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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. Tao of Wing Chun Do, Vol. 2: Bruce Lee's Chi Sao by James W DeMile, 1977
  2. Chum Kiu and Footwork (Wing Chun Gung Fu The Explosive Art of Close Range Combat, Volume II) by Randy Williams, 1989
  3. Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 1: Basic Forms & Principles (Chinese Martial Arts Library) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 1992-08-15
  4. Applied Concepts of Wing Chun Kung Fu Volume 2 by John Ryan Wahnish, 2006-01-01
  5. Wing Chun: Unusual Discoveries Behind the Common Belief by Petar Iv. Petrov, 2009-10-08
  6. Wing Chun wooden dummy by Sam Hing F Chan, 2002
  7. WING CHUN KUNG FU - Chinese Art of Self-Defense by J. Yimm Lee, 1978
  8. Traditional Wooden Dummy: Ip Man's Wing Chun System by Samuel Kwok, Tony Massengill, 2009-10
  9. Leung Jan Wing Chun by Axel Oschlies, 2004-10-31
  10. Yuen Woo-ping's Wing Chun (The New Hong Kong Cinema Series) by Sasha Vojkovic, 2009-07-15
  11. Bruce Lee Between Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do by Jesse Glover, 1976-01-01
  12. Wing Chun Kung Fu: Advanced Form by Austin Goh, 2000-09-13
  13. The Wing Chun Forms: Wing Chun Forms - Combat Textbooks v. 3 by Alan Gibson, 2003-08-15
  14. The fantastic techniques of Wing Chun 2 by Andrey Shvets, 2010-08-28

41. Grandmaster William Cheung's World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu by Grandmaster William Cheung, direct descendant of Yip Man
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Welcome to the official site of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu
The aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to develop physical, mental and spiritual awareness. These elements transcend you to a higher level of life. Self awareness, self respect and a duty to serve should be the goal of life in every martial artist. Meditate on these principles and make peace on your study of Kung Fu, a way of life. 2011 AUSTRALIAN WING CHUN SUMMER CAMP
will be held in The Otways will run for 5 days from January 5 to 9.
Click here for booking form and information

Intensive Training at Melbourne Headquarters will run for 5 days from January 12 to 16, 2011. Book your holidays now! Call 1300 WINGCHUN 2010 MELBOURNE SEMINAR SCHEDULE August 22 - Dealing with Multiple Opponents September 19 - Butterfly Swords October 17 - Stick vs Edged Weapons November 21 - BR-103 (Butterfly Rod) Bookings essential: Call 03 9663 3588 or 1300 WINGCHUN Melbourne is the world headquarters of the WWCKFA. Our state of the art training hall is located in the CBD, is mirrored, fully air-conditioned, has wall to wall interlocking jigsaw mats, and is lined with 6 wooden dummies.

42. Sifu Chow's Integrating Wing Chun
This school is run by Sifu Chung Kwok Chow who has integrated the art of Wing Chun with other styles like kicking, boxing, Tai Chi and ground fighting. Variety of locations in the US.
HEADLINE NEWS After teaching Wing Chun over 35 years in New York City and 9 years in Connecticut,
Sifu Chow extends his class at LA Boxing,186 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park, NJ 07932.
Every Monday 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
For details please contact or call on 973-627-6627
How effective is Integrative Wing Chun in real dangerous situation?
A true story about Trevor Job, a student of Sifu Chow, who is going to tell you his life threatening experience on New York City subway platform. Click here for his story
Find out how can you get a free IWC patch or T-shirt by purchasing Sifu Chow's training Video, please click on

43. Wing Chun - Interactive
Wing Chun Kung Fu, traditional instruction of this Southern Chinese System online

Wing Chun Interactive Contact Wing Chun Interactive ... wing chun links
Welcome to Wing Chun Interactive
The intention of the Wing Chun Interactive site is to bridge the gap between the Internet and reality.
To create a Wing Chun tutorial website which teaches the first form, applications and theory of Wing Chun, an ancient Chinese style of Kung Fu.

44. Dynamic Defense Wing Chun Academy, Victoria BC Kung Fu
Teaching Wing Chun self defense and fitness classes in Victoria BC. Includes history, store, links, and related school information.

Our Academy

Beginner Wing Chun

Students Only Section

About Wing Chun
Contact Us

Welcome to the Dynamic Defense Kung Fu Academy.
Dynamic Defense offers a full range of fun
for kids teens and adults
We are committed to your success.
Sig n up today for a fun way to increased confidence
better fitness , more energy and the world's most efficient self defense! Try a class Today! Click here for more info click here to Contact Us

45. Wing Chun Kuen
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  • Home History
    The first part will consist of explanation and demonstration of the theory and principles of Wing Chun. In the second part, participants will take part in very basic drill(s) and application(s) which illustrate some of the very foundational martial elements, such as body-structure, centerline, elbow power etc. It is not necessary for participants to have any martial background/training in order to be able to join this workshop.
    For details, please check Class info
    This introductory workshop will be followed by regular weekly classes held in Tokyo (if the number of students is sufficient).
    Wing Chun Kuen is the method which teaches the practitioner to understand motion according to human body structure and its mechanics in a most logical, efficient and therefore practical way. Based on this study of movement, it becomes clear that the benefits of training Wing Chun Kuen are not just about becoming proficient in a martial sense, but at the same time to learn how to use one's body in everyday life in a most economical and thus energy-conserving way.
    Some of the system's characteristics are:
    • Science of combat Methodical approach to dealing with aggression Economy of motion Simultaneous defense and attack Realistic self-defense Using attacker's own energy to overcome and defeat him Rich in its philosophy and theory which are not limited and therefore also applicable to everyday life

46. Wing Chun Kwoon
Traditional Wing Chun Academy of Michigan. Sections include philosophy, principles, forms, and weapons.
Through studying I have learned that many martial arts systems have value. Moreover, a person who studies a particular style that you may consider inferior to yours may in fact prevail over you in actual combat due to his/her spirit, tenacity, and most importantly, hard training. The most important factor that determines the effectiveness of a martial art is the person who is training in it. Even a well instructed Wing Chun practitioner might prove to be ineffective if he/she does not train diligently. You must develop a strict training regimen and stick to it. There are many different styles of Wing Chun but the Yip Man school has produced the most famous fighters, Wong Sheung Leung, William Cheung, and Bruce Lee, etc. After four years of study at the kwoon (school) William Cheung moved into Yip Man's home and learned a more practical version of Wing Chun for almost four more years under a strict promise not to teach anyone even his own brother until Yip Man's death. This has caused a controversy between the other Wing Chun Sifus who dispute the fact that William Cheung did learn a different version of Wing Chun from Yip Man. I was a student of another Wing Chun version for 13 years and was a Sifu when I became a student of Grandmaster William Cheung in 1983. He changed my whole perspective in regard to Wing Chun forever. This site is dedicated to Grandmaster William Cheung and to my students.
Sifu Phillip Redmond
Elysian Forge

47. Wing Chun - Your Online Resource About Wing Chun
Information about the wing chun martial art Main Menu. Home; What is Wing Chun Kung Fu? The history of Wing Chun; Wing Chun Techniques

48. Wing Chun Kung Fu And Chinese Martial Art Gung Fu a nonprofit website promoting the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Wing Chun World
Wing Chun Kung Fu schools around the world, alphabetically by country. Albania



China Costa Rica

United Kingdom

49. Welcome To Knox Wing Chun
Wing Chun kung fu history, training, downloads.

50. Wing Chun Meetup Groups - Wing Chun Meetups
Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about Wing Chun

51. Wing Chun Schulen Im Web
Auflistung der WingChun-Schulen im Internet. Schulliste von A bis Z
Startseite A-D E-H I-L ... An-/Abmelden
  • Ving Chun - diese Schreibweise wurde Nachweislich von Yip Man, Selber Benutzt! Wing Chung Wing Tsun (WT) - wird von den Schulen/Stilen mit den meisten Mitgliedern benutzt wie z.B. vom Verband von Leung Ting (IWTA), Keith R. Kernspecht (EWTO) und anderen Organisationen, die aus der EWTO hervorgegangen sind. Wing Zun
Der Text stammt aus Wikipedia - die freie Enzyklopdie Wikipedia und steht unter der GNU Free Documentation License . Die Liste der Autoren ist in der Wikipedia unter dieser Seite hier bearbeiten
WingTsun Schule Geldern

Roland Neumaier / Sifu Carsten Messer
Akademie fr WingChun Heidelberg

Akademie fr WingChun Mannheim

Wing Chun Academy Waghusel

Norman Lw
Wing Tsun Kampfsport

Sifu Kadir
gewisoft 2010

52. Stomp Tokyo Video Reviews - Wing Chun (1993)
Reel Shame Bad Movies and the Hollywood Stars Who Made Them
Wing Chun (1993)
Own it!
review by Scott Hamilton and Chris Holland See also: Iron Monkey Supercop Supercop 2 Heroic Trio ... Executioners
Reel Shame: Bad Movies and the Hollywood Stars Who Made Them Wing Chun Iron Chef Frou-Frou
Wing Chun is a particular style of Chinese hand-to-hand combat, traditionally thought to have been developed by (and named for) a woman who used it to get out of an arranged marriage with a cruel man. Yuen Wo Ping's 1993 movie Wing Chun takes place after all that, continuing Wing Chun's story past the traditional tale. Scholar Wong (perennial Hong Kong movie bad guy Waise Lee, doing a comic turn for once) comes to town looking for Yim Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh), intent on hiring her to protect his home from the local bandits. But once he sees her, he decides it might be easier to marry her. That way he wouldn't have to pay her, just feed her. His plan hits a snag when the bandits show up where the meeting is taking place. Rather than lose face in front of a prospective wife, Wong challenges the bandits to a fight, even though they will certainly kill him. Luckily for him, Wing Chun comes to his rescue. Un luckily for him, Wing Chun comes to his rescue while staying seated on a stool, manipulating Wong's body with a stick to make him fight the bandits. Thus begins a long string of jokes in which Wing Chun emasculates men by besting them in martial arts combat, often with no apparent effort.

53. Wing Chun - WingChunKungFu
Verbandsunabh ngiges und neutrales Portal rund um die Kampfkunst Wing Chun.
Home Wing-Chun Lexikon Artikel ...

Wing Chun basiert im wesentlichen auf drei Prinzipien:
  • Simultaner Angriff und Verteidigung (Yin - Yang) Zentrallinie Siu Leem Tau Chum Kiu Biu Jee
die Holzpuppe (Mook Yan Joang) und zwei Waffenformen:
  • Look Deem Boon Gwun Bot Jom Doh

54. Wing Chun Gung Fu (Kung Fu) Inc Darwin And Palmerston Home
Wing Chun Gung Fu Inc is a nonprofit community organisation offering Kung Fu for adults and children.
  • Home About Us
    • Leadership Our Values ...
      Welcome to the Website of Wing Chun Gung Fu Incorporated.
      We have established our non-profit association to assist us in growing our knowledge of this remarkable system of Kung Fu and as a means of sharing it with others for their enjoyment and self development. The skills and sense of wellbeing you develop through learning Wing Chun can have a significant impact on many aspects of your family, community and working life. There is a class for everyone and we will always make you welcome
      Subscribe to our mailing list News
      • Volunteers Acknowledged Our volunteer Instructors have been acknowledged by the Australian Government for their efforts in Studio for Hire We are considering making our Training Studio available during the non-training periods for the Saturday Morning Classes Following a recent Committee Meeting we have decided to offer Children's and Adults classes on New Uniforms for Kids Kung Fu We've ordered new uniforms for our Kids Kung Fu classes from Lizards sports uniforms. The uniforms

55. Wang Kiu Wing Chun Kung Fu In Aachen - Homepage Der German Wing Chun Association
Klaus Jeske lehrt das Wing Chun System nach Wang Kiu. Bilder, G stebuch, Trainingszeiten und Servicebereich. D-52080 Aachen

56. Wing Chun | International Wing Chun Academy
An Exciting Introduction to the Wing Chun System. This section is designed to give you an exciting and comprehensive introduction to Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu™.
swfobject.registerObject("logo-flash", "8.0.0", ""); Start training today!

57. Home - Wing Chun Kampfkunstverein Bonn
Michael Schweitz stellt den Stil in der Wang-Kiu-Linie vor. D-53115 Bonn
W illkommen auf den Seiten des Wing Chun Kampfkunstvereins in Bonn. Wir sind eine kleine, unabhängige Trainingsgemeinschaft, die in lockerer Atmosphäre und mit viel Spaß an der Sache traditionelles Wing Chun Kung Fu praktiziert. Als solche stehen wir nicht in Konkurrenz zu großen Schulen und Organisationen; umgekehrt darf aber der "Mainstream" auch kein Maßstab für uns sein. Wing Chun Kung Fu ist ein Bewegungssystem, dessen Beherrschung vor allem Zeit, Geduld und stetige Übung erfordert. Einen Schnellkurs in Selbstverteidigung können wir nicht anbieten. Vielmehr versteht unsere Schule sich als Anlaufpunkt für echte Kampfkunstenthusiasten, Denker, Forscher und Fighter sowie für jeden, dem es um die Perfektionierung des eigenen Könnens geht Liebhaber von Urkunden, farbigen Abzeichen und schönen Anzügen werden andere Adressen finden.

58. Wing Chun NYC
Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by Sifu Lee Che Kong (Allan Lee) in New York City.

59. :: E L Y W C I M A A ::
Die offizielle Website der ELYWCIMAA, dem europ ischen Verband f r Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kung Fu. Informationen zu Unterricht, Ausbildung und Schulen in Deutschland und Europa.
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60. Wing Chun
3 public albums

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