NASIONALE KAMPIOEN VIR 2009 . Toutrek Park, Pretoria - 12/13 JUNIE 2009 Saterdagoggend skryf vier provinsies 41
Welcome to South African
What is Tug-of-War you may ask... read
BOLAND IS S.A. NASIONALE KAMPIOEN VIR 2009 Toutrek Park, Pretoria - 12/13 JUNIE 2009
Saterdagoggend skryf vier provinsies 41 spanne in vir die vyf gewigsafdelings by dag twee van die Suid-Afrikaanse kampioenskappe te Toutrek Park, Pretoria.
Lees meer
GOUDINI IS DIE S.A. KLUBKAMPIOEN VIR 2009 Saterdagoggend skryf agt klubs 30 spanne in vir die vier gewigsafdelings by dag twee van die Suid-Afrikaanse Klubkampioenskappe te Swellendam.
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Username :[email] Password :
National Teams
Get the latest information and results here...
  • SWEDEN - Stenungsund - 4/7 September 2008
    Our national team represented South Africa at the 2008 Outdoor World Championships. We congratulate the National Youth Team with their GOLD medal in the 560Kg Category.
    Click Here>>
    for all the results. ITALY - Faenza - 23/24 February 2008
    Our National Indoor Woman teams participated at the 2008 indoor World championships. Congratulations to the Gauteng North team on the BRONZE medal in the 480 Kg category in the Open Club Championships.

9. Tug-Of-War - Tug Of War Rope And Pictures For Sale has tug of war ropes and tug of rope pictures for sale. Wide selection of rope for tug-of-war is available.

tugof-war.ORG.UK Welcome to This site has been produced to describe how to run an informal tug-of-war contest. It is based on my experience in being the Umpire
Welcome to
This site has been produced to describe how to run an "informal" tug-of-war contest. It is based on my experience in being the Umpire for the Fleet Carnival " Battle of the Pubs " tug-of-war.
Safety First
The rules that I use are based on the rules of the English Tug of War Association but simplified and less formal. The main point behind the rules that I use is SAFETY: the grip and the footware are both potentially dangerous if not dealt with properly. Wrapping the rope around the arm can result in a broken bone and loss of blood flow. Wrapping the rope around the wrong part of the body can cause internal injury, and wrapping it around the neck is just ... (yes, people are that stupid). Spikes and studs in the footware can cause injury when a pull collapses. They can also cause strains and breaks if the feet get stuck in the ground. When running an informal event it might be tempting to have loops in the rope. I prefer not, due to the risk of someone being unable to release the rope if they need to.
The links below will take you to pages that give some explaination of the rules and describe some of the reasons.

11. Bluewater Tug-of-War Club
ADVICE TO COACHES. In selecting men or women to form a team, it should be borne in mind that tugof-war is an exceedingly strenuous exercise and training for it can
ADVICE TO COACHES In selecting men or women to form a team, it should be borne in mind that Tug-of-War is an exceedingly strenuous exercise and training for it can be very monotonous. The participants selected must, therefore, be definitely keen, hard working and cheerful characters. Any participants of surly disposition or given to frequent grousing is much better left out of the team as thay will have a very bad effect on the others. Dress During training, old boots may be worn provided they are comfortable and the soles are reasonably good. The general condition of the boot does not matter. For competitions work, however, really sound boots should be worn. They should be "broken in" beforehand. Boots must not be "faked" in anyway, i.e. the sole, heel and side of heel must be perfectly flush. Participants should be encouraged to change into vests and shorts before doing any rope work. After training, every participant should go through a good cool down and stretching period. Always remember that whilst doing training it is reasonable that the participants appearance is of minor importance, providing it is comfortable and essential to his or her exercise, but it is of major importance at all times during competitions. The whole team must turn out clean and smart. This factor is not only for the best interests of the sport, but also for the morale of the team.

12. Tug Of War: Information From
Artist Paul McCartney Rating Release Date April 26, 1982 Total Time 4059 Type Lyrics are included with the album Genre Rock Review Reuniting with producer George Martin
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Tug of War
Album Review:
Tug of War
Home Library Pop Albums
Buy Now Similar Albums: Jackrabbit Slim Glass Houses Too Low for Zero One Size Fits All ... Dad Loves His Work
  • Artist: Paul McCartney Rating: Release Date: April 26, 1982 Total Time: Type: Lyrics are included with the album Genre: Rock
Reuniting with producer George Martin was a bit of a masterstroke on the part of Paul McCartney , since it guaranteed that Tug of War would receive a large, attentive audience. Martin does help McCartney focus, but it's hard to give all the credit to Tug of War, since McCartney was showing signs of creative rebirth on McCartney II , a homemade collection of synth-based tunes. This lush, ambitious, sprawling album couldn't be further from that record. That was deliberately experimental and intimate, while this is nothing less than a grand gesture, playing as McCartney's attempt to summarize everything he can do on one record. There's majestic balladry, folky guitars, unabashed whimsy, unashamed sentimentality, clever jokes, silliness, hints of reggae, a rockabilly duet with Carl Perkins, two collaborations with Stevie Wonder , and, of course, lots of great tunes. If anything, McCartney's trying a bit too hard here, and there are times that the music sags with its own ambition (or slightly dated production, as on the smash single "Ebony and Ivory"). But, at its best the surging title track, the giddy "Take It Away," the vaudevillian stomp "Ballroom Dancing," the

13. Dog Training: Play Tug Of War With Your Dog!
tugof-war is one of the oldest games played by man - and canine. But when you and Rover are engaging in this age-old battle of strength, are you sending him the wrong message?
With Best Friends, finding professional pet training is easy!
Mid May 2004 Newsletter
Tug-of-war is one of the oldest games played by man - and canine. But when you and Rover are engaging in this age-old battle of strength, are you sending him the wrong message? "Tug of war, for some reason, has gotten a bad rap," says Best Friends professional trainer Lisa Judge (North Plainfield, NJ). "When played correctly, by your rules, tug-of-war is actually a natural outlet for energy and exercise, and promotes real bonding between you and your dog." What's more, Judge added, some dogs have a very high "play drive," and a game of tug-of-war can be used as a reward. Puppy play
If possible, begin playing tug-of-war when your pet is just a puppy. This way, you can establish guidelines for acceptable behavior right from the beginning. Start by teaching the most important part of the game: the "drop it" or "release" command. This command will be used for many situations, and will prove very valuable! When the dog does release on your command, praise him, give him another tug toy and keep initiating the game. The dog will be more likely to release a toy if he knows he's going to get it back again. Judge stresses that it is imperative that you decide when it's time to play. This reinforces your role as the "alpha", the leader who makes all the decisions for the pack.

14. Tug Of War -
Learn about Tug Of War on Find info and videos including About Tug of War, About Tug of War, How to Play tugof-war and much more.
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Home Tug Of War
Tug Of War
Tug Of War Featured Articles
  • How to Play Tug-of-War with a Rope These days, tug-of-war is most often played between two groups of school-aged children. However, tug-of-war is actually a competitive sport in some European countries. Dating back to the days of the British Empire, tug-of-war is thought to have been popularized by British soldiers after they saw sea-faring crews competing against each... How to Make a Tug of War Rope "Tug of War" is a fun game to play at birthday parties, family get-togethers, school field day events, or anywhere you'd like. It's important, when playing Tug of War, to have a sturdy rope that is easy to grip and won't quickly leave your hands feeling tired and sore. Any old rope will simply not do, but a length of manila rope is... How to Play Four on Four Tug o War
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How to Tug a Dog's Leash
To get your dog to pay attention to your commands, give him a quick tug on the leash, then... (1 Comments)
Articles: Tug Of War
  • About Tug of War
    Tug of war is a group game that involves two sets of people each pulling at opposite ends of a rope. The winner of...

15. Index
Home page of USATOWA, United States tugof-war Association.

16. Game Of Tug Of War - Origin, Olympic History, Rules And Specifications
Answers to questions on the sport or game of tugof-war - its history, debut at the Olympics, requirements, rules and regulations, specifications of footwear etc., the modern game
Tug Of War
Home Animals Business and Economy Classic Books In Short ... Miscellaneous Web
Tug Of War
Tug of war, a game played by groups of kids in parks and wherever else they find enough people and place. Adults play this game too, mostly when out on picnics. But tug of war as an organized sport, a competition with rules and regulations and a gold medal being awarded to the winner. We have had a few gold medalists. This is not fiction but fact and this game was conducted in full competitive spirit in none other than the Olympics! Tug of war is an athletic contest between two teams at the opposite ends of a rope. A central line is marked and each team tries to drag the other over the line. The winner is usually decided by adjudging the best two out of three pulls. This game made its debut in the 1900 Olympics and remained on the Olympic roster till 1920. Tug of war’s Olympics history
As in the case of any other sport included in the Olympics, this one too had its specifications

17. Nikonos-V: Tug-of-War
tugof-war (A Murder Mystery by Hercules Murphy) Text and Photos by Bob Warkentin
(A Murder Mystery by Hercules Murphy)
Text and Photos by Bob Warkentin ACT 1: Please! Just a Little More Film.
ACT 2: Boring Camera Mechanics

ACT 3: The Damage Occurs

ACT 4: The Broken Parts

For quality underwater photographs showing the proper mix of water, marine life and human interaction, remember the old sayings "know your diving area" or "you just gotta be there". So, let's set the stage for Murphy's TUG-OF-WAR play! The players are (1) the strength of Hercules' thumb coupled to (2) his mindset TUG-OF-WAR insistence to (3) force the camera's metal gears to (4) force the camera's plastic gears to (5) STRETCH his roll of film for JUST ONE MORE FRAME! Top of Page ACT 1: Please! Just a little more film. You begin to search a reef you have never dove before for that proper mix of subject material. After a while of searching, becoming familiar with the reef and taking so-so pictures of so-so subject material, all of a sudden its right there in front of you: that proper mix with no back scatter and you've got your BC just right! Anxiously cocking your camera, about half way or so through your required cocking motion you feel your film advance lever stop short of full cock, telling you "You are finally out of film!". Hurriedly you begin to STRAIN and TUG on your film advance lever with your thumb as you say to yourself "There's just gotta be a little more film hiding in the canister!"

18. Tug Of War - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Tug of war, also known as tug o' war, tug war, rope war or rope pulling, is a sport that directly pits two teams against each other in a test of strength.
Tug of war
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Tug of war (disambiguation) Tug of war
Ireland 600Kg Team in The European Championships 2009. Highest governing body TWIF Nickname(s) TOW First played Early 16th century (early forms)
20th century (first documented) Characteristics Contact Non-contact Team members Eight Mixed gender Separate competitions Categorization Team sport , Outdoor/Indoor Equipment Rope Olympic 1900 until 1920 Tug of war , also known as tug o' war tug war rope war or rope pulling , is a sport that directly pits two teams against each other in a test of strength. The term may also be used as a metaphor to describe a demonstration of brute strength by two opposing groups, such as a rivalry between two departments of a company. In this scenario, there is often a third party who is considered the "rope" in the tug of war.
edit Origins
A game of tug of war The origins of tug of war are not clearly known, though they must be very old. It may have originally been a ritual or religious contest: There is no specific time and place in history to define the origin of the game of Tug of War. The contest of pulling on the rope originates from ancient ceremonies and rituals. Evidence is found in countries like Egypt, India, Myanmar, New Guinea... The origin of the game in India has strong archaeological roots going back at least to the 12th Century AD in the area what is today the State of Orissa on the east coast. The famous Sun Temple of Konark has a stone relief on the west wing of the structure clearly showing the game of Tug of War in progress.

19. Tug 'O' War - Online Games, Flash Games, Virtual Pet Community And
Neopets.Com Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more!

The Tug of War Association. The governing body for tug of war in England.

The Tug of War Association is the governing body for tug of war in England and was founded in 1958 with the objective of developing tug of war. The Tug of War Association are also members of the Tug of War International Federation (TWIF). If you have any questions related to tug of war, want to register a team, or support an event, then e-mail the Secretary, Peter Craft at
England will be hosting the European Tug of War Championships in September 2011. If you are club in England who are interested in competing in the club championships, then why not join the Tug of War Association and attend our competitions.

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