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         Sports Events:     more books (100)
  1. The World Series: Legendary Sports Events by Matt Christopher, 2007-04-01
  2. Beijing 2008: Preparing for Glory: Chinese Challenge in the 'Chinese Century' (Sport in the Global Society)
  3. The Best American Sports Writing 1994
  4. Chase's Sports Calendar of Events 1998 by BOOKS, 1997
  5. Track and Field Almanac: Track and Field : Facts and Statistics About Track and Field Events Since the Beginning (Creative Education Illustrated Sports Almanacs) by David Paige, 1980-04
  6. Program Evaluation for Sport Directors by James L. Kestner, 1996-06
  7. Football: The First Hundred Years: The Untold Story (Sport in the Global Society) by Adrian Harvey, 2005-09-26
  8. Live Music, Event & Sports Venue Promotions in the US - Industry Market Research Report by IBISWorld, 2009-08-13
  9. Statistical Encyclopedia of North American Professional Sports: All Major League Teams and Major Non-Team Events Year by Year, 1876 through 2006, <I>2d ed.</I> by K. Michael Gaschnitz, 2007-10-16
  10. The Olympics: Legendary Sports Events by Matt Christopher, 2008-07-15
  11. A Year of Sport Travel (General Reference) by Simone Egger, 2009-08-01
  12. Being There: 100 Sports Pros Talk About the Best Sporting Events They Ever Witnessed Firsthand by Eric Mirlis, 2007-05-01
  13. Festival and Events Management: An International Arts and Culture Perspective
  14. Gold Medal Diary: Inside the World's Greatest Sports Event by Hayley Wickenheiser, 2010-12-01

101. Just Racing UK | Triathlon | Northampton | Beaver | Grendon
Organisers of Triathlon and Multi Sport events in the UK.
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Next Event Wellingborough MT (1) 16 January 2011 If you are looking for a fun run or serious race in some stunning surrounds, then the varied terrain of the Jurassic... Book Online Read More
Having the right equipment... We accept athletes with almost any style of goggles at all of our open water events with absolutely no prejudice...
What lies beneath...
Some people worry about fish and sharks in open water swims, but they will noramlly leave you alone, so no need to worry....
Open Water Events
We have a number of open water events comprising Sprint, Olympic and Middle distances, taking place throughout May and June
The Squires and Spires Cyclosportive
With 3 Sportive events on offer in 2010, our cycling challenges cover distances from 48miles to 101miles. Each one with its own charm and challenges. Join us for the inaugural 'Quattro' event in early April.
Wellingborough Run Series
Join over 400 other runners at either the 5k, 10k or 15k at round 2 or 3 of this popular multi-terrain running series.
The Beaver Fest
Belvoir Castle will welcome over 1000 triathletes racing the Beaver or the Little Beaver (also selected as a European and World Age Group qualifier in 2010).

102. X Sports Tour Calendar
Offers action sports tour and event schedules.
Ok ... Something new!!
(yeah - yeah - we've been busy every place but here .. well - so here's why!) "One-Stop-Shopping" Lol as they say ... What could be Sweeter than having
All the Event/Comp Scheds under one Roof?!?!?!!!!
Duh!! Sssoo .... Here they are
Calendars for Everything!! Starting with which has the
2002 Skate Schedules! and
which has all of the
2002 BIG Music / Action Tours!!! and
- BMX and MOTOCROSS We'll be right behind it with one for Water .. Snow .. RAVE .. Yes? ... Good logic .. YeS!! AND ... because we've gotta hit the comp curcuit now
and because we ain't Houdini ... (Hey - i did mine!) We're leaving the calendars OPEN so that EVERYONE can post the Comps schedule's that we don't have yet.. .... meaning... We ALL get to build this !!! It's for everyone!!! and it's real easy .. a basic no-brainer! (besides - we don't always know EVERYTHING that's goin' on .... Lol ... and also, we have another very cool "facility" that we'd like to launch sometime during our life time here ... as you can see - these "facilities" take SSSOoo long to get up and working!! .. but they're worth it .. and what we're all about - trying to hook everyone up with useful info ... anyway - more on that later..) Ps ..

103. Institute For International Sport - Leadership, Honorable Competition, Sports Pa
Promotes international relations through athletics and sporting events.
Homepage About Founder, Dan Doyle Media Clips/Video Library Scholar-Athlete Games World Youth Peace Summit New England Basketball Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Press (Publishing) 100 Most Influential Sports Educators National Sportsmanship Day Other IIS Programs Support Join/Contact Games History Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting View
"Dan Doyle and his team are on a historic mission to world peace."
-General Colin Powell Testimonials Inaugural Peace Lecture by Senator Dodd, Sept. 19, 2010 2011 World Youth Peace Summit
(Registration for the World Youth Peace Summit will begin in the fall of 2010)
2011 World Scholar-Athlete Games

(Registration Now Available!) Join us online and on Facebook General Colin Powell, keynote speaker, World Youth Peace Summit's historic kickoff dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria
View Speech excerpts

Scholar-Athlete Games History National Sportsmanship Day ...
Visit Institute's Blog for the latest news

The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting , by Dan Doyle with Deborah Doermann Burch, has already received two major book awards. The book was also placed into nomination for a Pulitzer Prize.

104. Welcome To The Railsport Website
Information about sports events for UK rail industry staff and their families, including news, fixtures, results and pictures.
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Welcome to the Railsport website National Angling Championships 2010 - Results Written by Cliff Robinson Sunday, 22 August 2010 19:25 Tony Rathmill of Networkrail won the Railsport National Angling Championship held at Makin Fisheries, Wolvey, on Wednesday 18th August.  Fishing lake 4 Tony weighed in with an excellent 89lbs 08oz, some 4lbs more than second place Andy Beesley of Input Group, Mick Martin of MPI was third with 81lbs 04oz.  Over 300 Railway anglers contested the event.  The team event was won by Central Trains "B", with Eurostars second and London Midland Old Boys third.  Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 August 2010 15:25

105. CISM - Conseil International Du Sport Militaire - International Military Sports
Information on the roughly 100 military sporting events organised worldwide every year.
referencement 0_home_page.html a0_welcome.html a101_cv_pres.html referencement 0_home_page.html a0_welcome.html a101_cv_pres.html ... h5_techn_com.html CISM - Conseil International du Sport Militaire - International Military Sports Council CISM, military, sport, sports, council, international, organisation, athletes, championship, championships, world, pentathlon, aeronautical, naval, basketball, boxing, cycling, equestrian, fencing, cross-country, football, golf, handball, judo, modern, orienteering, parachuting, sailing, shooting, skiing, biathlon, patrol, swimming, diving, waterpolo, lifesaving, taekwondo, track, field, triathlon, volleyball, wrestling, president, secretary general, secretariat, technical committee, commissions, liaison, liaison office, liaison offices, world games, mission statement, solidarity, symposium, rome, zagreb, catania, sport international, world record, world records, technical assistance, assistance, calendar, continental, regional, event, events, general assembly, assembly, congress, board, board of directors, hymn, headquarters, contact, conseil, militaire, friendship, amiti&eacute;, member, members, nations, country, countries, MWG, marathon, cyclo-cross, world champion, South Africa, Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African, Congo, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissao, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Chad, Togo, Tunesia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Agentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, USA, United States, Guatemala, Haiti, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, India, Irak, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Oman, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen, Albania, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, obstacle race, utility, seamanship, patrouille, rifle, pistol, freestyle, greco-roman, ioc, trophy, brussels, peace Board Meeting in Simon's Town, South Africa Heading for 2003 Capes and headings kept returning in many discussions during this year's last Board Meeting, held in South Africa. Chiefly because Simon's Town, which hosted this meeting, accommodated our Board Members in the country's largest and most famous naval base, a few miles only from the Cape of Good Hope and a few leagues from the equally famous city of Cape Town. The Board of Directors is composed of 15 (fifteen) members and is elected and granted powers by the General Assembly (GA) to decide all measures relating to management and administration of CISM within the limits of its Statutes and Policy Manual, between two GA's. The Board of Directors is accountable to the General Assembly. Its authorities and responsibilities are to oversee the work of CISM bodies and to ensure their proper management, ensure that decisions of the General Assembly are implemented properly, develop and implement the CISM strategic and annual business plans. The Board of Directors has to establish policy and procedures except those under sole authority of the General Assembly, formulate mandates of CISM bodies and oversee the preparation of the Congress and General Assembly, establish commissions, approve the CISM world events calendar for the next two years, ensure overall financial control and proper financial administration, The Board of Directors is composed of fifteen (15) members as follows : the President of CISM, the four Vice-Presidents for continents and ten members. Fourteen (14) seats on the Board of Directors, the President being considered as neutral, are divided between the four continents to ensure geographic balance as follows : Africa 4, Americas 3, Asia 3 and Europe 4.The Board of Directors normally meets three times a year : one in February, one in April or May and one in November. The Vice-President represents CISM in his continent on behalf of the President. He is accountable to the Board of Directors. Among his authorities and responsibilities he promotes CISM principles and sports in his continent, he presides over the Continental Meeting and serves as a spokesman on matters relating to the continent as a whole. Officer elected by the General Assembly who ensures the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, manages the General Secretariat and executes the CISM budget approved by the General Assembly The Secretary General is accountable to the President for administrative matters and to the Board of Directors for the oversight of Presidents Technical Committees and financial management. Among his main responsibilities, the Secretary General has to prepare and manage Congresses, General Assemblies and Board of Directors sessions and has to implement their decisions. The SG has to execute the measures related to communication and marketing to ensure the best image of CISM within budgetary limits and in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors. He has to present the proposed CISM World calendar to the Board of Directors. He also establishes and maintains contact with international organizations (IOC, GAIFS, FISU, UNESCO etc.) and the international sports federations. The President of CISM is accountable to the General Assembly. His authorities and responsibilities are : He leads and manages the CISM organization in accordance with its regulations, he chairs the Congress and General Assembly, he presents an annual report to the General Assembly, he chairs the Board of Directors and the Emergency Board, he chairs the Council of the Meritorious Order of CISM, he develops all relationships necessary for the proper functioning and influence of CISM with other international organizations, he communicates with Chiefs of Staff of member nations in cases related to extreme lack of discipline. The Treasurer General (TG) is an Officer elected by the General Assembly who is responsible for the financial management of CISM. He ensures that all CISM expenditures are consistent with CISM regulations and the total budget approved by the General Assembly as well as a sound financial management. He participates in the sessions of the Congress, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors without the right to vote. He prepares and presents the budget to the Board of Directors for approval by the General Assembly. He advises the Board of Directors on financial matters and assists the Commission for the Verification of the Credentials. He also supervises the work of the accountant at the General Secretariat. The Liaison Office is an entity, established by a Vice President, in consultation with member nations of his continent, responsible within a certain region to foster and co-ordinate CISM activities in this region and encourage non-member nations in its region to join CISM. The responsibilities of a Liaison Office within a region are to promote CISM principles, organize the regional calendar,disseminate, adopt, and apply the general instructions of the General Assembly as provided by the Secretary General through the appropriate Vice-President. The Liaison Office must encourage the organization of clinics, congresses, study days, and promote their subsequent use, encourage non-member nations in its region to join CISM, The Vice-President decides on the establishment of a Liaison Office in a CISM active member nation in consultation with the member nations in his continent. He also determines the nations falling under the jurisdiction of a Liaison Office. The staff of a Liaison Office should include a Chief, a Secretary or a Deputy, assistants as required. Liaison Offices shall hold at least one annual plenary meeting of their member nations. A report of this meeting shall be provided to the Vice-President of the continent and to the Secretary General within 30 days. A nation will host a Liaison Office for a period of four (4) years. This period may be extended. At the present time, there are 12 Liaison Offices : Five are located in Africa (North-Tunisia, Central-Gabon, West-Burkina Faso, Eastern-Kenya, Southern,-South Africa) two in America (North-Barbados and South-Brazil), four in Asia (Middle East –Kuwait, Central-Iran, South East-Thailand, Far East –Rep. of Korea) and one in Europe. The General Secretariat, managed by the General Secretary is comprised of officers or non-commissioned officers detached by their government at their own expense for a fixed term of at least three (3) years and civilian technical and administrative personnel, paid from the CISM budget. The General Secretariat is the permanent office that provides continuity to CISM. During the years following the foundation of CISM, the registered office of our organisation was located in Antwerp. After Raoul Mollet became General Secretary of CISM in 1954, the CISM house found a location in Brussels. With the development of the activities, the permanent civilian staff and the detached officers worked in two separate buildings in Brussels (two miles away from each other). This difficult set-up for the management of such an international organisation led in 1987 to the purchase a new house, presently the CISM house. Situated in the heart of Brussels, the Capital of Europe, at 26, rue Jacques Jordaens, alongside several other international and diplomatic missions, the recently renovated General Secretariat is really an appropriate setting befitting the missions and goals of our organization and the will to develop international relations. In the CISM house, the members of the General Secretariat but also members of our different Commissions or Technical Committees who hold here meetings, are able to work under optimal conditions with appropriate equipment. CISM General Secretariat is housing three different departments: General Affairs, responsible for all matters concerning of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors meetings, for the administrative matters as well as for the draft, the adaptation and the editing of Statutes, Policy and Procedures Manuals dealing with the works of the Regulations, Planning, Solidarity , “Discipline” and “Appeal” and “Women in CISM “commissions, for the management of the house. Sports section, responsible for the matters related to sports that include the Military World Games, the World Military Championships, the Symposia, CISM calendars, CISM sports statistics, the Athletes Council, the relations with International Sport Federations, the CISM Scientific Center and the supervision of the Technical Committees, dealing with the works of the Sport and Sports Medicine Commissions. Communication and Marketing section, responsible for CISM communication and marketing, the publications, the audio-visual productions and CISM website, the communication and marketing plan, the finding and the relations with the sponsors and partners, the organization of press conferences, the contacts with international media and international federations communication departments. The accountant, also under the supervision of the Treasurer General, and the Liaison Officer for the Arabic speaking countries, are linked to the Secretary General. The following awards are described : the Musketeer Trophy, the Solidarity Trophy, the Fair-Play Trophy, the title Honorary member, the CISM Order of Merit and the Star of Sports Merit CISM is surely one of the most active –if not the most active- international sports federations in the world : not a single day goes without at least one CISM event. Beside our World Military championships and our Military World Games that you can discover in other parts of our web-site, there are indeed many continental and regional activities, various important meetings such as the General Assembly & the Congress or the Board of Directors, as well as our annual Symposium. CISM intends to update you and familiarize you with those events which illustrate perfectly the constant need from our Armed Forces member nations to develop activities linked to sports and solidarity, to meet under the motto “Friendship through Sport”, to exchange ideas and to extend mutual contacts and international cooperation on all levels. The Military World Games are a multisports event organised every four years, one year before the year the Olympic Games are organised. It is an event that is based on the CISM and Olympic spirit, without political, religious and racial consideration nor discrimination. Furthermore it must be organised in a dignified manner. In 1995, CISM decides to break its tradition of organising every year fifteen to twenty world championship per year by gathering all its member nations during its first Military World Games in Rome from 4 to 16th September 1995. These first Games took place to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the end of the second World War and of the ratification of the United nations Organisation Charter. By organising those Games, CISM has launched the most explicit and spectacular message of peace to the whole world. There is indeed no better meaningful and beautiful message of peace than the one sent to the world by the representatives of more than one hundred Armed forces. Those who had seemed to be forever divided by ideological and political barriers came together under the CISM flag in the name of friendship. In the last years, the situation has slightly changed. There are more and more solidarity actions organised by our member nations, who invite for training stays and stages, send or invite coaches, provide and coordinate transport and even pay commercial flight tickets. All this free of charge, based either on CISM membership and Friendship through Sport or often based on bilateral contracts apart CISM. But CISM is also facing the need to boost its official Solidarity program. Thanks to its new strategic and annual business plan and its new marketing approach which will allow our organisation to find new sponsors and partners to finance all the projects, CISM wants, with the growing support of its Vice-Presidents and the Solidarity Commission as well as with all its members, to put a special emphasis in this field. Very close contacts with IOC and United Nations, as well as with other international institutions, will lead very soon to concrete actions in the solidarity field. The eventual prospects are great and numerous and could even lead, in CISM view, to the creation of an International Sports Solidarity Foundation bringing together under one name the IOC, the big international Federations, CISM, United Nations, European Council, National Olympic Committees and even some governments, institutions such as the Council of Europe, Olympic Aid and the WFSGI with the aim of pooling together the means and the material efforts to the benefit of less advanced countries. With its manpower, infrastructures and its capacity of initiative, CISM wishes nonetheless to give, within and outside CISM a significant contribution in terms of solidarity. The International Military Sports Council, known by its acronym "CISM", is an international sports association composed of the armed forces of member nations accepted by the General Assembly. CISM is open to the armed forces of all nations. The aims of CISM are to develop friendly relations between the Armed Forces of member nations, promote physical education and sports activities, provide mutual technical assistance, support less privileged members in the name of friendship and solidarity, contribute towards the balanced and harmonious development of military personnel, and contribute to the international effort for universal peace. This ideal is encapsulated in the CISM motto "FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SPORT". This ideal and the principles, listed below, can be as also found in the Mission Statement, adopted during the General Assembly of Lome, Togo in 1997 and officially signed by the member countries at the occasion of the General assembly in Baden, Austria in 1998. Everyone can feel during all the events organized by CISM that the development and the respect of its ideals are from the highest importance. CISM is established for an indefinite duration. It may be dissolved at any time by a vote of the General Assembly Praise In Order for Algeria! Competitors, World Champions and their performances can wait-no offence meant! Let us open this account of the 30th World Military Parachuting Championship with a few lines of praise for the Head of the Algerian Delegation-and head of the Organisation Committee-, Colonel Metref, as well as his team. They did a wonderful job! Especially in consideration of the fact that putting together an event that attracts 34 nations requires sizeable efforts in terms of infrastructure and logistics.

106. Football Training Camps In Spain
Organizing tournaments, sporting events, friendly matches and player representation.

107. Stadium Database
A reference of all the worlds sports and events stadiums.

108. Sports Jokes
The site is one of sports satire where sports personalities are lampooned and sports events are made fun of
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sports jokes
All the sports jokes anyone would want are here.Come eat them up
Friday, June 26, 2009
Chicken Dancing Boxer
There's this boxer who goes by the names of Zab Super! Word goes that he got into a fight with someone who was soo good at throwing the punches that he needed to get into the ring with a metallic protective gear.
Well, he didn't! Instead the guy decided to enter the ring with a plan to dance through his opponent's punches! what happened is that during one of the dancing moves, he got caught by a punch which was soo hard that it made him lose his dancing moves and found himself doing the CHICKEN DANCE!
posted by Jeff Vinoma @ 1:12 AM
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
The champions league is here!!
Hmmmh,first there was the golden league,where those who were blessed with legs that have superchargers,go at each other for some bars of gold worth 1Million dollars!!Then there was the Tri-Nations where men who have had world food eating records usually go for some brawls in the open to find out who exactly has eaten the most food and consequently become much bigger.
Then the olympics which more or less just accumulates almost every other sport that mankind ever decided to come up with to get rid of the disease called boredom,and people worldwide were soooo enthralled by some performances of some guys whose muscles are not so human and have great endurance ability.

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