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  1. Sports Collectors Digest Standard Catalog of Football, Basketball & Hockey Cards by Sports Collectors Digest Staff, 1995-05
  2. Sports Collectors Digest, Baseball Card Pocket Price Guide by Sports Collectors Digest, 1994-03-01
  3. Instant Expert: Collecting Sports Cards (Instant Expert (National Book Network)) by Michael McKeever, 1996-01-25
  4. Sports Card Magazine {Number 4, July 1997} by {Sports Cards}, 1997-01-01
  5. Baseball Card Price Guide: 1887-1947 (Sports Collectors Digest)
  6. Hockey Card Price Guide (Sport Americana Hockey Card Price Guide) by James Beckett, 1994-11
  7. bECKETT Sports Card Monthly (Magazine Subscription) 1 yr/ 12 issues by Staff Writers & Contributing Editors, 2010
  8. Sports Card Trader. (Sports Card Trader, January 1991)
  9. The Sport Americana Basketball Card Price Guide and Alphabetical Checklist/Number 3/Illustrated and Unabridged (Sport Americana Basketball Card Price Guide & Alphabetical C) by James Beckett, 1993-12
  10. Important Baseball Cards and Sports Memorabilia New York March 13, 1993 by Sotheby's, 1993
  11. Sotheby's - Important Baseball cards and Sports Memorabilia - New York Saturday, February 29, 1992 by Sotheby's, 1992
  13. How My Mother Accidentally Tossed Out My Entire Baseball-Card Collection: and Other Sports Stories by Bob Mitchell, 1999-03-29
  14. Sports Cards

61. Collector Buying & Selling Sports Cards & Tobacco Cards | Buffalo, NY
Get the best price when you buy or sell sports cards and tobacco cards with our collector in Buffalo, New York.

62. Dylan's Sports Cards
Sports cards and supplies for baseball, hockey, basketball and football.
Serious About Sports Trading Cards Serious About Sports Trading Cards
Sports Cards About us Supplies Ordering Contact us ... GRADED Welcome to Dylan's Sports Cards. At DSC, we are serious about sports trading cards. We deal only in top quality cards, and have a large inventory of Singles including Rookie cards, Autographed cards, Memorabilia cards and even Graded cards. We also have supplies for keeping those cards in mint condition. In addition to the cards, we are dedicated to our customer's and able to help them locate those hard to find cards to fill their want lists. Dylan's Sports Cards guarantees customer satisfaction. One of the largest football rookie card selections on the East Coast.



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63. Sports Card Profiteer
Sports Cards investing and speculation, a practice that was unheard of just 30 years ago, has transformed into a multimillion dollar worldwide affair. I explore how to find
Sports Card Profiteer RSS Archive Sports Cards investing and speculation, a practice that was unheard of just 30 years ago, has transformed into a multi-million dollar worldwide affair.
I explore how to find out how much your sports cards are worth, how to sell them, how to profit from them and much more. Submit January 28, 2010 Baseball Cards: My Favorite Way to Collect In baseball alone often times there are forty baseball cards sets released every year! For anyone mearly getting started with the hobby the best thing to do is to start with your favorite MLB team, player, or a combination of the two. Personally here are my favorite collecting themes: Sets Starting in 2010 there are two baseball card manufacturers, Topps and Upper Deck . Each manufacturer puts out a basic set, this basic/base set is normally just named by the year and the company. Most baseball card sets contain lots of various kinds of cards among them, including the Base set, Subsets, Inserts, Parallel cards, Serially numbered cards, and Game Used Memorabilia cards. Sets might also consist of Short Printed cards, which are rarer then standard base cards. Rookie cards Rookie cards are a desirable sort of baseball card to collect. As of 2006, rookie cards are released only after a

64. P&T Sports Cards: Your #1 Hobby Store For Sports Cards And Memorabilia
Boston area hobby store that sells sports cards and memorabilia. Also carries New England Patriots items.
@import url(; Hours: EST
Boston Celtics
Antoine Walker w/Paul
Boston Bruins HOF,
Johnny Bucyk
560 Bedford St.
Whitman, MA 02382
Entry Fee $10.00, every entrant gets a prize!!
New England Patriot, Lawyer Milloy
NE Patriot Ben Watson Boston Bruins Terry O'Reilly BOSTON BRUINS MARCO STURM COME VISIT US AT OUR NEW LOCATION!!! 560 BEDFORD ST Boston Bruins Shawn Thornton

65. Trading Card Central - Sports Cards
The Trading Card Central Sports Cards page provides a great starting point for you to learn more about all of the types of trading cards available in the world of sports.

66. Card Collecting Software, Card Collector, Sports Card Software,card Collection S
Handles all types of sports cards and card sets. Track unlimited collections, scan in cards, organize them, analyze each collection, create sets and chart status. Win 95/98/2000
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Card collecting software to track all types of card collections, even non-sports related. Scan in cards, organize them, analyze each collection, chart status. Unlimited collections. Reports: Most Expensive Card, Most Valuable Card, Best Purchase/Sale. Plenty of charts. Create your own buy sell web pages...
  • Sports Card Software for Unlimited collections Create collections by sports, team, card type or any way you want. Easily create "Cards for Sale" and "Cards Wanted" lists. "Buy" & "Sell" lists can be saved as HTML pages for your web site. Detailed input screen. Table view for viewing groups of records. Pop-up pick lists for easier data entry.

67. Sports Cards Web Collectible Gift Sets
Sports Cards Web, Inc. provides collectible gift packages and sets. Gift packages are focused on sealed sports cards, but also include memorabilia and sports trinkets.

68. Sports Cards And Memorabilia, P And R Sports Cards
Large selection of sports cards and memorabilia, price list, mint or near mint conditions, coin sets, non-sport cards, figures and a schedule of Maine Sports Collectible Show dates.
Sports Cards, Sports Memorabilia, Sports Collectables by
Bill Maxwell, owner of is making his astonishing collection of sports cards, sports memorabilia, collectable figures, and much more available to you. Bill say's, "If we don't have it, place the order and we'll find it for you at the best possible prices."
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Auto Racing
    (singles / wax boxes)
Non-Sports Cards
  • Disney
  • The Crow
  • Batman
    and much more!
    (singles / wax boxes)
  • Hats
  • T-Shirts
  • Train Sets
  • Autographs
  • Nascar Die-cast
  • Match Books pre 1960
  • Starting Lineup
  • All Sports
  • Starwars
  • Action Figures
Highland Mint
  • Coins
  • Cards
  • Beanie Babies
  • Pokemon
Upcoming Card Shows In Maine
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Bill Maxwell at
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69. Sports Cards Rock
Baseball Cards, Trading Cards, All Sports Card Collections, Topps Baseball Cards, Sports Autographs and Sports Memorabilia
Sports Cards Rock
is dedicated to the hobby of collecting baseball cards, trading cards, sports cards as well as sports autographs and sports memorabilia. This web site was born out of a love for the hobby of baseball card collecting and trading; ToppsŪ baseball cards in particular. My sports card collection has been growing since the early 1970's with a focus on collecting ToppsŪ baseball cards in complete sets (unopened, mint condition factory sets preferred) along with Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Mets, New York Giants, New York Knicks and New York Rangers sports cards, autographs, yearbooks and sports memorabilia. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010
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70. VenDynamics Inc. Your Vending Supply Company - 877-812-2116
Manufacturer of stickers, temporary tattoos, sports cards and tags.

71. Collecting Sports Cards At Collect-Antiques.Net
Collecting Sports Cards Sports card is a generic term for a trading card with a sportsrelated subject, as opposed to non-sports trading cards that deal with other topics.
Collecting Sports Cards
Sports card is a generic term for a trading card with a sports-related subject, as opposed to non-sports trading cards that deal with other topics. Sports cards were among the earliest, and remain one of the most popular, forms of collectibles. They typically consist of a picture of a player on one side, with statistics or other information on the reverse.
The first stage in the development of sports cards, during the second half of the 19th century, is essentially the story of baseball cards, since baseball was the first sport to become widely professionalized. Hockey cards also began to appear early in the 20th century. Cards from this period are commonly known as cigarette cards or tobacco cards, because many were produced by tobacco companies and sold as inserts in packages of cigarettes as a gimmick. The most expensive card in the hobby is a cigarette card of Honus Wagner in a set called 1909 T-206. The story told is that Wagner was against his cards being inserted into something that kids would collect. So the production of his cards stopped abruptly. It is assumed that less than 100 of his cards exist in this set. His cards in good condition have sold for six figure sums.
Cards have been produced featuring most major sports, especially those played in North America. Baseball cards remain the most widely collected form of sports card, although football, basketball, and hockey cards are also widely collected.

72. Cards Down Under - Powered By VBulletin
Australian based trading card forum.

73. Valley Sports Cards & Picture Framing
Thank you for visiting Valley Sports Cards, Memorabilia and Picture Framing! Your Home for Sports Memorabilia since 1981!

Set checklists and analysis.

75. Atlanta Sports Cards, The Best Prices For Sports Cards!
Atlanta Sports Cards Baseball Cases Football Cases Hockey Cases Other Sports Cases Gaming Cases Non-Sport Cases Baseball Boxes Basketball Boxes Football Boxes Gaming Boxes
View Cart

76. Sportscaster Cards Database
Searchable online database of 1977-79 Sportscaster brand cards.

77. Myphilliesheaven
Philadelphia Phillies history shown through baseball cards.

78. SportsCards.Info
Dedicated to providing information about vintage sports cards. Specializing in basketball cards, come explore 1957 Topps, 1948 Bowman, 1961 Fleer, 1969 Topps, bread labels
Welcome to SportsCards.Info! The goal of this website is to spread information about the hobby of collecting sports cards and other sports collectibles. Although this page may appear to be rather empty ... the site is bustling with activity.
The only section that is worth reading right now is the basketball card section. Inside, you will find the largest source of publicly available pre-1970 basketball card information. Period. Here you will find pictures and information on unopened wax packs, unopened boxes, uncut sheets, mainstream issues (e.g., Topps, Fleer, and Bowman) and our specialy oddball basketball cards (bread labels, wheaties, royal desserts). Memorabilia and Autographs are also discussed.
The gameplan is to begin development of the other sections of this site with a similar purpose in mind to be the ultimate source of sportscard information. Yes, some sites may have useful population and price information. Some sections of the website may have different authors. In doing so, each section will be updated, and managed, by experts in the field (instead of having me fumbling around with, for example, baseball cards).
Also, check out the forum. Here you are able to ask questions about sportscards and have knowledgable collectors answer you. Also, feel free to buy, trade, and sell cards on these forums.

79. The Baseball Card Blog
Baseball card industry analysis.
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Spuds MacKnowledge
Chris Sabo October 27, 2010
Chris Sabo, 1989 Fleer
Yeah, I knew that! Well, kind of. I think I knew that at some point, but maybe I forgot or something. Thank you though, for the detailed explanation as to why the source
Reds jog back into dugout after Chris Sabo makes a diving stop at third to end the inning
Pete Rose Looks around at rest of team for confirmation of his hilarity. Rest of team appears confused, several of the younger players laugh awkwardly, fearful they will be sent to Triple-A.
Chris Sabo
Sabo : Not really. What?
Rose Sabo that dog, right? Rose Sabo : Skip, are you drinking Bud Light right now Rose End scene. was an All-Star, did he sleep on the hammock during the game? I am confused. Wears glasses in field. WHAT!!!!!! I NEVER KNEW THAT EVER EXCEPT FOR EVERY TIME I HAVE EVER LOOKED AT HIM INCLUDING THE TIME I SAW THIS AD AND ALSO THE TIME I LOOKED AT THIS VERY CARD!!!! THIS INFORMATION IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Operation Scout-A-Lot
Derek Bell October 20, 2010

80. Home Page
Welcome To sportscards and collectibles Hi . Here you will find alot of sports cards and collectibles.I will put pictures if i can. Some I will put a price on and some I will
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sports-cards and collectibles Home Page items being AUCTIONED baseball cards baseball cards Page 2 ... Favorite Links Welcome To sports-cards and collectibles
Here you will find alot of sports cards and collectibles.I will put pictures if i can. Some I will put a price on and some I will being auctioning. You can find baseball,football, basketball, nascar cards and other great collectibles. items being auctioned
START NO AUCTION AT THIS TIME END I will list up dates on what is being auctioned auction item
save on things you buy

this will take you to items being auctioned and the items that will be auctioned
if you have questions please ask
this will take you to auction item CLICK here to email me with QUESTIONS i will reply THANKS for dropping in I hope you find something you can use if(window.OAS_AD) OAS_AD('Bottom');

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