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  1. Unicycling: First Steps - First Tricks by Anders-Wilkens Mager, 2006-10-30
  2. Complete Book of Unicycling by Jack Wiley, 1984-06
  3. Basic Circus Skills: Introduces Juggling, Balancing, Tumbling, Vaulting, Hand Balancing, Pyramiding, Stunts with Chairs, Trampolining, Ladders, Bicycling, Unicycling, Trapeze, Tightwire, and Clowning by Jack Wiley, 1974
  4. Unicycling: Unicycle, Mountain Unicycling, Unicycle Trials, Self-Balancing Unicycle, Ride the Lobster, Street Unicycling, Unicon
  6. Unicycling by Sebatian Hoher, 1993-11
  7. Unicycling : For Fun Or Sport by Axle Wheeler, 2010-07-28
  8. Novelty Unicycling by Jack Wiley, 1989-09
  9. Basic circus juggling, unicycling, bicycling, and clowning skills by Jack Wiley, 1978

1. Frequently Asked Questions On Unicycling
Frequently Asked Questions on unicycling.
Frequently Asked Questions on Unicycling
September 19, 1999 *: Means the item is new or recently changed.
1. General
  • Why ride a unicycle?
  • How did unicycling begin?
  • Where can I get more information on unicycling?
  • Where's the other wheel? ...
  • *How do you say unicycle in different languages?
    2. Learning
  • How long does it take to learn?
  • How do you learn to ride?
  • Is unicycling dangerous?
  • How do I learn how to...? ...
  • Why do I have to twist to one side to ride straight?
    3. Buying
  • *Where can I get a unicycle?
  • Where can I get parts for my unicycle?
  • What should I get for my first unicycle?
  • What makes a good unicycle? ...
  • What are the different types of unicycles?
    4. Maintenance and Repair
  • How do unicycles work?
  • How much should I inflate the tires?
  • Why don't you get a unicycle with multiple speeds?
  • Which end is the front? ...
  • What do I do about the crank arm on my unicycle that keeps coming loose?
    1. General
    1.1 Why ride a unicycle?
  • 2. Our Uni Page
    Two unicyclists in South Dakota who have gotten hooked on unicycling. Fun activities to do on a unicycle, tricks and pictures.
    Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']);

    3. Unicycling Society Of America
    unicycling Society of America promotes and encourages unicycling in the USA with a newsletter, annual convention, and standards for skill and competition.
    Every Day The USA publication On One Wheel needs your stories, pictures and other materials. Want more variety in your newsletter? Keep it coming! September 2009 NAUCC 2009 results are now posted. January 2009 NAUCC 2009 information is now online. June 2008 Liability insurance for all USA-sanctioned events, Affiliated Clubs and all USA, Inc. members that reside in the U.S. and Canada! March 2008 Our Web site has a new address: . Please update your links!
    The Unicycling Society of America was formed to promote and encourage unicycling in the United States and the rest of the world. It does this through: Membership in the Unicycling Society of America is open to anyone, in any country. Membership entitles you the ability to participate in North American Unicycling Championships and Convention (USA or Canada residence may be required to compete), subscription to our On One Wheel publication, and opens a door to the world of unicycling. Anyone can benefit from the worldwide news, pictures, and tips you will find here.

    4. Welcome To -- Let's Unicycle!
    John Foss shows off the world of unicycling with lots of photos, information, and fun. Home of the CA Mountain Unicycle Weekend. Roller coaster photos also found here.
    W e l c o m e t o

    Presented by John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone Mountain Unicycling
    Yes, "MUni" is the coolest form of unicycling yet. Find out just how far off road a unicycle can go! 2009 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend - September 25-27, Lake Tahoe and Downieville! More details to be added as they become available... Photo Albums - Updated!
    Click above for an intro, or go straight to:
    All Albums
    Family Stuff ... Things not to do on a unicycle. We really mean it. You will be amazed at what people have, but shouldn't have, done with unicycles! Garage Page Most people have a home page. This is the Garage Page. Lots of unicycles in here. Good thing I don't have a basement page... John's Winter Photo Gallery . Winter beauty , winter fun , winter unicycling , and winter in Gold Country . Plus 1990 Soviet Union trip pictures. What's New (Uh, Sorta, Kinda Recent):
    Useful Links:
    John's Big list of Links
    I moved them to a separate page (forever ago)...

    5. Unicycles | Learning To Ride | History | Beginner | Pictures | Tricks | Extreme
    Sometimes one wheel is better than two. Kidzworld checks out the sports of unicycling. Check here for info on unicycling tricks, pictures, photos and more.
    change my skin Login Username: Password: Forgot your username? Forgot your password? Not signed up yet? Register utmx_section("Registration Button")
    Unicycles - One-Wheeled Fun
    Love Hate Unicycling Courtesy of Riding a unicyle isn't as difficult as you might think. Kidzworld checks out the single-wheeled world of unicycling
    Unicycles - History
    A unicycle is a one-wheeled vehicle with a frame that sits above the wheel and a seat that sits on top of the frame. Unicycles are believed to have been adapted from the Penny Farthing - the world's first bicycle . These bicycles had a large wheel in front, to which the pedals were attached, and a much smaller wheel behind for balance . When these bicycles hit a bump, or the rider attempted to slow down suddenly, the rear wheel would come off the ground, forcing the rider to balance on the one wheel.
    Unicycles - Different Styles
    While some unicyle riders use their one wheel for regular transport, there are now

    6. The Unicycling Site
    Lots of unicycling Juggling Pictures. Learn how to Unicycle and Juggle. Links to other Unicycle sites. Where to buy Unicycles and Juggling Equipment.

    7. Thank You For A Festivalicious 2010
    Thank You! Once again, the 2010 Berkeley Juggling and unicycling Festival was a tremendous success. We're loving the new venue and what a fantastic show!
    Thank You!
    Once again, the 2010 Berkeley Juggling and Unicycling Festival was a tremendous success. We're loving the new venue and what a fantastic show! We had another big year: more than 400 people contributed to the playful atmosphere in Jacket Gym, with nearly 500 people packing into the Florence Schwimley Little Theater for Saturday night's Variety Show. The Festival would not be possible without the contributions of our organizing committee , public show performers , fire show performers workshop leaders, vendors , raffle sponsors , friends at the Berkeley Unified School District, and you, our loyal attendees, whose smiles and goodwill make all the effort worthwhile. We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Camp Winnarainbow , for non-profit assistance. See you next year!
    • Renegade Juggling Sarah Starlight Lance Ian Peter Jeremy Shafer Kiran Haithcox Ashley Foster Arun David Cantor Sydney Scot Josh Nimuro Corey Bri Neon Husky Tom Kyle Johnson ChrisG Joe Josh Erika Indiana Di Salvo Flow Toys Comedy Industries (Scott and Katrina) Dan Holzman Robin Johnston Dinish Frank Olivier Lorq Nichols Worley John Jeff Jeremy Mossengren Becky Banning Renegade Thomas John Dylan Chris Garcia Serious Juggling John Goodwin Brianne Crabtree Marc BHS Theater Crew
    Lost something? Found something? Ready to help with next year? Need the phone number of that cute gal at the front table? By all means

    8. The Unicycling Site
    Unicycle and MUni pictures. Learn the basics of unicycling plus some advanced skills. Links to other Unicycle sites. Where to buy Unicycles and Juggling Equipment.

    9. Unicycle - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    unicycling on rough terrain has been the swiftest growing form of unicycling in recent years. Any place a mountain bike can go, a mountain unicycle can go as well — and sometimes
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search A Torker unicycle A unicycle is a human-powered single-track vehicle with one wheel. Unicycles resemble bicycles , but are less complex.
    edit History
    One theory of the advent of the unicycle stems from the popularity of the penny-farthing (or "Ordinary") during the late 19th century. Since the pedal and cranks were connected directly to the front axle, the rear wheel would go up in the air and the rider would be moved slightly forward. Many penny-farthing owners discovered they could dispense with the frame and just ride the front wheel and handlebars. Evidence for this theory of development can reportedly be found in pictures from the late 19th century showing unicycles with large wheels. Over the years, unicycle enthusiasts have inspired manufacturers to create new designs, such as seatless (" ultimate wheel ") and tall ("giraffe") unicycles. During the late 1980s some extreme sportsmen took an interest in the unicycle and started off-road unicycling (MUni(Mountain Unicycling)).
    edit Construction
    A unicycle hub Unicycles have a few key parts: The wheel usually looks like a bicycle wheel with a special hub designed so the axle is a fixed part of the hub. This means the rotation of the cranks directly controls the rotation of the wheel (called

    10. Gilby's Website: Unicycling
    The homepage of unicyclist Kevin Gilbertson; contains cool unicycling T-shirts created and sold by Gilby, photographs of different unicycles such as the double wheel unicycle, and unicycling tips.
    Check out , the Unicyclist Community!
    : : : : Gilby's Website : : : : Free eMail: yourname _Unicycle T-Shirts_ Unicycling Planet Unicycle Across Minnesota 1999 Expert Competitor The Language of Unicycling E.T - ein Einrad-Traum 1998 Expert Competitor Hardcore Unicycling Primitive Unicycling Twin City Unicycle Club 1998 USA Unicycle Team Unicycling Productions -Order T-shirts- -T-shirts Availability- Links to websites Clipart Double Wheeler Photos Ride Log Minneapolis on Fire Parky Rolling Tatooed Parrot Who is Gilby? Guestbook Add to Guestbook Feedback E-mail Me What's New Webrings


    I (Gilby) am a unicyclist from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area in Minnesota, USA and am a member of the Twin City Unicycle Club . I practice regularly (many times a week) with the club and ride my 'Big One' Coker unicycle to class at the U of MN.
    Unicycling T-shirts
    View and order unicycling T-shirts that were created by me. I create these T-shirts as a hobby, and make a little money from them and use it mostly to buy new unicycles and more shirts. Many of them were created for unicycling organizations. If you have a cool T-shirt idea , Gilby would love to hear from you.

    11. Rough-Terrain Unicycling - 97.04
    Atlantic Unbound The Atlantic Monthly Magazine Online Table of Contents. A P R I L 1 9 9 7. Riding a unicycle up and down mountains requires the balance of a gymnast and the
    Return to the Table of Contents. A P R I L 1 9 9 7
    Riding a unicycle up and down mountains requires the balance of a gymnast and the temperament of a teenager
    by Michael Finkel

    W HY the red unicycle was left in the Seward, Alaska, dump and what inspired George Peck's wife, Carol, to bring it home are both unclear. "I'm a salvager and recycler," is all she will say. "She's a dump rat," Peck says. Carol put the unicycle in the garage, and Peck found it there. This was almost fourteen years ago. His life hasn't been the same since.
    "I glom on to things," Peck says. "He gets obsessed," Carol says. Peck taught himself to ride the red unicycle no books, no instructors. He practiced daily for more than a month before he could wobble up and down his driveway. Then he attempted to take the unicycle onto the roads. Riding a unicycle is as precarious as it looks the "cone of balance," as Peck calls it, is extraordinarily precise. A pebble can be enough to put you on your back. So can a patch of sand or a gust of wind or a crack in the pavement. This may be why the red cycle was tossed into the dump: Seward is possibly the worst spot on the planet in which to ride a unicycle. The place is all sand and gusts and cracks, not to mention ice and snow and logs and boulders and mountains.
    Return to Flashback: Weird Sports
    Peck learned to ride his unicycle under all conditions. He discovered how to make the cycle hop, and he honed the skill until he could pop over logs two feet in diameter. He figured out how to power through boulder fields, how to jump up and over picnic tables, how to turn in ankle-deep mud. He became skilled at riding in dried-out riverbeds, across frozen lakes, up mountain trails, and through wind-crusted snow. This is clearly not what unicycles were designed to do. When the red unicycle fell apart, Peck drove to Anchorage and bought a new one. When that broke, he ordered another. After a dozen more were destroyed, he began designing his own.

    12. CTuni >> InsaneUNICYCLISTcom <<
    A site devoted to unicycling in the Northeast and specifically in CT. Extreme unicycling. Members, rides, events, and contacts.

    13. YouTube - Unicycling
    Me unicycling downhill and on some northshore. The song is Something with Numbers Calf Love.

    unicycling (Click photos to enlarge) Teaching students to ride unicycles may seem daunting to teachers. However, it can be taught quite effectively by teachers with knowledge
    UNICYCLING (Click photos to enlarge) Teaching students to ride unicycles may seem daunting to teachers. However, it can be taught quite effectively by teachers with knowledge of basic progressions. It should be understood that these skills usually take more time to learn than juggling and manipulative skills. Students may not experience success as quickly as in other activities, but the rewards of conquering these challenging skills are substantial. There will always be a handful of students who make unicycling their mission. Safety Considerations If you are a Physical Education teacher, think of these skills as similar to gymnastics in terms of class routines and safety procedures. Students should always be supervised when practicing, and should be taught how to spot each other. Horseplay should never be tolerated. People often perceive unicycling as risky, maybe because they have seen a daredevil performer who rode (seemingly) out of control, or on a very tall unicycle. The result is an unfounded perception of high risk. The reality is that when basic safety procedures are followed, unicycle riding is actually safer than riding bicycles, skateboards, and in-line skates. This is because unicycles do not permit the rider to coast or achieve high speeds. Although mild bumps and scrapes do sometimes occur, teachers can minimize this occurrence by requiring students to wear kneepads and gloves while practicing. Many schools also use helmets. Today, helmets are inexpensive and lend an air of safety and forethought to peoples' perceptions of unicycling in a school environment.

    15. What Is Unicycling? |
    What Is unicycling?. Anyone can ride a bicycle, but who can ride a unicycle? It turns out that anyone can enjoy riding on one wheel just as well as two. Unicycles have been around
    • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
    Home Recreation Other Recreation ... What Is Unicycling?
    More Articles Like This
    What Is Unicycling?
    By Marcas Grant eHow Contributor I want to do this! What's This? What Is Unicycling? Pando Hall/Getty Images Anyone can ride a bicycle, but who can ride a unicycle? It turns out that anyone can enjoy riding on one wheel just as well as two. Unicycles have been around for many decades, but they have recently begun to pick up steam as an organized recreation. Clubs have begun to flourish, and different disciplines have emerged to create a tight-knit, colorful unicycling community.
  • There is no definitive history on when and where unicycling began, but it is widely believed that the unicycle evolved from the penny-farthing bicycles of the late-19th century. The bicycles had large front wheels and small back wheels with a crank that connected directly to the front axle. If a rider stopped quickly, the back wheel would rise into the air. Skilled riders learned that they could ride a little farther on the front wheel only. Pictures of early unicycles had big wheels, adding more support to the theory.
  • Types
  • There are several different types of unicycles, each with a different purpose. Standard unicycles are basic unicycles with medium-sized wheels that allow for average speed but more maneuverability. Cruisers have a larger wheel and are built for speed and for riding along a road. As the name would suggest, a giraffe unicycle is taller than the rest, though the frame is not made to handle a lot of abuse. A mountain unicycle, or muni, has a wheel that can vary in size from 24 to 29 inches. It also has a more rugged frame to handle the abuse of riding on uneven terrain. For riders looking for a greater challenge, there are ultimate wheel and impossible wheel unicyclesboth of which are simply wheels without frames or seats.
  • 16. Beginning Unicycling
    Beginning unicycling Collected Wisdom on Starting unicycling Last Modified 03/95 . I have gone through all articles related to unicycling from the rec.juggling archives and culled
    Beginning Unicycling
    Collected Wisdom on Starting Unicycling
    Last Modified: 03/95
    I have gone through all articles related to Unicycling from the rec.juggling archives and culled what I felt was useful and interesting information which all beginning unicyclists would like to know. This is a big document, probably of interest only to those who cannot yet ride a uni. Because of its size, I have divided it into four stages and you could maybe read this document in stages. -Ram Prasad Begin Part 1 of this document
    there are 2 things to remember when trying to learn to ride 1. you must keep your weight on the seat, NOT on the pedals. 2. sit up very very straight, as if the seat post is going straight up your ass into your back (look at the great riders, that is how they look) other things: when you start the pedals should be almost on a horizontal plane,and your f first leg "stroke" will be to push down. getting on with one pedal up and one down ensures you of severely whipping a pedal around into your shin when you make that first step on. a good idea in any case is to wear nice padded hightops and kneesox and long pants and chainmail. then, when you start going, KEEP PEDALING. forward momentum is critical. when you are riding you (and the uniseat and fork etc.) will be leaning very slightly forward, which is the direction you are traveling.

    If you are interested in unicycling, I would recommend the following sites is the best place to buy your Unicycle and they have a lot of great accessories and
    Warning: This site has been determined to be "surreal" by those smart enough to know and worth listening to. Unicyclism - One guy, One God, One wheel,... You can see the full slide show from the last camp (2007) here ...and the video from the follow-up trip is below: People often ask me "How long have you been riding that". I generally answer in terms of minutes or hours reflecting how long I have been on that particular ride. Some people find this funny, but I honestly prefer the looks on the faces of the people who just barely seem to miss it. If you were one of those people, let me apologize now.... (shame on me!) I have actually been riding unicycles for a long time; longer than I care to admit. While away at college, my unicycle often served as my primary transportation. It was common for me to ride a small 16 inch wheel down to the local Wal-mart for supplies. Other people want to know what got me started. I was first introduced to unicycling by a bunch of clowns at a clown party (believe it or not.) I found I was able to master a twenty foot ride with just a couple tries and a wall to lean on. I told my mtoher I was going to get me one and learn how to ride it. Early the very next morning I was driving her to work and spotted a pawn shop with a unicycle in the window. I went back later that day and traded some old electronics I had for what became my first unicycle. I still have it, but it's become a bit of a Franken-cycle with the various repairs made to it over the years. I don't ride it any more and often wonder how I ever put up with that horrible seat...

    18. Unicycle Pictures | Mountain Unicycling
    Solid Oak Furniture. Solid Oak Furniture is dedicated to bringing you the best deals for a range of household items including wardrobes, chest of drawers, dining tables, coffee tables
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    Ongoing Maintenance
    Unicyle Pics is currently undergoing maintenance. Over the next few weeks many of the functions on the website will be unavailable. This includes both the login and upload features. Whilst we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible it will be some time until the site is fully functional again. We would like to thank you for your patience and remind you that many archive photos can still be accessed via the links at the top of the page or the sitemap link to the right.
    Welcome To UnicyclePics
    Here at UnicyclePics you can upload all your unicycling Pictures free. There is also a link to the new Video section in the top righthand side of the page where you can upload all your videos. Once you have uploaded ether you Pictures or Videos, they will be automatically displayed on the voting page for everyone to see. There is also a Top Pictures and a Top Videos section where the top for each style is displayed.
    To start uploading, you need to create an account. As soon as you've created an account, you can login and start uploading! On the upload image page, you will see you can select what style of unicycling the picture is. Once you have uploaded you pictures, you and everybody else can then vote on them. To upload Videos, you need go to the Unicycle Video section at the top right of the page and follow the same procedure.

    19. National Unicycle Conventions (NUC) - Unicycling Society Of America
    What is MUni? MUni stands for Mountain unicycling. It's also known as Rough Terrain unicycling, All Terrain unicycling, or even UMX.

    NAUCC 2009

    NAUCC 2008

    NAUCC 2007

    NAUCC 2006
    Past NAUCCs
    The North American Unicycling Convention and Championships
    Instead of national events for the USA, Canada and the rest of North America, we have NAUCC. Held annually in a different location each year, it's sponsored by the Unicycling Society of America. Activities include:
    • Artistic competition
    • Workshops
    • Track Racing
    • Shows
    • Social events
    • MUni Competitions and fun rides
    • Street, Trials and Flatland Comps
    • Road Races and fun rides
    • Lots of other events
    Don't miss U Games! This is the name given to the 2010 NAUCC by it hosts, the Berkeley Unicyclists. Plans are being set for our location in Berkeley, California and will include events in San Francisco and around the Bay area. This will be the first-ever USA event in Northern California. Attending a North American Unicycling Convention and Championships is an eye-opening experience, as you see people do things on a unicycle you would never imagine. It is an excellent learning experience. Do not let the words "North American" deter you from attending or participating in competition. Most events are open to riders of all levels and everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in competitive events, as well as the other activities at the convention. One of the greatest benefits of the attending NAUCC is the opportunity to meet other unicyclists, not just from the US but often from around the world. You will learn some new skills, and make lots of new friends.

    20. Corbin's Treehouse » Unicycling
    unicycling is one of my favorite activities — especially mountain unicycling or road riding in the hills by my houser. I learned to unicycle from my wife, Louise, in April

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