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         Windsurfing:     more books (105)
  1. The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide by Udo Hoelker, 2010
  2. Start Windsurfing Right (US Sailing Certification) by James Coutts, 2002-01
  3. Windsurfing by Peter Hart, 2005-01-01
  4. Windsurfing by Simon Bornhoft, 2001-07
  5. Dancing With the Wind: A True Story of Zen in the Art of Windsurfing by Laurie Nadel, 2001-10
  6. A Beginner's Guide to Zen and the Art of Windsurfing by Frank Fox, 1988-07
  7. Learn Windsurfing in a Weekend (Learn in a Weekend Series) by Phil Jones, 1992-05-12
  8. Windsurfing with Ken Winner: A complete illustrated guide to a fast-growing sport by Ken Winner, 1980
  9. Windsurfing (Outdoor Pursuits) by Ken Winner, 1995-04-21
  10. Windsurfing: Step by Step to Success by Rob Reichenfeld, 1993-03-01
  11. The Book of Windsurfing: A Guide to Boardsailing Techniques by Mike Gadd, 1986-11
  12. Windsurfing Secrets by Carl Solf, 2007-05-06
  13. The Windsurfing Funboard Handbook by Clive Boden, Angus Chater, 1998-01-01
  14. A Complete Guide to the Sport of Windsurfing by Glenn Taylor, 1979

1. :: US Windsurfing Association ::
A nonprofit, volunteer-based association of windsurfers working to improve windsurfing for everyone.
Articles Comments
:: US Windsurfing Association ::
Windsurfing: the ultimate sailing thrill

2. Learn To Windsurf
Written for beginning windsurfers by the Cal Sailing Club, Berkeley, CA.
The 10 -Step Guide to Windsurfing (Version 1.2) Bill Prinzmetal
(with help from Jane Robbins and Peter Kuhn) July 1996 (Revised March 2009) This guide is sponsored by Cal Sailing Club, but the opinions herein are strictly mine. We are putting it on the net in hopes that it may assist other beginning and intermediate windsurfers. Note that this guide is not intended as a substitute for instruction by a professional windsurfing school or sailing club. Furthermore, this guide is just a beginning, a little candy to get you hooked. This guide has sections. Choose the section that you want to work on: Where to learn and equipment Safety Carrying the rig (Getting to the Water) Uphauling the sail ... The next step The guide assumes knowledge of sailing terms and concepts. If you do not know a tack from a jibe, a broad reach from a beam reach, or are clueless about clews, click here for sailing terms Each of the ten sections includes basic instruction, some helpful hints and miscellaneous information. Some of these hints concern safety and we feel that it is important that you read them. We would like your feedback on this site so that we can improve it. Also, if you are in the San Francisco Bay area, visit our sailing club in the Berkeley Marina.

3. Save On Windsurfing Packages, Windsurf Boards, Windsurfing Gear & Equipment | Wi
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It's the result of an innovative mix of technologies already to be found on BIC surf boards and kayaks. The outer skin of polyethylene is the same as that used on BIC Sport kayaks with their proven strength. The internal construction borrows from the BIC ACS surf board with its massive knock-resistance. The shapes have been developed with maximum stability for beginners in mind but are still very maneuverable to help learn some progression moves.

4. Windsurfing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It consists of a board usually two to four meters long, powered by the orthogonal effect of
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search A windsurfer tilts the rig and carves the board to perform a planing jibe (downwind turn) close to shore at Maui Hawaii Robby Naish competing in a wave sailing event at Sylt , Germany. A windsurfer in the final stages of a forward roll at Sardinia Italy Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing depending on the conditions, the skill of the sailor and the type of windsurfing being undertaken. At one time referred to as "surfing's ginger haired cousin" by the sport's legendary champion, Robby Naish windsurfing has long struggled to present a coherent image of the sport to outsiders. Indeed, participants will regularly use different names to describe the sport, including sailboarding and boardsailing . Despite the term "Windsurfing" becoming the accepted name for the sport, participants are still called "sailors" or "board heads" and not "surfers". In fact windsurfing can be said to straddle both the laid-back culture of surf sports and the more rules-based environment of sailing. Although it might be considered a minimalistic version of a sailboat , a windsurfer offers experiences that are outside the scope of any other sailing craft design. Windsurfers can perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning maneuvers, and other "freestyle" moves that cannot be matched by any sailboat. Windsurfers were the first to ride the world's largest waves, such as

5. Windsurfing
windsurfing in the Outer Banks

6. SIMS Windsurfing
Reviews of surfing destinations, news and results of the PWA windsurfing Tour, reviews of windsurfing videos, and pictures of Sims and his friends windsurfing.

7. Wind Surfing News, Photos, Videos - Windsurfing Magazine
Online version of the US magazine with event calendar, detailed feedback from testers from board and sail reviews, instruction, beginner's corner, news, articles, destinations

8. The Windsurfing Movie 2 | Poor Boyz Productions
Offering all levels of windsurfing instruction from kid's camps and beginner instruction to advanced performance clinics. Equipment rental and sales, lessons and clinics.
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9. Hans Anderson
windsurfing around Corpus Christi, Texas. Videos, photographs, windlog, and windsurfing information.
Hans Anderson
I'm ha17 on: twitter stackoverflow digg -=- I'm windsurf17 on: prx
Conversion Story
Part of becoming a leader in the Fractals movement is going through a process we call one-on-one (1on1).  The one-on-one process is mentor-mentee relationship where the mentor takes you through ten steps to help you understand what it takes to be a leader of a Fractal. It is not meant to be seminary and while a Fractal leader is required to be authentic, intentional and available, he or she is not required to be a pastor.  A Fractal leader does not teach; he fulfills the five functions the Fractals leaders have distilled as the essential parts of being a Christ follower. One of the steps in this one-on-one process is the sharing of the mentee's conversion story.  I actually practice talking about this stuff. I know that sounds stupid but I'm not quick on my feet and I want to be able to share my story punctually and intelligently and make an impression.   I want to be intentional. It also helps to write this stuff down, and this is a step in the 1on1 process.  So, here it is.  This is my conversion story.

10. Windsurfing: Definition From
n. The sport of sailing while standing on a sailboard. Also called boardsailing , sailboarding , Also called windsailing

11. Windsurfing!
We have been sailing since the early 80's. Walker has owned and raced keelboats a J/35 and a J/22, a Laser, and Illusions (miniature 12meters).
    We have been sailing since the early 80's. Walker has owned and raced keelboats a J/35 and a J/22, a Laser, and Illusions (miniature 12-meters). However, when he learned to windsurf, the boats were history! The thrill of zooming along over the water at 20 to 30 knots with only yourself as "crew" is unmatched by any other type of sailing. We first tried windsurfing in 1989 in the Virgin Islands. The boat we chartered had a windsurfing rig aboard, so we figured " That must be easy! ". Well, Walker got up bright and early the first morning out and rigged the board. Nancy assumed that Walker could sail anything , so she slept in late. She was awakened by the sound of the outboard of a dinghy pulling alongside. Fortunately for Walker, there a very nice woman on another yacht at the far downwind end of the anchorage. The woman recognized that Walker was, well, either having a bit of difficulty (as in, he didn't have a clue what he was doing) or that he really did want to drift to Venezuela. Thankfully, she hopped in her dinghy and rescued Walker and the sailboard, towing him nearly a mile back to our boat! On that trip our sailing was at best comical. That board seemed to be attracted to every rock along the beach at Cooper Island's Manchioneel Bay. Surprisingly, the

12. Windsurfing News
Provides windsurfing news, primarily from professional and amateur events and local windsurf organizations.
Windsurfing News Winter windsurfing heats up frozen waters Written by Editor at Sunday, 31 October 2010 16:16 Call it winter windsurfing or ice windsurfing, it is surely a very cold sport. This alternative way of windsurfing is becoming very popular in Northern Europe, where wave sports enthusiasts are sometimes very far away from a lake, a river or an ocean. In Finland, for example, the temperatures are so low that even water areas are transformed in thick layers of ice. So, how do you winter windsurfing? Well, you can take your classic sail and adapt it to a special skateboard based on blades and/or skis. Read more... Add your comment Thomas Goyard and Izzy Hamilton take gold in Cyprus Written by Editor at Sunday, 31 October 2010 15:12 Izzy Hamilton (GBR) and Thomas Goyard (FRA) are crowned 2010 RS:X Youth World Champions as the wind deserted Limassol on the final day and the Medal Races could not be sailed. During the week there has been every wind speed from zero to 26 knots. Sadly Medal Race day was spent waiting and watching the sea which was as smooth as glass. Not a ripple for hours. Finally around 1500 hrs, 2 knots of breeze. Was this going to build?

13. ArubaHouse - Aruba House - Windsurfing
windsurfing in Aruba. Also, information on a private villa on the beach in Aruba, the island including restaurants, hot spots, wind surfing and time sharing.
@import "arubahouse-other.css"; @import "menu1.css"; Home Contact Us Book ArubaHouse Now
Things to look at...
ArubaHouse: Windsurfing Conditions Aruba offers warm, crystal-clear water that rarely drops below 75 degrees F and consistent winds that are a windsurfer's dream: the average wind speed, year-round, is more than 20 knots, though it can get up to 10 knots higher in June, the island's windiest month. With winds like these-beloved of speed sailors-Aruba should be a destination for experts only. Not so. Although the northeastern flank of the long, narrow island is turned toward the prevailing trade winds, its sheltered, lee side to the southwest provides excellent flat-water sailing-made even better by the presence of a nearby reef that blocks the ocean swell.

14. :: Windsurf School Bosco Canoro - Bibione Venezia Italy ::
Corsi di windsurf per principianti e perfezionamenti con istruttori VDWS (Associazione scuole windsurf), noleggio windsurf e canoe.

15. The Windsurfing Classifieds - Used Windsurfing Gear
The windsurfing Classifieds is your one stop shop for new and used windsurfing gear, for sale, by owner.

16. Windsurfing
windsurfing videos, photo windsurfing news and events and community on MPORA

Welcome to the official Australian windsurfing Association web site.

18. How-to | WindSurfing Magazine
For a few particular skills, there’s a couple of places that will really help you advance quickly. Check out our map to get the lowdown on where the best windsurfing spots are to

19. Bonaire Windsurfing--The Bonaire Information Site Guide To Windsurfing
Official Web site for windsurfing on Bonaire.
Bonaire Windsurfing is part of InfoBonaire, the Bonaire Info Site, updated daily, live from the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. Bonaire is known for its world class scuba diving, wind surfing, nature, snorkeling, and tranquility. Surf Shops Places to Stay Conditions Main Page ... InfoBonaire
Bonaire Windsurfing
Bon Bini! Welcome to the Official Bonaire Windsurfing Web Site, on InfoBonaire You've just found the best site for all sorts of information about windsurfing on the island of Bonaire, located in the Dutch Caribbean. Within you'll find information about surfing conditions, Bonaire's fine surf shops, as well as places to stay which are convenient to Lac Bay. Bonaire's Lac Bay offers near-perfect conditions for all levels of surfers, from beginners to experienced sailors. The shallow waters of the bay also boast favorable on-shore winds making Lac Bay the perfect place to learn. This does not mean, though, that experienced surfers will be bored, as evidenced by the Bonaire Sailing Team, which practices at Lac Bay nearly every day. Strike up a conversation with any of these champions and maybe they will show you some of their new moves, like the Ponch!

20. Save On Windsurfers, Windsurfing Boards, Gear Sports Gear Equipment
Windsurfers, windsurfing Boards, Gearr. Save up to 50%. has the largest selection of windsurfing Boards and windsurfing Gear on the web. Over 25 y
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