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         Olympic Games:     more books (100)
  1. The Ancient Olympic Games by Judith Swaddling, 2008-09-01
  2. Beijing's Games: What the Olympics Mean to China by Susan Brownell, 2008-01-28
  3. China's Great Leap: The Beijing Games and Olympian Human Rights Challenges
  4. Good As Gold: Centennial Olympic Games Cookbook by Favorite Recipes Press, 1997-07
  5. Olympic Games in Ancient Greece by Shirley Glubok, Alfred Tamarin, 1984-03
  6. Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World by David Maraniss, 2008-07-01
  7. The International Olympic Committee and the Olympic System: The Governance of World Sport (Global Institutions) by Jean-Loup Chappelet, 2008-07-25
  8. Five Ring Circus: Myths and Realities of the Olympic Games by Christopher A. Shaw, 2008-07-01
  9. The Official History of the Olympic Games and the IOC: From Athens to Beijing, 1894-2008 (Official History of the Olympic Games & the Ioc) by David Miller, 2008-05-01
  10. First to the Wall, 100 Years of Olympic Swimming by Susan LaMondia, 1999-11-03
  11. The Olympic Spirit: 100 Years of the Games by Susan Wels, 1996-06
  12. The 1940 Tokyo Games: The Missing Olympics: Japan, the Asian Olympics and the Olympic Movement by Sandra Collins, 2008-10-21
  13. The 1972 Munich Olympics and the Making of Modern Germany (Weimar and Now: German Cultural Criticism) by Kay Schiller, Chris Young, 2010-08-03
  14. Olympic's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of the Olympics' Gold Medal Gaffes, Improbable Triumphs, and Other Oddities by Floyd Conner, 2001-12-01

41. 2010 Winter Olympic Games & Paralympics Vancouver, B.C., Canada Information & Ne
News Information on 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Whistler Resort, Canada. Olympic history, Sports included, venues, transport, tourist information, hotel accommodation
Olympic Games
Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Olympic Games
Olympic Memorabilia

The Winter Olympics will be held
from 12th to 28th February 2010, followed by the
Paralympics from 12th to 21st March 2010
On 2 July 2003 Vancouver learned that, following the withdrawal of the Swiss city of Bern, it had beaten its rival candidate cities, Peonyang and Salzburg , and was awarded the coveted XXI Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games
The Organising Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is known as VANOC and is hard at work preparing all aspects of the forthcoming games, including pulling out all stops to try and ensure that Canadian athletes are given the support they need to try and come top of the medals board. Over recent years Canda has steadily improved its share of the Winter Olympic Medals
- Canada 5 medals Albertville - France 7 medals Lillehammer - Norway 13 medals Nagano - Japan 15 medals Salt Lake City - USA 17 medals Turin - Italy ? The reason there were only 2 years between the Winter Olympics in Albertville and Lillehammer was that it was at this point that it was decided that, rather than hold the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in the same year, they would be held two years apart; each games still being held every four years. More Winter Olympic Games Turin, Italy

42. Olympic Games -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Olympic Games, athletic festival that originated in ancient Greece and was revived in the late 19th century. Before the 1970s the Games were officially limited to competitors
document.write(''); Search Site: With all of these words With the exact phrase With any of these words Without these words Home CREATE MY Olympic Game... NEW ARTICLE ... SAVE
Olympic Games
Table of Contents: Olympic Games Article Article The ancient Olympic Games The ancient Olympic Games - Origins Origins - Competition and status Competition and status - Women and the Olympic Games Women and the Olympic Games - Demise of the Olympics Demise of the Olympics The modern Olympic movement The modern Olympic movement - Revival of the Olympics Revival of the Olympics - Organization Organization - - The International Olympic Committee The International Olympic Committee - - - The awarding of the Olympic Games The awarding of the Olympic Games - - - Corruption Corruption - - - Political pressures Political pressures - - - Commercialization Commercialization - - National Olympic committees, intern...

43. Penn Museum - The Real Story Of The Ancient Olympic Games
Were the ancient games better than ours? More fair and square? More about sports and less about money? Are modern games more sexist? More political? Have we strayed from the ancient Olympic ideal?
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44. The Ancient Olympics
Members of the Perseus Project created this exhibit on the ancient Olympics in 1996, as a tribute to the Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta, Georgia.

45. 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games Links
Offers news links and a directory to websites about the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.
2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games Links Click here for Olympic Stuff Links UK Click Here UK Click here UK Click here This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about the Olympic Games and the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear Click here for the Medal Table for the 2002 Games Top News 5/19/02-12/6/02 for the 2002 Olympic Games Deseret News 12/6/02 NBC awarded 'Golden Rings' for 2002 Olympic CNN 11/26/02 SLOC presents final report to IOC Deseret News 10/7/02 U.S. may copy Games security Hark the Herald 10/3/02 Bullock: Divine hand helped 2002 Olympics ... Click here for previous news articles about the Games since 1998 Winter Olympic Sports Links Alpine Skiing Biathlon Bobsled Cross Country Skiing ... Speed Skating The Official Olympic Sites International Olympic Committee
Salt Lake City 2002

Athens 2004

Torino 2006
... Beijing 2008 Web Guides to the Winter Olympics Canoe - 2002 Games Guide CBS 2002 Winter Olympics CNN 2002 Winter Olympics Deseret News and KSL Winter Games ... Salt Lake Tribune 2002 Games Sports Sites for Olympics News Olympics Internet Search
CNN/Sports Illustrated Olympics
ABC News Olympics News BBC Olympic News ... - Many Olympic Links

46. Olympic Games - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Olympic Games
Sporting contests originally held in Olympia, ancient Greece, every four years during a sacred truce; records were kept from 776 BC. Women were forbidden to be present, and the Games

47. Ancient Greek Olympic Games
The Persians . . . enquired of them deserters from Arcadia what the Greeks were doing. The Arcadians answered, ‘They are holding the Olympic games, seeing the athletic
Olympic Games Michael Lahanas An olive wreath Good heavens, Mardonius, what manner of men are these against whom you have brought us to fightmen who contend with one another, not for money, but for honor.
Herodotus The Persian Wars , VIII, 26
describes athletic competitions in the Iliad as funeral games in honour of Patroklos and the contests held by the Phaeacians to entertain their guest, Odysseus , in the Odyssey . The motivation for competition initially could be for personal reasons only ( always to be the best and preeminent among all others as Peleus says to his son Achilles, Iliad ). I believe this to be the real reason of the success of the ancient Olympic Games. To win before a large crowd of people is more attractive and such occasions were various festivals in honour of the gods. The first known record of the Ancient Olympic Games traces back to 776 BC. After the end of the 4th BC century the games were less religious oriented with more professional athletes (participating in various games and collecting prizes like modern Tennis players). The Olympics were held every 4 years in July or August. The time between two Olympic Games was called an Olympiad. Only Greeks free citizens were initially allowed to participate (with some exceptions such as Nero). The Nike (a symbol of victory) of Paionios flying from the Olymp lands on a column in front of the Zeus Temple in Olympia to honour the athletes of the Olympic Games..

48. Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics | Olympic Games Photos, Videos, & News - Olympic.or
Site officiel du Comit international olympique (CIO). Pr sente tous les v nements sportifs, les r sultats, les athl tes m daill s. Hiver.

49. IGN Advertisement
Screenshots, news, and a message board.

50. Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games For WII - GameSpot
News, previews, links, and a forum.
Watch the Show! Now Playing (black) ON GameFAQs Top 10 Video Game-based Diseases sign in username password Search Search Search

51. Olympic Games Definition Of Olympic Games In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Olympic games, premier athletic meeting of ancient Greece, and, in modern times, series of international sports contests. The Olympics of Ancient Greece Games

52. Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics | Olympic Games Photos, Videos, & News -
Site officiel du Comit international olympique (CIO). Pr sente tous les v nements sportifs, les r sultats, les athl tes m daill s.

53. Olympic Games Information And News On Past & Future Olympics And Paralympics.
Comprehensive information news about the Summer Winter Olympics Paralympics, sporting events, calendar, past venues most medals winners. Bids, host city information
Olympic Games
Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Olympic Games
Olympic Memorabilia

Other interesting sporting events:
Tennis at Wimbledon


Championship Golf

Motor Racing
The first Olympic Games took place in Greece thousands of years ago. The very first modern day Olympic Games also took place in Greece, in Athens in 1896 and they have been held every 4 years since then, the only interruption to the schedule being during World Wars I and II. Some of the world's top athletes compete against one another, hoping to be acclaimed as the best in the world by winning gold, silver or bronze medals. The first separate Winter Olympics took place in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Originally these winter games were held every four years in the same year as the summer games. However, the decision was taken to split the games and to hold them every alternate two years. The first of the winter games in this new schedule was in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994. ORGANISATION: IOC International Olympic Committee The official languages are English and French.

54. Custom Stock Photos - Photography Shot To Your Specifications At Stock Prices
Specialists in the Olympic Games, women s sports and athlete portraiture.
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55. Summer Olympics - Fun And Facts From The Olympic Games
A fun and informative Olympic Games site containing trivia, quotes, quizes, facts and more from the Summer Olympics

56. OTAB
OTAB is a sporting film and television library, offering films and videos that chronicles the Olympic Games history. The new acquisitions, the archive, Olympic programming, information about services, and FAQs.
The Olympic Television Archive Bureau (OTAB) is uniquely positioned to manage the commercial processes of licensing Olympic footage and the associated symbols on behalf of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Ultimately we are involved with your project from the conception of your ideas to the final cutting stage, so we can service all your requirements from the sourcing of Olympic content, the licensing and rights clearance stages to the final approvals of the production.
OTAB delivers unique clips, the defining moments from the Summer and Winter Games and the most stimulating emotive visual content available, all from one exceptional library. On behalf of the IOC we provide the expertise where you need it the most.
News Did you know that OTAB can provide rights for the use of Olympic footage within Commercial Advertising, Television Broadcasting, Corporate Events and Olympic Themed Programming?
Contact us
for more information
Olympic Television Archive Bureau
McCormack House, Burlington Lane, London, W4 2TH, UK.
TEL:+44 (0)20 8233 5353 - FAX: +44 (0)20 8233 5354

57. Olympic Games
Easier The Olympic Games are a competition in summer and winter sports held every four years for athletes from all over the world.
The Topic:
Olympic Games
- The Olympic Games are a competition in summer and winter sports held every four years for athletes from all over the world. Harder - Olympic Games are the world's most important international athletic competition. The Olympics bring together thousands of the finest athletes to compete against one another in a variety of individual and team sports. Ancient Olympic Games originated in Greece and were held from 776 B.C. to A.D. 393. The modern Olympic Games began in 1896 when organizers revived them to encourage world peace and friendship and to promote healthy sporting competition for the youth of the world. Winter Games were originated in 1924. Beginning in 1994, the Winter and Summer Games were divided and scheduled on four-year cycles, two years apart.
Olympic Games
from the International Olympic Committee

58. ISOH - International Society Of Olympic Historians
The purpose of the ISOH is to promote and study the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. Includes membership, constitution, links, and the Journal of Olympic History.
International Society of Olympic Historians Upcoming Olympics
Other events
Below are the latest articles from the ISOH blog . Follow the link for a complete archive.
2011 Postgraduate Research Grant Programme by the IOC Olympic Studies Centre
The IOC Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has launched the 2011 Postgraduate Research Grant Programme intended for young researchers engaged in scholarly research on the Olympic Movement, its history and ideals, and the impact of the Olympic Games on the various aspects of contemporary society and culture. More may be found on the IOC website: Further explanation of the rules and application forms are available from
Conference on the 1960 Rome Olympics
From 30 September to 2 October 2010, the American Academy in Rome will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1960 Rome Summer Olympics. The conference focuses on these Games as a cultural turning point, with a significance—for Italy, the United States, the Soviet Union, and many other  countries—that far transcends the actual sporting events, where the level of competition was unusually high. You can find the full announcement for this conference here: Abstracts to be considered for the conference may be up to 750 words in length. They must be submitted (with an accompanying CV) as a .pdf to Submitted abstracts should not substantially duplicate work that already has been published. The due date for submission of abstracts is 31 May 2010. Acceptance notification is 14 June 2010.

59. Olympic Games
The Olympic Games. Photo courtesy and 1996 The Ancient Greek World. The Olympic Games called the Panhellenic Games were first held in Olympia around
The Olympic Games
Photo courtesy and 1996 The Ancient Greek World The Olympic Games called the Panhellenic Games were first held in Olympia around 775 BC. No one knows why the games started. Here are a few myths explaining why the first games were held:
  • One legend says the games were started when Hercules brought a sacred olive tree to Olympia. Another myth says the games started when Pelops established a festival after defeating King Oenomaus in a chariot race. One myth says the games started when a cook named Koroibos, from the nearby city of Elis, won the stadion race, a 600 foot long race. Others say the Olympic Games were first held as part of a religious festival honoring Zeus.
The Olympic games were open to all city-states. Anyone who was a free man could participate. Men as far away as Spain and Turkey also came to the games. The games had few rules. Women were forbidden to attend the games. The games were held every four years at four different shrines:
  • Olympia - Zeus honored Nemean Gamea at Nemea (in southern Greece) - Zeus honored Isthmian Games at Isthmia in Corinth - Poseidon honored Pythian Games at Delphi - Apollo honored
The city-states would stop fighting each other to go to the games. The Olympic games lasted for one week. The first day of the event ceremonies and sacrifices took place. On the closing day a victory banquet for the winning athletes and a procession was held.

60. For The Founders Of The Modern Olympic Games
Campaigning for the formal recognition of those who revived the Olympic Games in modern times. Offers a timeline of events and commentary on publications concerning the revival of the Olympics.
for the founders of the Modern Olympic Games Dr William Penny Brookes
Founder of the Modern Olympic Movement

Wenlock Olympian Society archive Evangelis Zappas
Founder of the Modern Olympic Games

portrait by S. Vikatou
Zappeion Megaron archive Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Founder of the International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee archive About Us Campaign Letters Misinformation ...

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