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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. Wing Chun - Siu Lim Tau for the Solo Student by Mark Beardsell, 2010-07-17
  2. Wing Chun Kung Fu/Jeet Kune Do: A Comparison, Volume 1 (Literary Links to the Orient) by William Cheung, Ted Wong, 1990-12-01
  3. Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu by Dunn Wah, 1991-12
  4. Wing Chun (Spanish Edition) by Yip Chun, 1999-02-04
  5. Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 3: Weapons & Advanced Techniques (Chinese Martial Arts Library) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 1992-12-15
  6. The Authentic Wing Chun Weapons by Sifu Jim Fung, 1986-03-04
  7. Fong's Wing Chun Kuen: Volume 1: Sui Lim Tau and Chum Kiu by Augustine Fong (Fong Chi Wing), 1982
  8. Bruce Lee: between Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do HD 26 by Jesse R Glover, 1976
  9. NUCLEUS OF THE WING CHUN SYSTEM by Stephen T K Chan, 1984
  10. Chong Woo Kwan: Wing Chun by Master Joseph Cheng, 1978
  11. Breaking Power of Wing Chun by Austin Goh, 1996-04
  12. Grandmaster Cheung's Wing Chun Kung Fu by William M. Cheung, 2007-09
  13. BaiSao: Wing Chun's Taproot
  14. Wing Chun Kung Fu: Chinese Self-Defence Methods by R. Claunitzer, 1969

61. Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
Wing Chun Kung Fu System von Sifu Lo Man Kam aus Taiwan. Mit Schulverzeichnis.
German Lo Man Kam
Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

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Geschichte des Stils, Photogalerie und angeschlossene Vereine.
Wing Chun Verband Sachsen e.V.
Start Wing Chun Trainingsorte Termine ... Impressum Neuer Termin fr die Wing Chun Prfung: 28.11.2010 Willkommen auf unserer Webseite
+++AKTUELL+++ Nchste Wing Chun Prfung findet am 28.11.2010 statt +++AKTUELL+++

Datum Bilder vom Kindersommerlager 2010 -> Bilder Weitere Videos -> Dokumente Anmeldeformular Kindersommerlager (mit organisatorischen Infos) -> Dokumente -> AnmeldeformularKiSola.pdf Toller Trailer von YOUTUBE -> Dokumente Bilder Erwachsenensommerlager 2010 -> Bilder -> Erwachsenensommerlager 2010 Anmeldeformular Erwachsenen Sommerlager (mit organisatorischen Infos) -> Dokumente -> AnmeldeformularErwSola.pdf Bilder Weihnachtsfeier 2009 -> Bilder -> Vereinsweihnachtsfeier 2009
Graduierungen unseres Verbandes -> Rubrik Wing Chun -> Graduierung Lehrmaterial zum Notwehrrecht -> Rubrik Dokumente -> Dokumente zum Download fr Instruktoren Rubrik Bilder -> Ab heut steht ein Forum zur Verfgung -> Rubrik Forum Neue Trainingszeiten Eilenburger Wing Chun Verein e.V. -> Rubrik Trainingsorte Formular Sportunfall -> Rubrik Dokumente Eskrima Trailer zum Download Bilder vom Kindersommerlager 2009 -> Rubrik Bilder -> Link Bilder vom Kindersommerlager 2009 Bilder vom 13. Erw.Sommerlager findet ihr auch hier (ziemlich am ende)

63. YouTube - Wing Chun - The Ultimate Demonstration
Here's a video demonstration in florida of my Sifu, doing Wing Chun. Just the most incredible wing chun demonstration ever. Literally demonstrating a ton of advance techniques

64. Wing Chun Academy Of Thailand
Sells wing chun products such as the wooden dummy, muk yan jong, and butterfly swords.
Wing Chun Academy of Thailand
WCATS HOME Privacy Statement Contact

65. William Lai - Wing Chun Kung Fu
Grand Master Chu Shong Tin Lineage… Sifu William Lai trained full time for seven years under Grand Master Chu Shong Tin in seventies Hong Kong.

Grand Master Chu Shong Tin
Sifu William Lai trained full time for seven years under Grand Master Chu Shong Tin in seventies Hong Kong. He is Grand Master Chu's only disciple training students in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Sifu Lai has been practising Wing Chun for over 30 years and now trains students in the Sheffield and Chesterfield areas. For details of classes or if you wish to contact Sifu Lai then follow the above links. Sifu Lai is a life member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong and he is recognised as a coach. The Association is the founder body for all Wing Chun Practitioners worldwide.
Wing Chun Kung Fu is a modern and scientific Chinese martial art, yet it has over 300 years of history. Wing Chun is economical, effective and efficient. Practitioners will learn how to use their body weight, mind force, sensitivity and feeling to master the skills to their full potential. Therefore, a skilled practitioner, albeit of a small build, will be able to defend themselves and win in a fight. Its philosophy and principles are similar to Tai Chi. The architect of this art was a buddhist nun called "Ng Mui" who possessed great martial art skills, escaping from a fire at Shaolin monastry set by the Manchus government in the eighteen century. Since the Manchus had gained knowledge of Shaolin Temple martial arts from renegade monks, Ng Mui devised a new system while observing a fight between a snake and a crane.

66. Nederlandse Wing Chun Federatie - Nederlandse Wing Chun Federatie
Landelijke organisatie voor deze Chinese vechtkunst. Informatie over Wing Chun, Sanda en Sikuun. Overzicht van aangesloten scholen en graduering.
Ontstaan als Oorlogskunst
Zelfverdediging, Wedstrijden of Sportieve Recreatie
Rijkserkend Onderwijs door Rijksgediplomeerde Leraren
De Oudste Wing Chun Stroming van Europa vanaf 1973
Erkend door NOC*NSF en het Ministerie van VWS Bel Gratis: 0800 - 946 42 486                      E-Mail:

67. Wing Chun - How To Information |
Wing Chun how to articles and videos including How to Build a Wing Chun Dummy, How to Make a Wing Chung Dummy, How to Use a Wooden Dummy … and much more!
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Home Martial Arts Wing Chun
Wing Chun
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  • How to Build a Wing Chun Dummy Wing Chun dummies are used for practitioners of Wing Chun and to a lesser extent anyone concerned with hand techniques and striking. You can find them for sale on a variety of websites starting at... How to Make a Wing Chung Dummy Also known as a Mook Yan Jong in Cantonese, the wooden dummy is an indispensable tool for studying Wing Cheng Kung Fu. The dummy's body consists of a log or pole 9 inches wide by 5 feet tall. The... How to Use a Wooden Dummy Training on a wooden wing chun dummy is not for everyone. Striking wood with your bare hands is painful and requires conditioning. However, the benefits of mastering the wooden wing chun dummy are... Wing Tsun Kung Fu Techniques Wing Tsun is a contemporary derivative of Wing Chun Kung Fu that is meant to be a pragmatic and effective form of self-defense for the modern world. Wing Tsun's founder, Leung Ting, studied under... How to Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun Kung Fu was invented by a woman. Thus it is an ideal martial art for those who are small in stature. This may have been what attracted the then thin and 5'7 Bruce Lee to the art during...

68. Vechtsport Sportschool Wing Chun Kung Fu Amstelveen
Contactgegevens en uitgebreide informatie over Wing Chun en Kung Fu. zoals training, wedstrijden en de stamboom vanaf de Shaolin Tempel.

69. The Wing Chun Archive - Ultimate Resource For Wing Chun Sifus, Books, Videos, Mo
The Wing Chun Archive keeps lists of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun / Wing Tsun)KungFu books, videos, dvds, movies, sifus, schools, wooden dummy, butterfly swords, long poles, articles
Preserving the Media of the World's Most Advanced Martial Art. Your browser does not support script. Please navigate by the bottom links. Your Ultimate Wing Chun Resource Our Wing Chun (Ving Tsun / Wing Tsun) Lists Sifus Home Index by Lineage Non-Yip Man Lineages
Yip Man Lineage: A B C D ... No INFORMATION is being added to the site until the new platform is finished. ETA is November for 2010 for the new site, the project was just kicked off, so this is finally a reliable estimate. All updates on file and pending will be placed on the new site.
The Wing Chun Archive is updated with your help to keep the information accurate and complete.
Sponsors About the Wing Chun Archive
Your inside source for the best Wing Chun products in the world. I am a collector of Wing Chun media. This site grew out of my personal records on Wing Chun books and videos . My goal is to preserve this media and provide a place where other collectors can compare information on rare and out of print works. We also offer a listing of Wing Chun Sifus and schools . Please visit our store

70. Stichting Wang Kiu Wing Chun KUNG FU
Verzorgen lessen in het authentieke Wing Chun op twee locaties in Hoofddorp. Regelmatig nieuwe informatie rondom deze vechtsport.
  • Home Wing Chun
    Wang Kiu legt de regels uit in 1961
    In 1961 was een van de daken in Hong Kong het gezicht van een heus dakgevecht. Dit illegale gevecht werd vaak georganiseerd om Wing Chun te meten met andere stijlen. Dit keer was Wang Kiu de scheidsrechter en legt hij hier uit aan Sifu Wu en de uitdager van de Prayin Mantis stijl wat de regels zullen zijn.
    Wang Kiu Seminar 2009: Groepsfoto Op 29 maart 2009 werd een zeer mooi seminar gegeven door Sifu Wang Kiu. De zaal was mooi aangekleed, Sifu had zichzelf nog nooit zo groot gezien. Niemand kon toen weten dat dit ook direct het historisch allerlaatste seminar van Wang Kiu zou worden...
    • Het nieuwe seizoen is weer begonnen. Zorg dat je er weer bij bent of kom langs voor een gratis proefles (lessen mogelijk vanaf 16 jaar)!!!
      Welkom bij Stichting Wang Kiu Wing Chun (SWK), dé plek voor authentiek Wing Chun in de lijn van Yip Man/Wang Kiu.
      Wing Chun is een uiterst effectief vechtsysteem dat ter verdediging juist altijd kiest voor de aanval! Sierlijke bewegingen kent Wing Chun niet, wel logische en praktische toepassingen die de be(dreigingen) van de hedendaagse maatschappij de baas zullen zijn.
      Onze leraar en oprichter van SWK is Sifu J. Wang Kiu. In de jaren '50 was Wang Kiu een privéleerling van grootmeester Yip Man en heeft onder andere filmster Bruce Lee lesgegeven in dit effectieve vechtsysteem. In 1974 is Sifu Wang Kiu naar Nederland gekomen om tijdelijk les te geven in het Wing Chun Kung Fu. Uiteindelijk resulteerde dit bezoek in 35 jaren aangezien Sifu Wang Kiu nooit meer weg is gegaan uit Nederland.

71. Canadian Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Fellowship
The Canadian Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Fellowship is dedicated to promote the teaching of the Chinese Martial Art of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) from the Yip Man Moy Yat - Nelson Chan
Welcome to the Canadian Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Fellowship website. The Canadian Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Fellowship headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Canadian Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Fellowship is dedicated to promote the teaching of the Chinese Martial Art of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) from the: GrandMaster Yip Man (Deceased) - GrandMaster Moy Yat (Deceased) - Nelson Chan (10G VT) lineage This site contains information about Wing Chun Master Nelson Chan, as well as his lineage, approach to teaching, students, and affiliated schools. All members of his Wing Chun Family are invited to contribute information to this site so as to reflect individual interpretations and different periods of learning from Sifu Nelson Chan. At the Canadian Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Fellowship, we believe that Ving Tsun is a 'Thinking Man's' martial art. As such, the Canadian Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Fellowship focuses first and foremost on the study and understanding of Ving Tsun Gung Fu as an art, and as a result a student will develop skills that they can use in everyday life along effective self-defense. The 21st Annual Canadian Kung Fu Championship- October 16th, 2010

72. Allied Chinese Martial Arts School - Sportschool Voor Wing Chun En Sanda In Leid
Sportschool in Leiden, Almaar en Alphen a/d Rijn waar Wing Chun, Sanda, Kun Toa en Kungfu 4 kids gegeven wordt. Informatie over de stijlen en de trainingen.
ACMAS Allied Chinese Martial Arts School
D sportschool in Leiden en Alkmaar voor Wing Chun Kung Fu en Sanda Sportschool ACMAS Wing Chun Kung Fu Sanda/Sanshou MMA ...

ACMAS 29 april 2010
Een groep geadopteerde Chinese kinderen maakt kennis met Kung Fu.
Meer nieuws
Sifu Ruud Perreijn is de hoofdleraar en manager van ACMAS. Hij is rijksgediplomeerd leraar Martial Arts A en daarmee uniek in de regio's Leiden en Alkmaar. Samen met zijn assistenten verzorgt hij al zo'n 30 jaar lessen Kung Fu. Meer over Sifu Perreijn en assistenten
U kunt met al uw vragen bij Sifu Perreijn terecht, per telefoon of email: of via de contactpagina
ACMAS geeft les op twee lokaties:
Leiden Alkmaar ACMAS is van plan om binnenkort ook Katwijk (ZH) en Heerhugowaard aan de leslokaties toe te voegen. Houd deze site in de gaten of neem contact op voor meer informatie. Meer info: Route en lestijden PROEFLES Het volgen van een proefles is bij elke les mogelijk en altijd gratis. Meer informatie ACMAS Allied Chinese Martial Arts School Alkmaar : Gymzaal De Driemaster, Gabril Metsulaan / Hobbemalaan

73. Wing Chun -
Learn about Wing Chun on Find info and videos including How to Learn Wing Chun, How to Dress for Wing Chun, How to Teach Wing Chun and much more.
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Home Wing Chun
Wing Chun
Wing Chun Featured Articles
  • About Wing Chun Wooden Dummies One of the iconic learning tools of the Wing Chun school of Kung Fu martial arts is the wooden Wing Chun practice dummy. Though little resembling the human form it is meant to represent in combat, this simple construction has been a staple of the art form's pedagogy for many centuries. The dummy was famously used as a favorite... How to Build a Wing Chun Dummy Wing Chun dummies are used for practitioners of Wing Chun and to a lesser extent anyone concerned with hand techniques and striking. You can find them for sale on a variety of websites starting at around $800 to $1,000. Other web sites offer detailed instructions for the proper construction of a dummy. An unmounted dummy is much... How to Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun Kung Fu was invented by a woman. Thus it is an ideal martial art for those who are small in stature. This may have been what attracted the then thin and 5'7 Bruce Lee to the art during his teenage years in Hong Kong. Despite its origins dating back some 300 years, Wing Chun Kung Fu remains a very viable and effective means...
Essentials: Wing Chun
  • Fight Easily With Wing Chun
    Sorta a krav maga meets aikido in principal, wing chun seeks to maximize effectiveness and practicality while minimizing exertion. This Chinese...

74. Wing Chun, Vechtsport, Delft. Wing Chun Delft. Wing Chun, Een Unieke Vechtsport.
Uitgebreide achtergrondinformatie over Wing Chun en over de club in Delft waar ze ook les geven in Freefight. Verwijzing naar andere scholen.

75. Grandmasters Wing Chun: The Official Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy Of Grandmaster St
This is the Official Website of World Renowned Hall of Fame Wing Chun Kung Fu Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift

76. Peterborough & Oundle Wing Chun
Certified branches of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council and the Ip Ching Wing chun Athletic Association. Includes seminars with fully certified masters, instructors, training methods, photographs, news, message board and general information.
WING CHUN Loy Lau Hoi Sung, Lut Sau Jik Chung - "Retain what's coming in, Send off what's retreating, Rush in upon loss of hand contact."

Oundle Wing Chun

var site="s11wingchun"

77. Wing Chun Techniques And Training Methods |
Learn Wing Chun techniques and training methods through video and pictures from Hertao.
Home About Blog
Wing Chun
Wing Chun is a unique martial art known for attention to and control of the centerline interceptions trapping vertical chain punching , and sticking hands (chi sao). There are many different styles of Wing Chun. The most well known style, made popular by Bruce Lee, is the Yip Man line, which includes 3 solo forms, 2 weapon forms, a wooden dummy form, and plenty of partner training exercises. What many Wing Chun practitioners do not know is that not all Wing Chun styles include the same training methods . Some styles don't have any forms at all, some don't use the wooden dummy, some have a different type of wooden dummy, etc. But, they all have similar concepts, structure, and basic techniques. In Hertao we use many of the concepts and techniques found in Wing Chun.
Wing Chun Techniques and Training Methods
Wing Chun is particularly well known for its trapping, unique among martial arts. Trapping refers to jamming or controling an opponent's limbs to create an opening for your attack, prevent your opponent from blocking your attack, and to prevent your opponent from launching an attack of his own. There is a good bit of controversy in martial arts circles regarding trapping, most of which is due to the unrealisitc training found in so many Wing Chun schools today. Here is an example of my own improper trapping practice prior to 2000: Get the Flash Player to see this player.

78. Home
Sole American representative of Wing Chun GrandMaster Wang Kiu, early student of the famous Yip Man. Houston, TX area.
Site and Contents © TactiCog 2008 Questions? Click here Wing Chun is known by its distinctive punch, wing block, and stance. These three are enough to demonstrate Wing Chun’s function as a system in the mathematical sense. The vertical fist provides the Sunken Elbow needed for JeetKune (slicing fist). The BongSao (wing block) snaps up momentarily to cover the attractive opening above the sunken elbow. The small stance provides mobility as well as leg trapping and kicking. Like a finely- tuned basketball or soccer team, these three “pass the ball” from strength to strength. “Wing Chun is a System...If you understand Wing Chun, any art can apply, the Principles of it.” Wang Kiu W ing C hun training improves stability, balance and coordination. Things happen fast and close in Wing Chun - strikes and jerks are explosive and surprising. Two or more things are almost always happening at once. Learning to use both hands and both elbows as a finely- tuned team shows you things you never imagined your body could do. W ing C hun learning improves thinking skills including decision making, organization and planning, and situation awareness. It is important that we emphasize Wang Kiu’s principle-

79. Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association In Greece
Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in Athens, Greece, by Master Michael G. Papantonakis.

80. Wing Chun Kung Fu Budapest
A budapesti Lok Yiu Wing Chun kung-fu iskola honlapja.
Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kung Fu
2009. szeptember 15. kedd, 19:00
Tel.: 06 30 681 6754
2008. szeptember 22.
2008. szeptember 19. Impresszum

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