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  1. Drugs In Sport: The Pressure To Perform by British Medical Association, 2002-04-10
  2. Drugs in Sport: Barry Bonds
  3. Drugs in Sport: Fast Lane Turquoise Non-Fiction (Fast Lane Turquoise Level L17) by Nicholas Brasch, 2008-06-21
  4. Drugs in Sport by Dsvid RMotrsm, 2005
  5. An Introduction to Drugs in Sport: Addicted to Winning? by Ivan Waddington, Andy Smith, 2009-01-29
  6. Drugs in Sports: Leveled Reader (Sails Early Level) by Rigby, 2008-06
  7. Drugs in Sport: Second Report of the Senate Standing Committee on Environment, Recreation and the Arts (Parliamentary Paper / The Parliament of the Commonwealth of) by Australia, 1990-12
  8. Major League Baseball: The Great Steroid Scandals (Disgraced! the Dirty History of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports) by Jason Porterfield, 2009-09
  9. Martindale's Drugs Restricted in Sport 2009 Pocket Companion
  10. Drugs abuse in sport: Report of a Sports Council symposium for governing bodies, at Kings College, London, on 27 March 1985
  11. What Should Be Done About the Drug Problem in Sports (Opposing Viewpoints Series) by Thomas H. Murray, 1988-02
  12. Drug Abuse in Sports: A Student Course Manual by Mark J. Mirelli, 2001-11
  13. The Drug Controversy in Sport: The Socio-Ethical and Medical Issues by R.S. Laura, Saxon White, 1992-01-24
  14. Drugs & Doping in Sports by John O'Leary, 2001-01-16

41. Point/Counterpoint: Allow Drugs In Sports - ABC News
Jan 10, 2008 These point/counterpoint essays are part of a live public policy debate series in New York City called Intelligence Squared U.S., which is an initiative of The

DRUGS IN SPORTS. The use of drugs by amateur and professional athletes has received much publicity in recent years. Many athletes believe that drugs are essential for optimum onclick=sa_mpTC(event, this); ret

43. Drugs In Sports | Sports | CBC Archives
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44. Drugs In Sports
The use of performanceenhancing drugs in sport is commonly referred to by the disparaging term getting baked , particularly by those organizations that regulate competitions. in Sports
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Drugs in Sports
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Drugs in Sports
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New Mets GM Alderson addresses 'roid issue
Posted on 2010-10-30 00:32:57 Sandy Alderson was the GM in Oakland from 1983 to 1997 - including three straight trips to the World Series beginning in 1988. The stars on those teams were the noted Bash Brothers, admitted steroids users Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire.
Giants OF Guillen linked to HGH probe
Posted on 2010-10-29 16:00:56 San Francisco Giants outfielder Jose Guillen, who was left off the team's playoff roster, has been linked to an investigation into a shipment of human growth hormone allegedly sent to his wife, according to sources.
Jones: Rocket, Bonds should 'do what's right'

45. Integral Options Cafe: Drugs In Sports
Integral Options Cafe Integral Options Cafe offers a place to discuss all things related to a Buddhist, integral worldview. While theory is important (Buddhism, Ken Wilber
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Integral Options Cafe
Marriage is love.
Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Drugs In Sports
The issue of drugs in sports has gotten a lot of press in the past couple of years. Floyd Landis lost his Tour de France title after testing positive for testosterone after a stage where he blew away the competition. Barry Bonds just surpassed Hank Aaron on the all-time home run list, and everyone thinks he doped. Sammy Sosa was once a skinny little 165 pound player, but a couple of years ago he was up to a ripped 240 pounds. Ben Johnson, back in the 1990's, tested positive for steroids at the Olympics, and later admitted that everyone uses drugs, but that someone spiked his sample.
I'm going to go out on a VERY thick limb and say drugs in sports is not the exception it's the rule. Back in 2001, Malcolm Gladwell wrote an excellent article on drugs in sports for The New Yorker . Among the many good quotes (all quotes here are from that article), here is one relevant to the Barry Bonds situation:
An aging baseball star, for instance, may realize that what he needs to hit a lot more home runs is to double the intensity of his weight training. Ordinarily, this might actually hurt his performance. "When you're under that kind of physical stress," Charles Yesalis, an epidemiologist at Pennsylvania State University, says, "your body releases corticosteroids, and when your body starts making those hormones at inappropriate times it blocks testosterone. And instead of being anabolicinstead of building musclecorticosteroids are catabolic. They break down muscle. That's clearly something an athlete doesn't want." Taking steroids counteracts the impact of corticosteroids and helps the body bounce back faster. If that home-run hitter was taking testosterone or an anabolic steroid, he'd have a better chance of handling the extra weight training.

46. Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports Essays
Performance enhancing drugs can cost someone their career or even worse there life. There are three main types of performance enhancers that are used by athletes Amphetamines,
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performance enhancing drugs in sports
Performance enhancing drugs can cost someone their career or even worse there life. There are three main types of performance enhancers that are used by athletes : Amphetamines, Anabolic Steroids , and The Human Growth Hormone pill. In just about every sport there is some form of performance enhancer; one of the more common sports is the power and strength sports. There are a few different was to ingest these drugs: orally, by injection, and there are creams and gels. There are many concequences from taking performance enhancing drugs . Sports officials today are having more problems with performance enhancers be
There are many side effects from using performance enhancers : in men there are infertility, breast development, and shrinking of the testicles, and in women there is enlargement of the clitoris, excessive growth of body hair, and in both sexes there is heart attack, cancer of the liver, acne and cysts, infections in the body including HIV AIDS , and hepatitis, and then there are emotional effects such as homicidal rage, mania, and delusions. There are a couple different ways that

47. VM -- Performance-Enhancing Drugs In Sports, Jul 04 ... Virtual Mentor
Physicians have an ethical obligation to warn athletes about the potential health problems associated with performanceenhancing drugs. Virtual Mentor is a monthly bioethics

48. Drugs In Sports Essay
An essay or paper on Drugs In Sports. Drugs in sports have been around for centuries, and just recently it has grown out of control. They have been found in highly paid

Drugs In Sports
There are five classes of performance enhancing aids, nutritional aids that include amino acid supplements, carbohydrate loading, and water. These are used primarily to increase muscle tissue, ener
Amphetamines are chemical mixtures used for energy that elevate mood and increase muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure. Stimulants give the body a feeling of highness. These could include cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol to mention a few.
Athletes of this time are too worried about winning that they don’t think about the consequences that they are putting themselves in. They do not have the information that they should have, they think that if it is going to help them then there is no way that it can hurt them. That is where they are mistaken. What they are doing to their bodies and to their lives are unheard of, is winning worth loosing people you care about or putting your life in jeopardy? With new designer drugs coming out everyday is there any way that they will be able to stop the m
Some topics in this essay:
Angela Issapinko
Clostbol Nandrolone Ben Johnson Dr Zeigler ... drugs believed
in Sports She tried to use my love of sports to keep me away from drugs . She told me drugs would keep me from performing at my best when I played football. ....

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