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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. The Wing Chun Compendium, Volume One by Wayne Belonoha, 2005-12-15
  2. The Wing Chun Compendium, Volume Two by Wayne Belonoha, 2009-07-21
  3. Wing-Chun Martial Arts: Principles & Techniques by Yip Chun, Danny Connor, 1993-11-01
  4. Wing Chun Kung Fu: Traditional Chinese King Fu for Self-Defense and Health by Ip Chun, Michael Tse, 1998-04
  5. Wing Chun Kung-Fu by J. Yimm Lee, 1999-06-01
  6. Simply Wing Chun Kung Fu by Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe, 2003-10-01
  7. Wing Chun Kung-fu: A Complete Guide (Tuttle Martial Arts) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 2006-09-15
  8. Yuen Kay-San Wing Chun Kuen by Rene Ritchie, 1999-01
  9. Mastering Wing Chun Kung Fu by Samuel Kwok, 2008-05-30
  10. Advanced Wing Chun by William Cheung, 1988-03-01
  11. The Path to Wing Chun by Samuel Kwok, 1999-02
  12. Secret Techniques of Wing Chun Kung Fu: Sil Lim Tao (Vol 1) by K. T. Chao, J. E. Weakland, 1996-05
  13. Comprehensive Theory and Applications of Wing Chun Jin Kuen - Training Manual Volume One by Jason, G Kokkorakis, 2006-04-10
  14. Complete Wing Chun: The Definitive Guide to Wing Chun's History and Traditions (Complete Martial Arts) by Robert Chu, Rene Ritchie, et all 1998-06-15

1. Wing Chun - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Wing Chun (traditional Chinese 詠春; pinyin yǒng chūn; literally spring chant ), also romanized as Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun (and sometimes substituted with the characters
Wing Chun
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (January 2008) Wing Chun
A wing chun front kick (right) against a turning kick. This illustrates the principles of centerline and simultaneous attack and defence. Also known as Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun Focus Striking Trapping Country of origin China Creator Ng Mui Famous practitioners Sum Nung Yip Man Bruce Lee Wing Chun Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Literal meaning fist of spring chant Transliterations Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin yǒngchūn quan Cantonese Jyutping Wing Ceon Kyun Yale Romanization wihng chēun kyùhn alternative Chinese name Chinese Literal meaning fist of eternal spring Transliterations Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin yǒngchūn quan Cantonese Jyutping Wing Ceon Kyun Yale Romanization wíhng chēun kyùhn Wing Chun traditional Chinese pinyin yǒng chūn ; literally "spring chant"), also romanized as Ving Tsun or " Wing Tsun " (and sometimes substituted with the characters 永春 " eternal springtime ) is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilizing both striking and grappling while specializing in close-range combat The alternative characters 永春 "eternal spring" are also associated with some other southern Chinese martial arts, including

2. Wing Chun Kung Fu - SiFu Duncan Leung - Official Homepage - Ving Tsun Kung Fu!
Links, pictures, books, videos, letters, articles, bulletin board and related information. English/German/French
Prior to his death in 1972, Yip Man had stopped teaching but was consulted about Wing Chun. He had a hard life in the early years in Hong Kong but in his old age some rich students like Dung Sing and Chan Jee Chu, police detectives of The Hong Kong Royal Police, began to support him. He was considered the head of the Wing Chun family and had a few good years before his death. Unfortunately, he did not name a successor to carry on the leadership of Wing Chun. It is possible that he had not found anyone he liked, may never have found anyone who was worthy, or he was just not concerned with the issue at that late stage of his life. Whatever the reasons Grand Master Yip Man was truly the last Grand Master of the style. After his death and as time passed family members began to realize that they were on their own.
Wing Chun today is a very big family with schools all over the world. Any successful organization needs a leader to unite everyone and to help everyone work together. For a variety of reasons, those heirs and students of Yip Man who would be most qualified to unite and lead us have either been unwilling or unable to do so.
SiFu Duncan Leung
SiFu Duncan Leung is a disciple of the Wing Chun Grand Master Yip Man, and a former classmate of Bruce Lee. He has been teaching Wing Chun in the United States for more than twenty years. This included teaching the United States FBI, the Navy Seals, and various Police Institutions. SiFu Leung currently teaches at his school in Virginia Beach, VA. His unique training methods provide the students with a proper understanding and instruction in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. His training methods also allow his students to gain better fighting skills through the use of Wing Chun in real fighting situations. It is in this same spirit of instructing that SiFu has made 4 Videos! The Videos are designed to teach the principles of 1st and 2nd Forms, Chi Sau, Trapping Hands and Training Drills. They are personally narrated by SiFu. They also includes his comments on the fighting techniques. For more information, please visit our links.

3. Wing Chun - Video
Chris visits the man whose father taught Bruce Lee, himself. Bruce's main martial art system was Wing Chun.

4. Wing Chun (film) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Wing Chun (traditional Chinese 詠春) is a 1994 Hong Kong martial artsaction film. It was directed by Yuen Woo-ping and stars Michelle Yeoh as the eponymous character Yim
Wing Chun (film)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Wing Chun
Michelle Yeoh as Wing Chun Directed by Yuen Woo-ping Written by Elsa Tang Starring Michelle Yeoh
Donnie Yen

Pei-pei Cheng
Music by Donnie Yen Cinematography Pin Bing Lee Distributed by Century Pacific Release date(s) March 24, Running time 93 min. Country Hong Kong Language Cantonese Wing Chun traditional Chinese ) is a Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film directed by Yuen Woo-ping and stars Michelle Yeoh as the eponymous character Yim Wing-Chun , a tofu maker and martial artist who tries to protect her village's inhabitants from a group of bandits. The film was preceded by a 1994 television series of the same name (see Wing Chun (TV series)
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5. Martial Arts And Self Defence | International Wing Chun Academy
Casual self defence and martial arts classes and Nationally Recognised Training in Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu™ for local and overseas students wishing to study
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    General Classes
    Learn a devastatingly effective form of self defence through Grandmaster Jim Fung's unique Wing Chun Kung Fu training programme.
    Self defence classes for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. learn more about this course
    Women's Classes
    Wing Chun Kung Fu was designed by a woman and doesn't rely on brute strength to be effective.
    Get fit and learn self defence skills that work.
    Rated 10/10 by Women's Health. learn more about this course
    Children's Classes
    Ensure your child's health and safety through the Academy's children's self defence classes.
    Classes are fun, structured, and conducted in safe, disciplined environments by professional Instructors.

6. Wing Chun Kung Fu And Self Defense Martial Arts Westchester NY
Wing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defense Martial Arts School in Westchester NY. The Ultimate in Combat Martial Arts and Self Defense New York
Wing Chun
Westchester Wing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defense
Wing Chun Kung Fu Westchester
Welcome to the Ultimate in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Close Range Combat and Self Defense Training! If you are looking to Learn a Complete Martial Arts System and a truly Effective Style of Fighting and Self Defense, then you are in the right place! Here at the Wing Chun Kung Fu School Martial Arts Westchester New York, you will more than exceed your kung fu, combat and self defense goals! This is a unique martial arts training experience you will not want to miss. Learn close range combat kung-fu and self-defense at its best taught in a relaxed, fun and safe environment. Class instruction by world-renowned Wing Chun Kung Fu Master, Sifu Wahnish, L.Ac..
Wing Chun Master
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What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?
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Wing Chun Kung Fu
Recent Posts
Wing Chun Kung Fu School
[About our School...]

7. Wing Chun
A description of the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun. Intro One of the most popular forms of Kung Fu. Origin China. History Wing Chun was an obscure and little known
News About Us Schools Events ... Search
Wing Chun
One of the most popular forms of Kung Fu.
Wing Chun was an obscure and little known art until the mid twentieth century. While multiple histories of the art do exist (some with only minor discrepancies), the generally accepted version is thus: The style traces its roots back over 250 years ago to the Southern Shaolin Temple. At that time, the temple a was sanctuary to the Chinese revolution that was trying to overthrow the ruling Manchu. A classical martial arts system was taught in the temple which took 15-20 years to produce an efficient fighter. Before the program was put into practice, the Southern temple was raided and destroyed. A lone nun, Ng Mui, was the only survivor who knew the full system. She wandered the countryside, finally taking in a young orphan girl and training her in the system. She named the girl Yimm Wing Chun (which has been translated to mean Beautiful Springtime, or Hope for the Future), and the two women set out refining the system. The system was passed down through the years, and eventually became known as Wing Chun, in honor of the founder. The veil of secrecy around the art was finally broken in the early 1950's when Grandmaster Yip Man began teaching publicly in Hong Kong, and his students began gaining noteriety for besting many systems and experienced opponents in streetfights and "friendly" competitions. The art enjoyed even more popularity when one of its students, Bruce Lee, began to enjoy world wide fame.

8. Wing Chun - Interactive
An interactive website dedicated to teaching Wing Chun theories, 1st form and applications.
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Welcome to Wing Chun Interactive ENTER
The intention of the Wing Chun Interactive site is to bridge the gap between the Internet and reality.
To create a Wing Chun tutorial website which teaches the first form, applications and theory of Wing Chun, an ancient Chinese style of Kung Fu.
You will need the FLASH plugin to view the Wing Chun Interactive site.
If you can't see the animation above, Click here to download FLASH
Wing Chun Interactive Contact Wing Chun Interactive ... wing chun links

9. Wing Chun Kung Fu And Chinese Martial Art Gung Fu a nonprofit website promoting the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
wing chun martial arts
what's new

international wing chun schools
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10. East-West Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation Of Central Virginia
Central Virginia Classes What is Wing Chun Kung Fu? Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese Martial Art from Canton Province, China. By legend, it was created by a woman to defeat
Wing Chun FAQ




Ip Man Lineage
East-West Wing Chun

East-West Lineage
Association Website

Virginia Association
Teaching Team
Main Richmond Class RVA Women's Group Private Lessons ... Facebook Page Resources Sifu Lo Man Kam Lo Man Kam Site Links East-West Wing Chun, Central Virginia ... Promote Your Page Too
Central Virginia Classes
What is Wing Chun Kung Fu? Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese Martial Art from Canton Province, China. By legend, it was created by a woman to defeat physically stronger and faster opponents. As Bruce Lee's original martial style, it is now one of the most popular forms of Chinese Kung Fu practiced today. Based on simplicity, efficiency and directness, Wing Chun's basics are easy to learn and apply. Address: Phone: 2310 W. Main Street Richmond, VA 23220 Head Instructor: John Kang Guest Instructor: Matt Ely Assistant Instructors: John Lewis, Jason Little, Scott Williams
NEWS (As of March 15, 2010):
John Kang Featured in Richmond Times Dispatch
East-West Gear now available The San Francisco Headquarters has commissioned the production of official East-West Wing Chun t-shirts, duffel bags, and beanies. Contact

11. Untitled
An organization with free membership to independent wing chun instructors.
Free Web space and hosting from Search the Web
Welcome! Close Would you like to make this site your homepage? It's fast and easy... Yes, Please make this my home page! No Thanks Don't show this to me again. Close
Traditional Wing Chun Home Page Club directories Photo Page New instructor help page ... Guest Book Page
Are you a independent instructor,or even one distant to a large organisation ?

I found that a lot of people felt that unless you belonged to large club, or had a well known name to which you could stand behind, then maybe your wing chun was no good, the fact is, there are lots of independent instructors out there who teach very good Wing Chun, and like myself were no longer training under a "known" master, I found many, many people for one reason or another left or broke away from their own instructors, I myself hold my previous Sifu in the highest regard, and always will,
once I started to teach indepentantly, I found I was looking to fall under the umbrella of some other big name or organisation, until I discovered that, this will neither improve, or better my Wing Chun skills, This is not to say that I, in any way look upon myself as a master or even consider myself a expert, but I do know I have the skills to pass on Wing Chun to others, thereby Preserving the tradition... I wonder how many others feel the same as me... not wanting to acquire a new master just for the sake of it, yet still wishing to belong to an family.
Although I am now fortunately a member of "The World Wing Chun kung Fu Association", and under instruction of Grand Master William Cheungs Wing Chun, I am not as yet teaching on his behalf, I do not mention this to add weight to my credibility, but to pay homage to the Grand Master, as he has so kindly made his wing chun available for all.

12. Wing Chun (1994) - IMDb
Directed by Wooping Yuen. With Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen, King-Tan Yuen, Catherine Hung Yan.

13. Associazione Italiana Wing Chun
Promuove, propaganda, diffonde, organizza e disciplina lo studio e la pratica, anche sportiva, del kung fu stile wing chun. Sono presenti informazioni, articoli, news, materiali e recensioni. Link ad altre associazioni di wing chun e a siti di interesse.
Community Aggiungi lista preferiti Aggiungi lista nera Invia ad un amico Crea Profilo Blog Video Sito Foto Amici Esplora Benvenuti nel sito dell'Associazione Italiana Wing Chun. Qu potrete conoscere: gli eventi importanti in italia e nel mondo, l'elenco degli istruttori e delle scuole associate, articoli, recensioni di libri, una galleria di immagini e videoclip. Associazione Italiana Wing Chun Eventi Attivit Scuole Immagini Recensioni Articoli ed altro L'AIWC nata per chiunque nutre interesse per il Wing Chun Kung-Fu e nella speranza di abbattere le barriere che attualmente separano i gruppi di praticanti nella nostra nazione.
L'A.I.W.C. promuove, e diffonde lo studio del Wing Chun in tutte le sue versioni. Agevola la crescita culturale di tutti i soci attraverso l'organizzazione di seminari, corsi, conferenze e mediante l'utilizzo di tutti i mezzi di comunicazione ed informazione. NUOVO LIBRO "Tao del Wing Chun" , quaderno tecnico-divulgativo, viene distribuito gratuitamente a tutti gli iscritti all'AIWC ed ai collaboratori. Al momento abbiamo raggiunto una tiratura di 100 copie al numero.

14. Wing Chun
Wing Chun online is dedicated to the preservation, education and continuing evolution of the martial art Wing Chun Kung Fu. Together we can expand our knowledge making the art
News Feed Comments
Wing Chun
Exploring the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu Online
Welcome to Wing Chun Online
The History of Wing Chun Kung Fu
Wing Chun - Featured
Welcome to Wing Chun Online
Welcome to the all new Wing Chun Online. The site is still in the works with great things to come. Wing Chun Online is dedicated to the preservation, education and continuing evolution of the Chinese martial art Wing Chun Kung Fu. We support all lineages of the  system. Together we can learn, grow and expand our knowledge making the combat martial art system of Wing Chun stronger than ever! Learn... [Read more]
The History of Wing Chun Kung Fu
The History of Wing Chun can be traced back to the Ching dynasty, over 275 years ago. The Manchus, who made up about 10% of the population, ruled the Hans and created many restrictions to keep them dependent on the small ruling class. Through the years, however, the Manchus gradually began to accept the Han culture and to respect the Sil Lum (Shaolin) Temple as a place of worship and sanctuary. Even... [Read more]
What is Wing Chun Kung Fu
Wing Chun is a truly amazing and beautiful kung fu style. It is one of the most practical martial art systems you can study. Wing Chun is a perfect art for the uncertainties of actual self-defense and combat. The system relies on biomechanics, not brute force. Wing Chun is a scientific yet theoretically based martial arts form. The specialty of a Wing Chun practitioner is close-range combat. Practitioners...

15. Canton Wing Chun - Entrance
Canton Wing Chun We study and teach Leung Sheungs classical wing chun, a very simple and effective fighting art.
Akron OH, Canton OH, Cleveland OH, Seattle WA, San Diego CA, Gothenburg Sweden

Die International Academy of WingChun von Klaus Brand stellt sich mit umfangreichen Informationen zum Thema WingChun und Kampfkunst vor.
Sifu Klaus Brand stellt sein System WingChun vor. Gromeister Klaus Brand und die Lehrer der IAW distanzieren sich mit Nachdruck von anderen Stilrichtungen des Wing Chun. Das WingChun der IAW ist ein speziell fr die Selbstverteidigung entwickeltes, lckenloses System und wurde fr all diejenigen geschaffen die sich der Realitt widmen und von Beginn an einem logischen Aufbau folgen mchten. Aussteiger aus anderen Stilrichtungen des Wing Chun sind bei uns herzlich willkommen.

17. The Philip Nearing School Of Wing Chun
Chicago Wing Chun classes from instructor Philip Nearing. Wing Chun also known commonly as Wing Tsun.

18. Associatie Wing Chun Kung Fu
Nederlandse organisatie opgericht in 1974. Informatie over Wing Chun, overzicht van aangesloten scholen, trainers, foto s en bureaublad achtergronden.
var CF_LV_Type = 'default';
Ik wil nu een afspraak maken voor een gratis proefles!
Naam E-mail Telefoon Bevestig telefoon Trainingslocatie Selecteer locatie Amsterdam Breda Den Haag Dordrecht Groningen Leiden Rotterdam Zoetermeer Leeftijdscategorie Selecteer categorie Jeugd : 5 - 12 Jeugd : 13 - 17 Volwassenen: 18 - 24 Volwassenen: 25 - 45 Volwassenen: 45 - 65 Powered By ChronoForms - Contact
associatie wing chun kung fu agenda locaties en tijden proefles
De Associatie Wing-Chun Kung-Fu viert haar 35-jarig jubileum en is de oudste organisatie in Nederland binnen deze vechtkunst. Verscheidene andere organisaties en scholen zijn hier uit voortgekomen.
Het doel van de associatie is haar leden de praktische kant van de Wing-Chun Kung-Fu gevechtskunst alsmede de tot deze gevechtskunst behorende filosofie en sociale geestelijke instellingen trachten bij te brengen.
Geen Trainingen
Niets te melden
Kennismaking / workshop
Niets te melden Breda Zaterdag 14:00 tot 17:00 Den Haag Zondag 12:00 tot 15:00
Dinsdag 20:00 tot 23:00
Vrijdag 20:00 tot 23:00** Dordrecht Woensdag 19:30 tot 22:30
Zaterdag 09:00 tot 12:15 Leiden Zaterdag 10:30 tot 13:30
Maandag 20:00 tot 23:00 Zoetermeer (gewijzigd) Donderdag 20:00 tot 23:00 Groningen Info: 06-50 90 49 45

19. Wing Chun (1994) - IMDb
Directed by Wooping Yuen. With Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen, King-Tan Yuen, Catherine Hung Yan.
IMDb Search All Titles TV Episodes Names Companies Keywords Characters Videos Quotes Bios Plots Go More Register Login Help ... More at IMDbPro
Wing Chun
93 min - Action Drama X Users: 1,223 votes 27 reviews Critics: 14 reviews Wing Chun, a woman living in a remote village often pillaged by robbers. When Wing Chun finally loses her cool and defeats them, her heroic actions stir up even more trouble in this male-based society of the time. The climactic battle to the death is a dazzler.
Woo-ping Yuen
Elsa Tang
Release Date:
24 March 1994 (Hong Kong) 10 photos 1 video 56 news articles
Cast overview: Michelle Yeoh Yim Wing Chun Donnie Yen Leung Pok To (as Yen Chi Tan) King-Tan Yuen Abacus Fong Catherine Hung Yan Charmy (as Catherine Hung) Waise Lee Scholar Wong (as Lee Chi Hung) Norman Chu Flying Monkey (as Chui Siu Keung) Pei-pei Cheng Full cast and crew
Wing Chun, a woman living in a remote village often pillaged by robbers. When Wing Chun finally loses her cool and defeats them, her heroic actions stir up even more trouble in this male-based society of the time. The climactic battle to the death is a dazzler.

20. Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu NYC, New York
Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu is a self defense program offered by Gotham Martial Arts located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City. This Wing Chun system was modified
Wing Chun Kung Fu
Since the Wing Chun forms were developed hundreds of years ago, many techniques have been misinterpreted and become obsolete. Sigung (Grandmaster) WAN Kam Leung , a martial art enthusiast, has tested and modified the mainstream Wing Chun system into a modern day practical combating art. With his teacher, the late Grandmaster WONG Shun Leung's consent, Sigung Wan named his improved Kung Fu system " Practical Wing Chun " in 1994. With his outstanding martial art skills, Sigung WAN Kam Leung was invited by the Hong Kong Police Force as the Wing Chun Chief Instructor for the G4 (VIP Protection Unit) in the 1990s. He was the only Kung Fu master ever employed by the former British Hong Kong government.
Sifu KWOK Wai Yin (William Kwok) has over 30 years of martial arts experience. He is Sigung WAN Kam Leung's disciple in Practical Wing Chun and Qi Gong (Chi Kung). Sifu Kwok is the first instructor in the United States that received authority to teach Practical Wing Chun (PWC) from Sigung Wan. He also serves as Regional Director of Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun International in the state of New York. In 2007, Sifu Kwok co-founded Gotham Martial Arts – a martial arts school in New York City that offers Practical Wing Chun and traditional Taekwon-Do programs.
For more information about Sigung Wan and Sifu Kwok, please visit

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