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  1. The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists: A Mind-Boggling Collection of Fun, Fascinating and Bizarre Facts on Movies, Music, Sports, Crime, Celebrities, History, Trivia and More by, Jamie Frater, 2009-11-03
  2. The Address Directory of Celebrities in Entertainment, Sports, Business & Politics, Second Edition by David R. Moore, 2005-01-01
  3. Celebrity & Sports Agents in the US - Industry Risk Rating Report by IBISWorld, 2010-08-23
  4. Sport Stars: The Cultural Politics of Sporting Celebrity
  5. Beckham (Polity celebrities series) by Ellis Cashmore, 2004-07-30
  6. Cooking With the Stars: A Collection of Favorite Recipes of Celebrities from Film, Television, Music, Sports, Politics, Business, and the Culinary Arts
  7. Brain Games: Celebrity Puzzles by Rhonda Markowitz, 2009-12-07
  8. The Rest Of The Iceberg: An Insider's View On The World Of Sport And Celebrity by Robert Smith, 2004-08-10
  9. Celebrity Skin Magazine Special Issue # 34 Sports Buffs by Celebrity Skin, 1994
  10. Water Parks in Colorado: Celebrity Sports Center, Water World, Colorado, Island Kingdom Water Park
  11. Autographs: A Reference and Price Guide for Sports and Celebrity Autographs by Beckett Publications, 1999-05-01
  12. Rest Of The Iceberg And Insiders View On The World Of Sport And Celebrity - 2004 publication. by Robrt Smit, 2004
  13. The Coaches' Training Table Recipe Book [A collection of specialties from coaches, athletes and sports celebrities] by John Beckman, 1986

1. Sports Celebrity Schilling Reveals Name Of Upcoming Epic RPG | Fidgit
Sports celebrity Schilling reveals name of upcoming epic RPG, by Tom Chick, for Fidgit, Part of the Syfy Online Network
  • Fable III: an indelicate sexual issue How does DJ Hero 2 look to a DJ zero? Fallout New Vegas: six hours of freezing hell Enslaved is a terrible game, but that's not the whole story ... May 2008
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    Sports celebrity Schilling reveals name of upcoming epic RPG
    In case you can't tell by the veritable wall of announcements underneath this post, Electronic Arts announced a bunch of stuff today. One of the most promising announcements is the latest on an RPG being developed by 38 Studios. And by latest, I mean only the name. Which is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning It's a good thing we're hearing this name early. I'm going to have to hear it for a while before I can keep from getting it confused with, say, some sort of free-to-play MMO from Korea. Until they tell us more, hopefully at a Comic Con event later this week, the main claim to fame for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is that it's from 38 Studios, which was founded by erstwhile sports celebrity Curt Schilling, pictured above on his way to a Jeff Daniels lookalike contest. Schilling took the fortune he earned as a basketballer or some such thing and used it to indulge his inner videogame dork by founding a development studio. This was the cause for much mirth from guys like me. What does a hockey player know about videogame development? Ha ha. But the pigskin jockey then proceeded to show us all up by hiring people who actually did know about videogame development. Just check out the name-dropping in this bit from the press release, particularly at the end.

    Boxing Champion Pernell Whitaker A Defensive Genius Who Won Seven Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Pernell Whitaker won seven world titles at four weight classes using a style that
    Sport celebrities
    Trevor Anthony Ariza
    Pernell Whitaker The four-division titleholder and hall-of-famer fought from 134-155 pounds (21-pound span), taking on Azumah Nelson (UD 12), Jose Luis Ramirez (UD 12, L 12), Roger Mayweather (UD 12), Greg Haugen (UD 12), ... Continue reading
    Boxing Champion Pernell Whitaker: A Defensive Genius Who Won Seven ... Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Pernell Whitaker won seven world titles at four weight classes using a style that was all his own. Continue reading
    FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD: Pernell Whitaker (Boxer) Pernell Whitaker is considered, pound for pound, the best boxer in the world. A titleholder at four different weight classes, Whitaker has pursued the "pound for pound" designation with great determination and counts it as his most ... Continue reading
    Best fought at welterweight: Pernell Whitaker (UD 12), Manny Pacquiao (TKO by 8), Felix Trinidad (L 12), Shane Mosley (L 12), Ike Quartey (SD 12), Chavez (TKO 8), Hector Camacho (UD 12), Oba Carr (TKO 11), Wilfredo Rivera (TKO 8), ... Continue reading
    Sweet Pea vs. The Kid in a Match of '84 Olympic Gold Medal Winners In a match offering arguably the fastest set of combined hand speed the sport has ever seen

    3. Sports Celebrity Divorce News On MJ, J-Kidd & More: Total Divorce
    Stay updated on the latest celebrity divorces in the sports world, from Michael Jordan to Jason Kidd to many more athletes, at Total Divorce.
    mboxCreate('div-seo-d2c-forms'); Total Divorce mboxCreate('DIV-SEO-Headers'); mboxCreate('DIV-SEO-Headers-MainBanner');
    Better Business Bureau Accredited Powered by Nationwide network of Divorce Lawyers Attorneys: Join Our Network Divorce Home Divorce News ... Celebrity Divorce Spotlight
    Want More Celebrity News?
    Visit our affiliates at: Celebrity Arrest Celebrity DUI Celebrity Bankruptcy or Celebrity Legal News Spotlight
    Sports Celebrity Divorce News
    From performing in front of thousands of people to getting paid excellent salaries, being a professional athlete certainly has its perks. With that said, an athlete's actions on and off the field are typically under the constant scrutiny of the pubic eye. This is especially true of

    4. Sports Address Lists
    Provides lists of sports celebrities home and team address for collecting purposes.
    NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR THE NEW AND UPDATED 2011 ADDRESS LISTS! Click Here For My 2011 Address Update Policy
    I promise you that they will be the same great lists, accurate and with plenty of info,
    that you've come to expect from
    Lots of surprises and new information not on address lists before.
    The initial shipment of 2011 sports address lists will not be in time for Christmas.
    They will be shipped around January 4th.
    -Harvey was featured in "Tuff Stuff" Magazine. Read the article! Home About Address Lists ... Address Update Policy

    5. How To Be A Sports Celebrity From FOD Team And Eric Appel
    It's never too early to learn the rules of being a sports celebrity.
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    Funny or Die Featured Videos RSS Feeds Subscribe to 'Today's Featured Videos' Subscribe to 'Funny or Die Newsfeed' Click the to queue up a list of videos to watch next. Quicklist Loading Quicklist... History Loading History... Newsfeed Loading Newsfeed... You've never heard of swords before?
    How to be a Sports Celebrity
    It's never too early to learn the rules of being a sports celebrity. Email link You must Login or Signup to use playlists (it's not hard!) You must Login or Signup to report abuse (it's not hard!) Shortened Link Credits Details
    FOD Team
    Eric Appel
    Additional Credits:
    Starring: David Koechner
    Written by: Andrew Steele
    Directed by: Eric Appel
    Production Coordinator: Christin Trogan Added over 1 year ago Favorited by 21 users 1675 funny votes 369 die votes Description: It's never too early to learn the rules of being a sports celebrity.

    6. Sports Celebrity Latest Posts / Blog Profile
    sports celebrity find any sports celebrity their picture and wallpapers enjoy these hot celebrities. http//

    7. Autographs TTM By Alex Hipolito
    A guide to sports and celebrity autograph collecting through the mail with tips and tricks for successful experiences.
    Baseball Autographs Basketball Autographs Football Autographs Hockey Autographs ... Z PLAYER SEARCH: Fan Packs Studio Fan Mail Email Successes About Us ... Links
    c/o Team Address
    Returned In:
    507 days

    In Person Autograph Signing


    In Person Autograph Signing
    c/o Home Address Sent: Received: Returned In:
    4 days c/o Team Address Sent: Received: Returned In: 1030 days c/o Team Address Sent: Received: Returned In: 826 days c/o Team Address Sent: Received: Returned In: 772 days c/o Home Address Sent: Received: Returned In: 15 days c/o Home Address Sent: Received: Returned In: 15 days c/o Home Address Sent: Received: Returned In: 13 days
    Autograph Resources
    Need help getting started in this great hobby of getting autographs through the mail? I've compiled a comprehensive list of tips for getting ttm autographs.
    Looking for an alternative to simply sending out a player's card Through The Mail to have it autographed? For those of you looking to be creative, and add some personalization to your TTM Autograph requests, this guide to Creating Homemade Cards or Custom Items page will help you get started.

    8. Sports Celebrity Speakers | American Program Bureau - Speakers Bureau For Keynot
    Wellknown personalities, athletes and coaches make up the roster of American Program Bureau’s (APB) sports celebrity speakers. Accomplished, assertive, personable and
    Search this site:
    • HOME ASSOCIATIONS E-CAMPUS OUR RECOMMENDATIONS ... Celebrity / Entertainment › Sports Celebrity
      Sports Celebrity Speakers
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      Well-known personalities, athletes and coaches make up the roster of American Program Bureau’s (APB) sports celebrity speakers. Accomplished, assertive, personable and engaging, APB’s celebrity sports speakers cover a wide array of topics, such as teamwork, inspiration, and leadership that reflect their abilities both in the world of sports and in life. George Foreman A boxing legend, ordained minister, successful entrepreneur, celebrity speaker and larger than life persona, Foreman credits a good part of his success to his spirituality and God being behind the scenes in every stage of his life. He explores his spiritual transformation from the darkest moments of his life to finally Bill Parcells One of the most successful coaches in NFL history, Bill Parcells led the Dolphins from a 1-15 record to the playoffs in just one season - a turnaround unheard of. As a keynote speaker he shares proven leadership skills that draw on teambuilding and management experience gleaned from three turnarounds and an alchemy for Dominique Dawes Dawes burst into the international spotlight as the first African American gymnast to ever qualify and compete in an Olympic Games. She has won more National Championship medals than any other athlete, male or female, as well as four World Championship medals, along with the All Around title at the 1994 National

    9. District Of Columbia News -
    Neal Augenstein, WTOP Radio. WASHINGTON Competition moved from local playing fields and arenas to the stage of the D.C. Improv Comedy Club for Wednesday night's third annual

    10. Motivational And Inspirational Quotes About "Sports" By Great Sports Celebrities
    Motivational Quotes by sports celebrities.
    Motivational and Inspirational Quotes about "Sports" by great sports celebrities
    Click here for more information on Jim Abbott, one handed baseball pitcher, and other Motivational Keynote Speakers
    For Fans of Jim Abbott
    Home Biography Resources Current Events ... Contact
    Jim Abbott's
    Official Site:
    Speaking Photos and Video
    Walter Payton
    I want to be remembered as the guy who gave his all whenever he was on the field.
    Jim Abbott
    In the 8th inning you can't hear the roar of the 9th, all you can do to hold yourself together, and trust.
    For more motivational and inspirational sports quotes and stories by Jim Abbott
    Dick Vermeil
    If you don't invest very much, then defeat doesn't hurt very much and winning is not very exciting.
    Vince Lombardi
    The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.
    Wayne Gretzky Canadian Hockey Player
    The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.

    11. SPORTS CELEBRITY Written By Chiropactor Warren Van Zyl.
    Sports Celebrity brings interesting chiropractic anecdotes from the world of rugby
    SAFETY GENERAL Zuid-Holland Enter your E-mail Address Enter your First Name (optional) Then Don't worry your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Chiropractic Help. Subscribe To This Site
    This chapter, Sports Celebrity, will give you a good idea of the variety of problems, pain and dysfunction chiropractic can help you with. I have specifically only included in this case study section, treatment results I have experienced that are not psychosomatic or placebo effect. What I mean by this is that if a sports celebrity comes in for a specific ailment, say a headache, and I suggest to my patient that our results for the treatment of headaches are very good, say an 80% success rate, then the question always arises as to how much the results were because of expectation / belief / placebo / psychosomatic, and how much was due to the actual therapy given, that is the chiropractic adjustment. So, to eliminate that debate, I have cases where patients came in for a certain problem, and other problems that they had not mentioned or that we had not discussed then resolved. Current rugby Springbok

    12. Sports Celebrity Management Services In India | Services Marketing Short Case St
    To download this short case study (No. CLSM040) click on the link below, and select from the list Services Marketing Caselets marketing/CLSM040.htm
    Sports Celebrity Management Services in India
    Caselet Code Publication date Subject Services Marketing Industry Media and entertainment Length
    03 Pages Price Rs. 100 Detailed Pricing Info
    To download this short case study (No. CLSM040) click on the link below, and select from the list: Services Marketing Caselets Marketing Case Studies Case Studies Collection Abstract
    The caselet examines the emergence of sports celebrity management services in India. It provides details of these services in India, which were largely focused on cricket. The caselet also emphasizes the need for sports management agencies to be aware of various risks involved in this business.
    Sports celebrity management services in India Assessing the brand value of a sports celebrity Challenges involved in sports celebrity management services business
    Key words:
    Sports Celebrity Management, Kapil Dev, Worldtel, Mark Mascarenhas, Sachin Tendulkar, IMG, Total Sports, Collage Sports, And Percept D'Mark, Showdiff, Brand Value, Saurav Ganguly, Dhanraj Pillay, Baichung Bhutia, Sports Celebrity Endorsements.
    Questions for Discussion:
    1. Make a SWOT analysis of sports celebrity management industry as a whole.

    13. SuperStar Greetings, Inc., SuperStar Greetings, Inc.
    A wholesale and retail company, specializing in sports and celebrity autographed memorabilia.

    Enter SuperStar Greetings Online Retail Store

    Become a Dealer

    100% Guarantee

    Charity Auctions
    Dealer Sign In

    Wholesale Store
    Forgot your log in? Email us for your dealer user name and password

    6 DeForest Ave #7; East Hanover, NJ 07936
    email: web:

    14. Sports Celebrity Meet & Greet
    At On Point we specialize in one thing…Sports. This expertise allows us access to a majority of today’s sports celebrities as well as the living legends of yesterday! You
    sports p. 713-227-8888 f. 800-809-1074
    Travel Agent Hotline: 800-809-1277
    The power of unforgettable experiences!

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Email Address:
    View cart Print
    At On Point we specialize in one thingSports. This expertise allows us access to a majority of todays sports celebrities as well as the living legends of yesterday! You decide who you want to meeta baseball hall of famer, a Super Bowl Champion, or a famous sports caster, we will make it happen.
    With our help the sports celebrity of your choice will bring name value, excitement, and star appeal to your event by participating in any one of the following:
    • Motivate with a speech
    • Entertain/Mingle at a banquet or dinner
    • Autographs and Photo Sessions
    • Golf Outings
    For reservations, availability or more information, please contact us or call 713-227-8888 to speak to an On Point specialist. On Point is not the official box office for ANY of the Sports and Entertainment Tickets or Travel Packages listed on this website. Additionally, we are not affiliated with ANY of the Sports or Entertainment Properties, the Sports and Entertainment Events themselves or any of the Event Venues listed on this site.

    15. Sports Celebrity Influence On The Behavioral Intentions Of Generation Y
    Downloadable! Teenagers currently spend an estimated $153 billion a year on everything from computers to cars to clothes (Brand, 2000). Trend conscious teens are very active in
    This file is part of IDEAS , which uses RePEc data
    Papers Articles Software Books ... Help!
    Sports Celebrity Influence on the Behavioral Intentions of Generation Y
    Author info Abstract Publisher info Download info ... Statistics Author Info BUSH, ALAN J.

    Teenagers currently spend an estimated $153 billion a year on everything from computers to cars to clothes (Brand, 2000). Trend conscious teens are very active in utilizing the media and advertising in seeking out the latest products, services, and fashions (Zollo, 1995). A greater understanding of teens role model influences can help organizations and their advertising agencies more effectively target and communicate to this growing market. In this study, we examine the effect of athlete role models on teenagers purchase intentions and behaviors. Results from a survey of 218 adolescents are discussed with implications and future research directions for advertising and sports marketing researchers. Download Info To download: If you experience problems downloading a file, check if you have the proper

    16. Sports Celebrity Marketing
    Providing the services of sports celebrities for appearances and speaking engagements in Canada. Includes profiles of the celebrities represented and testimonials.

    17. Sports Celebrity Speakers: Discount Sports Celebrity Speakers Today.Cheap Price
    Sports Celebrity Speakers On Sale.Buy now Sports Celebrity Speakers available more.Offer best Sports Celebrity Speakers for. Comparison of the best deals and offers available.

    18. Johnny Bench | Sports Celebrity Speaker | Event Planning
    Johnny Bench is a sports celebrity speaker available for your next special event when you choose Golf Podium's corporate event planning services.
    Portuguese Italiano Deutsch Francais Espanol Our Talent Johnny Bench
    Baseball Hall of Famer
    NL Rookie of the Year (1968)
    NL Most Valuable Player, (1970,1972) Growing up in the small, Oklahoma town of Binger, Johnny realized his dream to become a major league baseball player when he signed with the Cincinnati Reds in the 1965 amateur draft. Two seasons later, Johnny made Cincinnati's Major League roster and marked the beginning of one of baseball's most successful careers as a catcher. Johnny's ascension to celebrity status includes being named as the 16th greatest player of all time and undoubtedly the greatest catcher ever (as stated by Sporting News in late 1998). Among his honors are:
    • World Series MVP, 1976 Named to 14 All-Star Teams Won 10 Gold Gloves Set an endurance record by catching 100 or more games In 13 consecutive seasons Led the Cincinnati Reds to the pennant Selected to All Century Team Hosted Emmy-Award-winning instructional show, "The Baseball Bunch
    Retiring from baseball in 1983, Johnny fundrai ses for various local and national causes such as the ?Catch the Cure' program at the Children's Hospital of Cincinnati and the Heart Association. Additionally, the Johnny Bench Scholarship Fund provides a college education to Cincinnati area students. We do more than talk a good game! As a premier event facilitator, we are here to help golf enthusiasts and meeting planners arrange for the finest speakers, site locations resources, and services.

    19. Sports Speakers Celebrity Booking Agents Christian Speakers
    Booking agent for sports speakers, celebrities and keynote motivational speakers.
    Sports Speakers Celebrity Speakers Motivational Speakers Request Booking Info Select by Topic Astronauts Authors Business Speakers =>Change =>Communication =>Customer Service =>Economics Speakers =>Entrepreneurship =>Finance Speakers =>Global Business =>Leadership =>Management =>Marketing =>Negotiation =>Peak Performance =>Sales =>Team Building =>Women in Business Cancer Survivors Celebrity Speakers =>Actors =>Celebrity Chefs =>Celebrity Endorsement =>Comedians =>Corporate Entertainment =>Entertainers =>Host Emcee =>Impersonators =>Models =>Musicians =>Political Figures =>Sports Figures =>TV Personalities Contemporary Issues Diversity Speakers =>African American =>Hispanic Entertainment =>Alternative Medicine =>Cancer Speakers =>Fitness =>Health Care =>Life Balance =>Nutrition =>Personal Growth =>Stress Management =>Women's Health Home and Garden Humorous Speakers Inspirational Speakers Journalists and Writers Keynote Speakers Motivational Speakers Political Speakers =>Conservative Speakers =>Liberal Speakers =>Political Commentators =>Political Humor =>Political Journalists Popular Speakers Reality TV Stars =>American Idol =>Celebrity Apprentice =>Dancing With The Stars Religious Speakers =>Christian Speakers =>Jewish Speakers Sports Speakers =>Adventurers =>Auto Racing =>Baseball =>Basketball =>Boxing =>Broadcasters =>Christian Athletes =>Coaches =>Extreme Sports =>Female Athletes =>Figure Skating =>Fishing =>Football =>Golf =>Gymnastics

    20 Years Ago Holyfield 'Busts' Douglas in Vegas. Somehow, that losing performance propelled him into a World Boxing Association (WBA) title fight with Nicolay Valuev in Zurich in
    Boxer players
    Fulgencio Ziga

    Tom Zbikowski

    Alfonso Zamora

    Tony Zale
    Nicolay Valuev

    OCD Effluvia: Old issues of Maxim from 2006 April The 100th Issue Special Collector's Edition, boxer Nicolay Valuev, Darius Kasparaitis of the New York Rangers, Ana Hickmann, Robert Knepper of Prison Break plus the tattoos, Wonder Showzen, William Mapother, Tito Ortiz and Ken ... Continue reading
    Why Are American Boxing Fans Mad At David Haye? - The Boxing Bulletin In the end, Haye's team decided to pick up the extra strap (WBA) held by Nicolay Valuev and, so far anyway, things have worked out for them. The proof of which is the fact that they are stuck on a 50-50 split in Klitschko negotiations, ... Continue reading
    WBO Rankings and explanations... 7- Nicolay Valuev (50-2) –RUS- Lost a 12-round majority decision against David Haye on Nov. 7, 2009. 8- Alexander Dimitrenko (29-1) –UKR- Lost a 12-round majority decision against classified boxer Eddie Chambers for an elimination bout ... Continue reading
    It's called Alligator Fisher and I'm thinking about getting because it reminds me of my cajun heritage, most of my family is from Louisiana. I don't particularly care for his art. It's too bad my parents didn't let her play football ...

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