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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. The Anatomy of Wing Chun (Book/Video-DVD Set) by Philip Holder, 2005-01-01
  2. Wing Chun Bil Jee: The Deadly Art of Thrusting Fingers by William Cheung, 1983-06
  3. Why Wing Chun Works by Alan Gibson, 2001-09-30
  4. The Foundations of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Vol. 1 by John R. Wahnish, 2003-06
  5. Wing Chun: Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self Defence & Health by Ip Chun, 1998-01
  6. Chong Woo Kwan Wing Chun by Joseph Cheng, 2001-11
  7. 116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques by Master Yip Chun, 1981
  8. Simple Thinking:Intelligent Fighter: Simple Thinking: Intelligent Fighters v.2: Why Wing Chun Works ll (Martial Arts) (Vol 2) by Alan Gibson, 2002-08-31
  9. Comprehensive Theory and Applications of Wing Chun Sui Lum Tao -Training Manual Volume 2 by Jason, G Kokkorakis, 2006-10-26
  10. Wing Chun Warrior: The True Tales of Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Duncan Leung, Bruce Lee's Fighting Companion by Ken Ing, 2010-07-16
  11. Wing Chun Kung Fu by Karen Armstrong, Sifu Jim Fung, 1985-12
  12. The fantastic techniques of Wing Chun 1 by Andrey Shvets, 2010-08-28
  13. The Deceptive Hands of Wing Chun by Sifu Douglas Wong, 1982-01-29
  14. Tao of Wing Chun Do: Mind and Body in Harmony (Volume I, Part I) by James W. DeMILE, 1988-02-01

21. Welcome To Vietnam Wing Chun Site
History, philosophy, schools directory, techniques and general information. English, Russian
ENG RUS Home Teachers ... Contact
Grandmaster of Vietnamese Wing Chun Kung Fu Huynh Ngoc An is a well-known person. A lot of newspapers wrote articles about him and interviewed him.
Fighting technique and power respiratory exercises and which are taught by Grandmaster Huynh Ngoc An, are unique.
Thanks to it many people find health develop character and reach new success in the daily work and life.
Grandmaster Huynh Ngoc An has created the updated program, which is ideally suitable for modern person.
Grandmaster Huynh Ngoc An profound knowledge gives a new direction to an all-around development of the person. It is especially topical for a modern way of life, health support and psychological stability of the person.
All seminars are conducted by the Grandmaster himself.
Huynh Ngoc An

22. Wing Chun Magazine
Our subscribers total over 10,000 readers in 11 different countries. We reach a highly specific audience of martial artists from all over the world.
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Our subscribers
Our subscribers total over 10,000 readers in 11 different countries. We reach a highly specific audience of martial artists from all over the world. As of 2008, our magazine was specifically read by more Wing Chun / WingTsun / Ving Tsun / Jeet Kune Do / JKD / Bruce Lee enthusiasts than any other publication.
Wing Chun Magazine - The Magazine of Wing Chun, is the only magazine dedicated to the martial art of Wing Chun in all of its forms. All articles within the Wing Chun Magazine website and publication are the property of their respective authors.
The information contained in our site and in our publication is provided to you on an "as is" basis; we do not warrant that it is accurate, complete, current or reliable. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim all warranties, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to, all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose and non-infringement of third parties' rights. In no event shall we be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, personal injury/wrongful death, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) arising from the use of or inability to use this information, whether based on warranty, tort, contract or any other legal theory, and regardless of whether we are advised of the possibility of such damages.

23. Wing Chun Universe - Master Joe Sayah - Dandenong, Mornington, Rosebud & Oakleig
Wing chun universe is the home to Master Joe Sayah and the Dandenong, Mornington, Rosebud and Oakleigh academies., Home of Sifu Joe Sayah, Traditional Wing Chun Red Sash Master
  • Home Profiles
    • Master Joe Sayah Si-mu Mandy Sayah ... Home
      The Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu Training
      "Most people think martial arts is just kicking and punching but there's a spiritual aspect to martial arts training," says Master Joe Sayah. "Through discipline you create good habits in your life and a humble spirit. The hard work of martial arts training generates self-discipline, character, fortitude, and strengthens the will to persist through difficulties and pursue perfection in oneself." The training to become a powerful martial arts fighter transcends the physical aspect carrying over to make one a powerful individual spiritually and mentally as well. The mind, body, and spirit are all connected and having a positive impact in one area affects all three. Practicing wing chun helps people empower themselves and attain greater wholeness. Read more...
      Phillip Island Kung-Fu Camp
      We are looking forward to an awesome weekend of training and fun at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort Friday, November 5th to Sunday, November 7th, 2010. This is an intensive weekend training camp including 6 hours of Wing Chun training in total. The Phillip Island Adventure Resort is a huge resort set on 30+ acres and has kayaking, archery, giant flying fox, a large swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, table tennis, movie room, 5 minute drive to Smith's swim/surf beach, and is located just outside the heart of Cowes (main city in Phillip Island with shopping, pubs, restaurants, etc.). Last year Master Joe gave a magnificent seminar overwhelming his students with the variety of different types of techniques and QUANTITY including bil jee and phoenix pressure point strikes, locks, form applications, and chi sao! We were, myself included, completely mind-blown! Now Master Joe is set to do it again!

24. Yipman's Wing Chun Students
List of links to schools, instructors, and students from the Yip Man lineage.
Yip Man Wing Chun Lineage More sifus, information and a better way to find a school near you
is available at the Yip Man Search Page It is hoped the kwoons listed below perform the 108 move Sil Lim Toa form , basically the same way Yip Man did. Please contact the author to make any corrections or add details.
Bruce Lee Chow Tse Chun Choy Siu Kwong Chris Chan ... Bruce Lee Lee Siu Lung/Chun Fan Profile Chow Tse Chun Kowloon Profile Donald K. Mak (Kowloon - Hong Kong) Profile Fabio Bevilacqua (Italy) Lionel Roulier (France) Maurizio Zuppa (Sam Remo) Oleg Demidov (S. Pietroburgo - Russia) Mak Kwong Kuen (Hong Kong) Stephen Chan (Kowloon - Hong Kong) Choy Siu Kwong Greg Tsoi Kevin Earle (New Zealand) Chris Chan Chan Shing (San Francisco Profile Ken Chun ( ) Ralph Pinkerton ( ) Duncan Leung Leung Shiu Hung (Virginia Beach - VA) Profile , Instructor courses, Seminars Allan Lee,  Lee Chee Kong   (New York City) Brian Edwards ( ) Christoph Hauch (Germany) Jerry Gardner (Salt Lake City - UT) Profile Bart Mann (Denver - CO) Dan Grenemeyer ( ) Kip Murphy ( ) Phil Switzer ( ) Joseph Musse ( New York) Angel E. Mercado (NYC)

25. Everything Wing Chun - Books, Videos, Wooden Dummy, Butterfly Swords, Long Poles
Everything Wing Chun (Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun) carries the largest selection of Wing Chun Kung Fu products in the world! Books, DVDs, Wooden Dummy, Butterfly Swords, Long Poles
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Select Adam Chan Alan Gibson Alan Lamb Alan Orr Allan Lee Andreas Hoffman Austin Goh Benny Meng Bruce Lee Buick Yip Chan Chee Man Chu Shong Tin Chuck O'Neill Chung Kwok Chow Clive Potter Darrell Jordan David Peterson Douglas Wong Duncan Leung Eddie Chong Emin Boztepe Everything Wing Chun Frank Wyatt Garrett Gee Gary Lam Herbert Maier Ian Protheroe Igor Astashev Ip Ching Ip Chun James Keating James Sinclair John Wu Joseph Lee Joseph Simonet Karl Godwin Keith R Kernspecht Leung Ting Mark Beardsell Michael Wong Moy Yat Paolo Cangelosi Petar Petrov Randy Williams Rene Ritchie Rick Spain Robert Chu Ron Heimberger Sam Chan Samuel Kwok Sergio Iadarola Steve Baringer Steve Schultz Thommy Luke Boehlig Tiger Claw Tony Chan Tony Massengill Tood Shawn Tei Topic Bundle VA Thomas Victor Gutierrez VTAA Wayne Belonoha William Cheung Wing Chun Treasures Wing Lam Wing Tsun WLE Wong Shun Leung
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26. The Wing Chun Federation Southampton, Hampshire.
Martial art, Wing Chun kung fu Southampton Hampshire, classes. Books video dvd lessons, school, ving tsun, wing tsun.
Home Wing Chun Federation Photographs Free Downloads Wing Chun History Our Instructors Wing Chun Kung Fu Women's Defence ... Contact Us
The Wing Chun Federation
Alan Gibson formed The Wing Chun Federation in 1990. The federation's objective is to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu in a relaxed and accessible manner, where emphasis is placed on good technique and personal development. Wing Chun can be simply learnt by commitment and patience and a high level of proficiency can be obtained quickly and with ease. The Wing Chun Federation and its teachers are registered variously with the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Association (UK), the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, and the Ip Man Martial Arts Association. Alan has a degree in sports studies which has furthered his understanding of the bio-mechanical, sociological, physiological and psychological aspects of the art. As an independent organisation, The Wing Chun Federation often organises seminars by guest teachers. These are normally held at The Wing Chun Federation's H.Q. in

27. Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu | Official Site
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, under the guidance of Ip Chun and Ip Ching, continues to represent Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun in Europe, based in Blackpool and offering private wing chun lessons and wing chun group tutuion at various locations.

28. Wing Chun - Interactive
Wing Chun Kung Fu, traditional instruction of this Southern Chinese System online
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Welcome to Wing Chun Interactive ENTER
The intention of the Wing Chun Interactive site is to bridge the gap between the Internet and reality.
To create a Wing Chun tutorial website which teaches the first form, applications and theory of Wing Chun, an ancient Chinese style of Kung Fu.
You will need the FLASH plugin to view the Wing Chun Interactive site.
If you can't see the animation above, Click here to download FLASH
Wing Chun Interactive Contact Wing Chun Interactive ... wing chun links

29. Portland Kung Fu Club - Wing Chun
The Portland Kung Fu Club offers training in the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts of Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, And Northern Shaolin Kung Fu in the Portland Oregon area.
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts with Modern Applications
Wing Chun
The beginning is a good place to start a story. As it is in practically all of the histories of martial arts systems there are elements of fact and fiction. The history of Wing Chun weaves many differing elements into its fiber and there is no way of separating the wheat from the chaff. This story begins at the Shaolin Temple. Where many of the monks did not agree with Manchu government policies and often covertly worked against them. The Manchu government decided to stop the revolutionary activity going on at the temple. So, they set fire to the monastery. As the story goes, the monks and many of the disciples fought bravely, but were eventually overwhelmed. Many of them died in the struggle, but some were able to escape and teach their martial arts to the populace at large. It was their hope that the people would be ready to fight when the time for a future uprising came.
Among the survivors were the five elders, each of which was a master of a specific martial art style. Among them was Ng Mui , a Buddhist nun and the only female survivor of the five. After the burning, Ng Mui went to live at the

30. LA Wing Chun Academy - Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu In West Los Angeles - Real-
LA Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in West Los Angeles provides practical and effective selfdefense that is easy to learn, improved fitness, focus and self-confidence
"Bruce Lee learned barely more than half Grandmaster Cheung has taught the Complete System to me.
And now, we can teach it to YOU."
(Si-Fu Oram)

(Bruce Lee, in Enter The Dragon
(Grandmaster William Cheung,
Hong Kong, circa 1979) "I can't even describe how much Wing Chun has impacted my ability to stay well and focused.
It has changed my life."

(Robert Downey Jr., right, seen as Sherlock Holmes* LA Wing Chun
2238 Purdue Avenue, Los Angeles, CA - 310-996-0302

31. Las Vegas Wing Chun Kung Fu School
Wing Chun Las Vegas Kung Fu School. Authentic Yip Man Wing Chun system taught by Sifu Bradley Temple a direct disciple of Master Lo Man Kam (Grandmaster Yip Mans Maternal Nephew).
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Las Vegas Wing Chun Kung Fu School
Authentic Yip Man Wing Chun

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Lo Man Kam Las Vegas Wing Chun Kung Fu School
Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by the late Grandmaster Yip Man , is best known as the late Bruce Lee's martial arts foundation. Focusing on simple techniques of natural human movement and reaction, Wing Chun is easy to learn and apply to self-defense situations. Wing Chun focuses on fluidity and a strong structure over brute strength and speed.
Tested and proven in tournaments , challenge matches and street fights, Wing Chun is a very effective martial art and method of self defense
Sifu Bradley Temple teaches the Las Vegas Wing Chun Kung fu school branch of the Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Federation Sifu Bradley is a direct disciple of Master Lo Man Kam who is Grandmaster Yip Man's maternal nephew. Bradley began his studies in Wing Chun Kung Fu in Taiwan, directly under Master Lo Man Kam in 1995. He now continues Master Lo's teachings in the U.S.A. at the Lo Man Kam

32. Wing Chun - Hope For The Future
Features articles on wing chun principles, philosophy, history, training, and techniques.
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33. Wing Chun Information Centre | Martial-nexus | Wing Chun
Welcome to martialnexus's Wing Chun Information Centre - a community site for Wing Chun resources. Feel free to browse or create your own content.
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Wing Chun Information Centre
Welcome to martial-nexus's Wing Chun Information Centre - a community site for Wing Chun resources. Feel free to browse or create your own content.
Latest Posts
Wing Chun - Siu Lim Tau for the Solo Student
October 4, 2010 by admin Author(s): Mark Beardsell Description: An introduction for those interested into delving in to the world of Wing Chun kung fu as made famous by Bruce Lee and in the last couple of years brought to the cinema with the release of IP Man (2008) and Ip Man 2 (2010). Mark Beardsell has studied the Siu Lim Tau in great depth and wished to share his findings with you and so went about writing this book. Your rating: None
The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
October 4, 2010 by admin Tags: Description: Prequel to the best-selling martial arts epic, IP MAN, starring action icon Sammo Hung. The Legend Is Born follows Ip Man's resistance against invading foreigners, along with his romantic relations while under the tutelage of three Wing Chun masters. Your rating: None
Add Your Own Stuff
Submitted by admin on Thu, 16/09/2010 - 12:08

34. Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre Singapore
A training centre for Wing Chun Kuen enthusiasts in Singapore founded by Master Chua Kah Joo. It is located Singapore.
News : Instr.Idy Cheong won
Bronze medal in
ICBC Cup of International
Yongchun Invitation Tournament 2010 read more.. Wing Chun Kuen : Wing Chun is a close range martial art, which emphasizes practicality and efficiency in its techniques rather than brute strength.
Efficiency in Wing Chun is based on the concept that, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and it always focuses on the opponent's centre line.
Practicing Wing Chun helps to improve sensitivity , reflex , balance and co-ordination.
read more..

35. Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu Institute Of Learning - Calgary, AB, Canada - Home
Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu Institute of Learning, Calgary, AB, Canada, teaches Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) as handed down by Ip Man to Moy Yat to Greco Wong
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Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu Institute of Learning - Calgary, AB, Canada
Welcome to the Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu Institute of Learning. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
This is a semi-private club in Calgary that practices Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu as passed down by Great Grand Master Ip Man to Grand Master Moy Yat then to Grand Master Greco Wong
This Club is run by 3rd generation direct descendants of Ip Man - Kam Wong and Tony Yung. Both are long term disciples of Grand Master Greco Wong. Classes are held once a week at two locations in Calgary, AB, Canada - Thorncliff Community Centre, and the Calgary Chinese Culture Centre.
We strive to maintain a fun, safe and friendly learning environment, free of ego and politics. Our class is treated more of a club rather than a business. Acquiring too many students and making money is not our priority. We are there to train, teach and have a good time doing so. We truly enjoy seeing our students improve.
A close relationship is maintained with Grand Master Greco Wong who continues to make occasional visits and gives seminars as his schedule permits.

36. Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu - Hungarian Branch
Features articles, history, photo gallery, products, class locations, and contact information. Affiliated with the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

37. Wing Chun Kwoon
Traditional Wing Chun Academy of Michigan. Sections include philosophy, principles, forms, and weapons.
Through studying I have learned that many martial arts systems have value. Moreover, a person who studies a particular style that you may consider inferior to yours may in fact prevail over you in actual combat due to his/her spirit, tenacity, and most importantly, hard training. The most important factor that determines the effectiveness of a martial art is the person who is training in it. Even a well instructed Wing Chun practitioner might prove to be ineffective if he/she does not train diligently. You must develop a strict training regimen and stick to it. There are many different styles of Wing Chun but the Yip Man school has produced the most famous fighters, Wong Sheung Leung, William Cheung, and Bruce Lee, etc. After four years of study at the kwoon (school) William Cheung moved into Yip Man's home and learned a more practical version of Wing Chun for almost four more years under a strict promise not to teach anyone even his own brother until Yip Man's death. This has caused a controversy between the other Wing Chun Sifus who dispute the fact that William Cheung did learn a different version of Wing Chun from Yip Man. I was a student of another Wing Chun version for 13 years and was a Sifu when I became a student of Grandmaster William Cheung in 1983. He changed my whole perspective in regard to Wing Chun forever. This site is dedicated to Grandmaster William Cheung and to my students.
Sifu Phillip Redmond
Elysian Forge

38. Weston Wing Chun
Teaching traditional and applied wing chun in Weston Super Mare, Banwell and Churchill. Includes articles and school related information. United Kingdom

39. Lo Man Kan Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation
and Keyword tags for your redirector!......China Lo Man Kan Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation It's now possible to set Meta
Enter Lo Man Kan Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation Enter Lo Man Kan Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation

Official site of Wing Chun master, Sifu Hawkins Cheung. Contains articles, information, and images related to the history and practice of Wing Chun. Includes FAQs and links.

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