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21. Kalamazoo Wiffle League
Kalamazoo Wiffle Ball We're in it for the chicks! Two expansion team slots possibly available! Are you intersted in joining* the Kalamazoo wiffleball League?

22. Mike And Dana - March 20, 2010
Portfolio, pictures, wiffleball and other nonsense.

23. Co-Ed Wiffleball League Rules | Austin Sports And Social Club | Austin, TX
Austin SSC wiffleball Rules. ROSTER There are no maximum number of players allowed on your roster. Players will not be allowed to participate without signing the Austin SSC

24. Austin Sports And Social Club - Wiffleball
Wiffle My Nizzle For Shizzle, AGAIN! (Playoffs) The wiffleball playoffs are complete and a winner has been crowned. The SSC wiffleball playoffs are always a spectacle that
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Wiffle My Nizzle Wiffle My Nizzle For Shizzle, AGAIN! (Playoffs) The wiffleball playoffs are complete and a winner has been crowned. The SSC wiffleball playoffs are always a spectacle that draws a crowd because that plastic on plastic is so entertaining.
The Tuesday playoffs had some intensely close match ups that was highlighted by the semi-final game between Whiff This and Take a Wiff of This. In the battle of who could whiff the best, it was the Take a Whiff of This team stamping their ticket to the championship game with a 7 to 4 victory.
The Thursday playoffs came down to upstart Pitch, Please and perennial favorites Wiffle My Nizzle. Snoop Dogg’s squad was true to form as they knocked off Pitch, Please by a count of 3 to 2 in the closest semi-final in years!
The championship game put Take a Wiff of This against the “Babe’s” bunch Wiffle My Nizzle. The defending champions got on the scoreboard first in the third inning when Take a Wiff of This smelled retaliation in the fourth inning. In the end, with the celebrities like George Herman “Babe” Ruth and Snoop Dogg behind them Wiffle My Nizzle won the the championship again with a 3 to 1 win! Congratulations to this powerhouse wiffleball team that simply knows how to get the job done in the clutch.
Thanks for another great season of wiffleball folks; we look forward to seeing you next season!

25. About MLW
Major League wiffleball was founded by Shaun Breen in June 2000 in the small city of Cohoes, NY, a suburb of Albany, NY. The league was based on combining fun

26. Wiffleball Meetup Groups - Wiffleball Meetups
Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about wiffleball

27. Wiffle Ball
Game link at Coffee Break Arcade You’re the Batter on offense and the Pitcher and Fielder on defense.
Wiffle Ball Developed by Skyworks Description You’re the Batter on offense and the Pitcher and Fielder on defense. Score as many points as possible and finish with at least one more point than your opponent at the end of the five (5) or seven (7) inning game. How to Play Hitting
Place cursor near your hitter; click and hold until the Pitcher delivers a pitch. To swing, thrust mouse forward and release. The faster the thrust, the harder the swing. The red box next to the Batter is the Strike Zone - swing at pitches that are in the Strike Zone.
Click on the pitch name in the upper right hand corner of the game screen to scroll through your choices, including:
- Straight
- Curve L (Ball Curves to Left)
- Curve R (Ball Curves to Right)
- Sinker (Ball Drops Down)
- Riser (Ball Rises Up)
After you've selected your pitch, click and hold on the area around the Batter where you want to start the pitch delivery. That point will be marked by a black crosshairs. Thrust the mouse forward. Thrust speed determines speed and amount of English on the pitch.
Keep an eye on the Stamina Meter located below the pitch selection screen. The harder your pitches, the quicker your pitcher will lose strength, which in turn will make your pitches easier to hit.

28. Wiffleball / Delaware Sports League
Where Do You Want To Play? Wilmington Hockessin MOT The Beach. Currently wiffleball is only happening in Wilmington. We are looking to bring wiffleball to
Delaware Sports League
Where Do You Want To Play?
Wilmington Hockessin MOT The Beach
Currently Wiffleball is only happening in Wilmington. We are looking to bring Wiffleball to our 3 other locations as soon as possible! Wiffle Ball is the game we used to play as kids in the back yard with friends. This one is not with base running though. Ghost men/women take care of that. Mostly for space and time reasons, but there are 5-6 defenders out there in the field. Everyone bats, regardless of whether you are playing the field that inning (just like kickball). It is kind of like baseball but with a plastic bat and ball. Because we are a league for people of all abilities we play lob pitch in DSL. This means that we want people to hit the ball, not try to strike them out! This is a Coed league and therefore you must have at least 4 girls on the team. The team minimum is 8 and the max is 15. Every Saturday for 3 weeks each team will play a double header of back to back games. The fourth week is the Playoffs. Games are 5 innings long. You will play a double header every week and we have figured it out to where it will be shorter this year. An hour, hour and a half tops! Some of you that are on big teams for other sports will have to split into 2 teams for this sport, but yes, yes, we can make sure that you play at the same time so you still can hang out together every week. We just want to make sure you get maximum playing time! As with everything DSL does, this is just about having as much fun and meeting as many people as possible. See you outside!!!

29. Wiffle Ball For DS - GameSpot
Hone your pitching, fielding, and hitting skills in Wiffle Ball Advance.
Watch the Show! Now Playing (black) ON GameFAQs Top 10 Fathers and Sons in Games sign in username password Search Search Search

30. - Oklahoma WiffleBall Tournaments And Leagues
Copyright 2009 Oklahoma wiffleball, All Rights Reserved.
View this year's tournament schedule and rulebook news events game ... forum

31. St. Louis Coed Wiffleball League- St. Louis Sports & Social Club
St. Louis Coed wiffleball League Sports Social Club. Sign up today for the best coed wiffle ball league in St. Louis. Post game happy hours after every game.

32. Home Of The New Jersey Wiffle®Ball Association
NJWA Presents How to Pitch a Wiffle Ball The NJWA has created this page to help all those Wifflers out there who are looking to master the art of pitching a Wiffle Ball.
The NJWA has created this page to help all those Wifflers out there who are looking to master the art of pitching a Wiffle®Ball. The NJWA gets tons of e-mails from pitchers all over the country. They all want to know how to throw certain pitches. Now for the first time ever, you'll see exactly how the Pros hold the pitches that have led them to National Championships year after year. Pitching takes a lot of practice in Wiffle®Ball, so once you master the grips, keep at it ! This is another NJWA exclusive!
The Grip

The Six Main Pitches of a Pro Player
* Levels of Difficulty The Straight Fastball ... The Sinker
Click here to listen to The Czar explain the bag and box theory. Audio
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Click here to listen to The Czar explain the importance of the scuffed ball. Audio
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The Grip
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The Six Main Pitches of a Pro Player
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* Levels of Difficulty Some pitches are obviously harder to throw then others. If this were untrue, all pitchers would be throwing the same pitches every game. The NJWA staff has rated the six basic pitches on a scale of 1-5. One being the easiest and Five being the hardest. * 1- Very Easy to throw and master * 2- Easy to throw and master * 3- Hard to throw and master * 4- Very Hard to throw and master * 5- Almost Impossible to throw and master Click here to listen to The Czar explain the levels of difficulty.

33. Wiffle® Ball Game And Rules - Moonshot Bats
Learn about Wiffle ball game, rules, and history
Home The STiK SCX SpectraCarb CFX Carbon Fiber EFX Elastic Fiberglass Banners Batting Gloves About Wiffle Ball Pictures Testimonials Links Contact Us Policies Order Now
Moonshot Bats
3698 Autumnwood Dr.
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83406
P: (208) 403-3727
E: Moonshot bats should only be used with perforated plastic balls (like the
. What began as way for a dad to stop his son from breaking all his windows with a baseball, the soon became a part of almost every boy's backyard toy chest. Boys would form teams, play against their brothers, best friends or simply pretend to be their favorite baseball hero as they hit the game winning homerun in the bottom of the ninth in game seven of the World Series. . You can't even say its name without bringing a smile to a 45 year old who remembers when he was the king his neighborhood or playground. In recent years thanks mostly to the introduction of the Internet. More people than ever before are playing plastic. Hundreds of web sites have emerged dedicated solely to the ball with the eight ovals in its top. Pages and pages of information instructing the viewer how to throw different pitches , what the best rules are and where to find people and places to play All around the country leagues, associations and tournaments have been popping up left and right.

Was there a full load of players for the Fice Cup? No. Is there still a new champion of the Fresno wiffleball League? Yes.
THE FRESNO WIFFLEBALL LEAGUE - EVEN FRESNO IS EMBARRASSED IS A COMMISH ALLOWED TO WIN? BY MIKE SEAY/ DORKTOWN.NET Was there a full load of players for the Fice Cup? No. Is there still a new champion of the Fresno Wiffleball League? Yes. Mike "C" and his Dayton Drunks have won the 2007 Championship. "I know that Los and Aaron weren't here, but I still had to beat the past two FWL Champions so I feel good about mine." said a content Mike. In both victories, Dayton had big jams to get out of in the final innings, having to bring in 1999 tournament MVP "Too Late" to calm things down (actually he made things even more interesting). "I was one bad pitch away from losing in both games...but here I am...still champ." said a still in shock C. Lame footage provided by

35. Potomac Wiffleball League
Season End Awards VOTE TODAY! written by Commissioner Gallaway. Voting is open for the Summer 2010 Season End Awards. Vote today! Most Valuable Player Voting

36. The Wiffle Ball, Inc. - Official Site
It all began when our grandfather was watching our father (who was 12 years old at the time) and a friend play a game in their backyard in Fairfield Connecticut, using a

The Rules Trademarks Wiffle stuff
The Rules Trademarks Wiffle stuff ... Silk Signature ties

37. Wiffle Ball: Information From
The noun has one meaning Meaning 1 (trade mark) a hollow plastic ball with cutouts Synonym wiffle

38. Welcome To The Official Home Of Wiffle-Up!
Wiffle and the Wiffle logo are registered trademarks of Wiffle ball Inc Shelton, CT and used with their permission. site developed by SJD Graphics Creative Services, LLC
Welcome to the official home of Wiffle-Up!
2010 Wiffle Up! World Finals
Saturday, October 23rd
Martha Hart Little League Complex
New Britain, CT Click here to order your
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39. No Mas - Wiffle Ball Shirt
Officially licensed Wiffle Ball Tshirt by No Mas. Back in the Summer of '53, David N. Mullany and his 12-year old son cranked out the first WIFFLE ball at his kitchen table in

40. About The Game / The Rules
The Wiffle Ball Inc. 275 Bridgeport Avenue, P.O. Box 193 Shelton, CT 06484 Phone (203) 9244643 FAX (203) 924-9433
The Wiffle Ball Inc.
275 Bridgeport Avenue, P.O. Box 193
Shelton, CT 06484
Phone: (203) 924-4643
FAX: (203) 924-9433 Welcome to
The Wiffle Ball Inc.
The WIFFLE perforated plastic ball - The WIFFLE ball is also an excellent indoor ball. The Pitches - The WIFFLE ball is thrown like a baseball and will curve very easily. The diagrams below show how the ball should be held for curving and controlling the ball. Experiment with different grips and releases to find the pitches that work best for you. There is no need to throw the ball hard to produce results! The Game - played with the WIFFLE perforated plastic ball As stated above, the WIFFLE ball was designed for use in congested areas. Because the ball will not travel far when solidly hit, ball chasing and base running have been eliminated. An ordinary broom handle can be used if a WIFFLE bat is not available. The size of the playing field is optional, but we recommend a minimum dimension of 20 feet in width at the home run markers (approx. 8 paces) by about 60 feet long (approx. 23 paces) from home plate to each home run marker. The field is laid out with foul lines and markers for singles, doubles triples and home run areas. See sketch of suggested playing field. The minimum number of players required to play a game with the WIFFLE similar to baseball, however there is no base running. Three outs to retire a side, per inning, nine innings per game. In case of a tie, additional innings are played. For a complete inning, both sides must bat.

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