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         Sports History:     more books (100)
  1. Sport in Industrial America 1850-1920 (American History Series) by Steven A. Riess, 1995-05-01
  2. A Brief History of American Sports by Elliott J. Gorn, 2004-02-16
  3. Encyclopedia of Traditional British Rural Sports (Routledge Sports Reference Series)
  4. Routledge Companion to Sports History (Routledge International Handbooks)
  5. Sports History: A Practical Guide by Martin Polley, 2007-01-15
  6. Sport in Canada: A History by Don Morrow, 2009-10-09
  7. A Miscellany of Britain: People, Places, History, Culture, Customs, Sport by Tom O'Meara, 2007-10-03
  8. Day by Day in Jewish Sports History by Bob Wechsler, 2007-11-01
  9. The Unlevel Playing Field: A Documentary History of the African American Experience in Sport (Sport and Society) by David K. Wiggins, Patrick B. Miller, 2005-04-04
  10. The New American Sport History: Recent Approaches and Perspectives (Sport and Society)
  11. Empire Games: The British Invention of Twentieth-Century Sport by Roger Hutchinson, 1997-04
  12. Winning is the Only Thing: Sports in America since 1945 (The American Moment) by Randy Roberts, James S. Olson, 1991-04-01
  13. The Gladiators: History's Most Deadly Sport by Fik Meijer, 2007-03-06
  14. The Detroit Tigers: A Pictorial Celebration of the Greatest Players and Moments in Tigers History (Great Lakes Books Series) by William M. Anderson, 2008-05-31

21. Sports Betting Online Wagering
Provides sports history and handicapping information and links to sportsbook.
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sports betting, wagering and sportsbooks information!
So you want to learn more about sports betting and sports wagering so you can start making the big bucks off of your highly polished sports knowledge? Before you dive into the adrenaline-pumping action at our sportsbooks , learn more about online sports betting and online gambling, as well as trivia questions and the history of your favorite sports at our informative directory! You can bet on almost every aspect of a contest from who is going to win to who scores first, the overall combined score, what round a boxer will knock out his opponent, and even whether the coin toss will yield heads or tails. A very generic breakdown of online sports betting and online sports wagering: sports handicapping is a system of taking two or more competing teams/individuals and providing a "level playing field" on which gamblers can bet the outcome of the event. Sports handicapping can be expressed in the form of points or odds. Odds can be defined as the odds of a team winning a game, series, championship etc. Points are the amount of points a team is going to win the game by (not just win the game, but by how many).

22. The History Of Sports - From The Perspective Of An Inventor
General Sports History A giant index of the history of different sports. If your sport is not listed above, check here. Related Information Sporting Goods Innovations
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  • Home Inventors
  • Inventors
    See More About:
    The History of Sports 5-Pin Bowling History - Thomas F. Ryan
    5-pin Bowling dates back to 1909 when it was officially recognized as being developed by Thomas F. Ryan. Baseball - Alexander J. Cartwright Basketball - James Naismith Bowling
    The ancient Egyptians invented bowling. Cricket Football - American Style Golf History
    The game of golf has advanced from one played with simple hand made clubs and leather balls stuffed with feathers to the game we know today, based on clubs designed by computer using advanced materials such as titanium and zirconia. Hacky Sack - Football Ice Hockey
    Most historians place the roots of hockey in the chilly climes of northern Europe, specifically Great Britain and France, where field hockey was a popular summer sport more than 500 years ago. The game we know today, however, was first played in Montreal in 1875, according to rules devised by Canadian J G A Creighton, a McGill student. Ice Skating Lawn Games
    Learn about traditional lawn games - including Bowls, Cricket, Croquet, Tennis and Badminton.

    23. Macmillan: Sports History: A Practical Guide Martin Polley: Books, Macmillan ::
    Macmillan Sports History A Practical Guide Martin Polley Bonus Publisher Materials Author Biography

    24. Main Menu
    Sports history, biographies, quotations, glossaries, and calendar of sports events, birthdays, and death dates.
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    Births, deaths and major sports events, past and future
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    25. Dayton Ohio Sports History Or DASH.
    Founded in 2002, Dayton Area Sports History (DASH) is a group of some 45 individuals interested in researching and preserving the sports history of the Miami Valley (Montgomery
    Baseball Basketball Football Golf ... Site Map
    Dayton Area Sports History
    • To cover all sports To recognize those individuals, teams and games who have made an impact, locally or nationally To complement, not compete, with any existing exhibits.
    It is the hope of DASH that these stories will encourage and inspire the youth of our area to participate in sports, set new records and make stories of their own. We encourage you to contribute your comments, stories and pictures by e-mailing us Web site donated and designed by The Berry Company

    26. NASSH | - Official Website Of The North American Society For Sport History
    NASSH promotes and encourages study and research and writing of the history of sport; and supports local, national, and international organizations having the same purposes.
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    - Official Website of the North American Society for Sport History The purpose of The North American Society for Sport History is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study and research and writing of the history of sport; to support and cooperate with local, national, and international organizations having the same purposes. The Society conducts its activities solely for scholarly and literary purposes and not for pecuniary profit.
    Welcome to the NASSH Website!
    The 39th annual convention of the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) will be held at the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, University of Texas at Austin, May 27-30, 2011. (Information about accommodations and travel will be sent later.)
    The Program Committee encourages all NASSH members and others interested in sport history to think about research presentation possibilities for the convention. Abstracts may be submitted for individual papers (20 minutes) or for complete sessions (95 minutes – typically, but not necessarily, composed of 3 presenters at 20 minutes each, a commentator at 20 minutes, and discussion at 15 minutes). Proposals for complete sessions are strongly encouraged.

    27. Racism In Sports: Built By SLUH Students Jon, Jake, Jeremy, Chris, Lance
    Site investigates the progression of racism throughout the history of the sports of golf, baseball, and boxing.
    Pablo Mesa, Oscar Charleston, Alejandro of the 1927 Cuban Stars. Photo from: Baseball Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward.
    The games that we play today are virtually the same games we played ninety years ago with a few exceptions. The first difference is the equipment we play with. The second difference is the skill level of the players. The third and possibly most important difference is integration of the games. If you take away the new equipment, and the players skill levels you still have the same game with the same basic principle. However, if you take away the integration of the game you would take away a whole other dimension that people of different race have brought to the game we play. Golfers would still be driven balls without tees. Players like Hank Aaron, Tiger Woods, and Muhammad Ali would never have rewritten the record books. Most importantly, however, these players of other races would still be playing in obscurity never being recognized for the greatness of their athletic ability. On this web page, we will examine the change in sports

    28. MSU - Sports History
    Subjects Athletic Facilities. Browse Images. MSU athletes compete and perform in a number of athletic facilities, past and present, from the Armory and Jenison Fieldhouse to College
    Athletic Facilities
    Browse Images MSU athletes compete and perform in a number of athletic facilities, past and present, from the Armory and Jenison Fieldhouse to College Field and Spartan Stadium. The Armory, completed in 1886, was originally the only sports facility for indoor team competitions, in addition to gymnastics, boxing, wrestling and other sports, plus other non-sports activities, such as drill hall and ballroom. In 1930 Demonstration Hall was inaugurated, only to be replaced by Jenison Field house, built in 1939, with a seating capacity of 10,000. For five decades Jenison was the arena for basketball and other indoor sports. In the mid 1980s plans were underway to build a completely new sports arena for more than 30 million dollars. The new facility was expected to accommodate more than 15,000 spectators. Named after the university vice president, Jack Breslin, who had been a baseball, football and basketball star for MSU in the 1940s, the arena opened in the fall of 1989 at the cost of 43 million dollars. In 2000 right after the MSU Spartans basketball team won the National Championship, the university announced a $5.9 million addition to the Breslin Center. On Saturday October 11, 1924 Michigan Agriculture College Stadium or "College Field" was dedicated, in a game where the Aggies faced the University of Michigan Wolverines. The state governor, the presidents of M.A.C. and U. of M. delivered inaugural speeches for the occasion. The stadium replaced the Old College Field and could accommodate 14,000 spectators. The original building has been practically rebuilt in three different occasions. In the first time -in 1935- its name was changed to Macklin Field, with renovations that increased fan capacity to 26,000. Thirteen years later, in 1948, the second rebuilding would take place, and the facility's name was changed to Macklin Stadium, with accommodation for 51,000 people. In 1956 the stadium underwent yet another significant transformation and became Spartan Stadium with capacity for 76,000 spectators.

    29. Sports 123
    Archive of sports history including the top 3 finalists from Olympics and major championships worldwide.
    Last update: October 31, 2010, 13:40 cest SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 Rugby Men: South Africa: Currie Cup Scoreboard Baseball: MLB JPN
    Volleyball: W-World Championships BEL FRA GER ... WNET
    Rugby: CEL ENG FRA NZL ... SAF American Football: CFL NCAA
    Football: AUS BEL BRA ENG ... USA FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29 Football Men: Ireland: Premier Division 1. Shamrock Rovers, 2. Bohemians, 3. Sligo Rovers Scoreboard Volleyball: W-World Championships FRA GRE POL
    Ice Hockey: NHL CZE FIN RUS ... AHL American Football: CFL NCAA
    Basketball: NBA ADR AUS BAL ... WSPA Handball: WHUN
    Football: ALG AUS BEL BRN ... TUR Rugby: CEL FRA NZL Waterpolo: HUN ITA THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28 Scoreboard Baseball: MLB American Football: NCAA
    Basketball: NBA EL WEL WEC ... NET
    Ice Hockey: NHL CZE FIN GER ... AHL Volleyball: NET RUS
    Football: BOL BRA BULC DENC ... WNET WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27 Scoreboard Baseball: MLB Ice Hockey: NHL RUS AHL
    Basketball: NBA EL WEL WEC ... WPOL Football: CSA AUT BLRC BELC ... VEN Waterpolo: HUN ITA Volleyball: BEL GER POL Handball: WGER WHUN WNET WNOR TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26 Scoreboard Basketball: NBA CZE GER NET Ice Hockey: NHL CZE FIN GER ... AHL Football: ALG BELC BRN BULC ... UAE American Football: NCAA MONDAY, OCTOBER 25

    30. The Greatest Sports Year: 1991
    Sports Illustrated has claimed 1998 as the greatest sports year in history, and it seems most people agree. Wel they can have it. Here is why 1991 is greater than 1998.
    The Greatest Sports Year: 1991
    Sports Illustrated magazine, just after 1998 was safely in the rear-view mirror, said that that year was the greatest sports year ever. Ninety-eight was a phenomenal year, sure, with two sluggers chasing the greatest record in sports and Michael Jordan exiting basketball with a championship-winning shot. But it's possible that 1998 was not even the best sports year in its decade. The year of 1991 was a better sports year than 1998, and the best way to prove it is to go sport by sport. If you like college football confusion, you'll love either 1991 or 1998. Ninety-one both began and ended in split national titles (Colorado/Georgia Tech and Miami/Washington). The sportswriters and the coaches agreed for the next few years, but they split again in early 1998, declaring both Nebraska and Michigan the champion. By the end of the year, the Rose Bowl joined the new and controversial Bowl Championship Series, which crowned Tennessee as its unlikely champion. For the college basketball fan, there is no question that 1991 was a better year than 1998. After Duke had lost to UNLV in the 1990 NCAA final by a record margin, Hurley, Laettner, Hill, and company met Johnson, Augmon, Anthony, and Hunt in a national semifinal that was one of the greatest games ever played. After winning 79-77, the Blue Devils defeated Kansas to win their first national title. Earlier in the tournament, March Madness was redefined as a 15 seed defeated a mighty number 2 (Richmond over Syracuse, 73-69). In 1998, by comparison, Kentucky came back to defeat Utah to end an NCAA tournament that was good but not great.

    31. Home Page
    IASMHF brings together over 130 member institutions worldwide for the promotion of sports history.
    Member Login
    Diane Imrie named 2010 Schroeder Award winner Diane Imrie has been named the 2010 winner of ISHA's prestigious Schroeder Award. She'll be honored on Oct. 13 in San Diego at ISHA's 40th Annual Conference.
    More >
    40th Annual Conference at San Diego Hall of Champions
    Featured Member
    Thessaloniki Olympic Museum The Thessaloniki Olympic Museum of Greece presents the historical evolution of sports. More about Thessaloniki Olympic Museum >
    From Our Collections
    Johnny Unitas' high tops The shoes worn by quarterback Johnny Unitas at the end of his career that are part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's collection. More about this Artifact >
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    Upcoming Events
    October 2010 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Click calendar date to view events More Events Website Design and Development by, Inc.

    32. Leadership And Legacy - Athletics And The University Of Oregon | Timeline
    Sports, essays, photographs and timeline illustrate the history of sports at the University of Oregon

    33. Sport-Seen
    Answers to sports questions and trivia. Includes cricket statistics, sports history, Olympic games, and ratings and rankings.
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    Get the Live Cricket Scores widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox ! Not seeing a widget? ( More info Thank you for visiting.
    I hope you can use these pages as a reference, for your sports trivia nights, or maybe settle a bet with a friend.
    Please email me, if you have any questions regarding these pages.
    Sports News
    AFL Basketball ... Top Stories Recent highlights Gai Waterhouse trained Descarado wins Caulfield Cup Gai Waterhouse won her first Caulfield Cup when Descarado ploughed through the heavy conditions to score a gritty win in the $2.5 million feature.
    Cricket Statz Pro
    Cricket Statz Pro is the most advanced cricket statistics software available to those that are serious about their statistics.
    CURRENT CHAMPIONS for 2009 - 2010
    Golf Majors Australian Leagues Australian Horse Racing Other Leagues ... Tennis Majors Women US OPEN McDOWELL Graeme US MASTERS MICKELSON Phil US PGA KAYMER Martin BRITISH OPEN OOSTHUIZEN Louis
    2007 ODI World Cup Stats

    eDrishti Creations

    34. Sports History Wiki - Sports History
    Welcome to The Sports History Wiki. This is a collaborative project to get all sports information into one place. This will never be done and constantly updated.

    35. Boomerang Association Of Australia
    The club publishes magazines, runs tournaments, and in general promotes the sport and history of boomerangs.
    @import "base.css"; Home News Events Articles ... Links
    Boomerang Association of Australia
    Welcome to the Boomerang Association of Australia, a non-profit club formed in 1969 in Melbourne, and now with members from all around Australia, and indeed internationally. We run tournaments, publish magazines, and in general promote the sport and history of boomerangs! Right here our goal is to teach you how to throw a boomerang where to buy a boomerang , list the latest boomerang competitions and demonstrations , and explain the materials and construction of boomerangs . Plus we'll show how boomerang throwing is a sport , and, if you're not having any luck, why your ! At worst, you can still admire the boomerang plans and photos And, of course, along with the latest in local news hunting or throwing stick is not the same as a (returning) boomerang! The Boomerang Association of Australia also provides web sites for some local Australian clubs: Boomerang Throwing Association of New South Wales (BTANSW)
    Victorian Boomerang Throwing Association (VBTA)
    Home News ... Links

    36. Sports History Of China
    Some known ancient cultural relics have provided evidence that healthbuilding activities appeared in China over 4,000 years ago.
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  • Home Chinese Culture
  • Chinese Culture
    Filed In:
  • Chinese Culture
  • Sports History of China Part 1: Before the Western Han Dynasty More of this Feature Part 2: Tang to Yuan
    Part 3: Minority Sports

    Join the Discussion "What does Confucianism say about evolution and creation?"

    Related Resources Chinese Ghost
    Town God Temple

    Articles by Topic

    Some known ancient cultural relics have provided evidence that health-building activities appeared in China over 4,000 years ago. By the time of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1066-771 BC) archery and cauldron lifting had emerged as sports activities in their own right. To get a complete and vivid picture of the development of ancient China's sports, go to the China Sports Museum, which lies in the southeastern corner of the National Olympic Sports Center in the northern suburbs of Beijing. It is an octagonal spiral building flanked on one side by a huge sloping wall with its highest point protruding out of the center of the structure. The huge wall, 36.5 meters high and looking like a large flag or a mountain peak reaching up to the sky, symbolizes the pinnacle that China's athletes reach for. Displayed in its six exhibition halls are over 1,000 photos, 800 objects, 300 historical documents and cultural relics, 30 sand table models and 20 rubbings and paintings reflecting China's more than 5,000 years of sports culture and many sports activities of her 56 ethnic groups.

    37. Welcome To
    Lets fans share information on the sport, its history, read player profiles, articles and links.
    Home Blog Archive Features ... Player Profiles
    Welcome to
    January 5, 2008 Welcome to my newly redesigned site. Beginning in 2008, the site has been revamped and refocused, along with being given a facelift. The most popular pages and features from the old site will be retained, including the baseball card guide, the player profiles, and the most popular essays. In addition, an archive of public domain baseball materials will be established to provide access to documents important to the game. I welcome comments and suggestions regarding the new site as I continue to develop it.
    Featured Content
    January 9, 2008 by Ted Here are our most popular featured articles:
    Quote of the Week
    People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring. Rogers Hornsby
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    38. Modern Sports History Including Culture The Beginnings And Major Events
    Sports History for the modern era from 1900 to today, the foundation, culture and technology that defines the sports and teams we have come to love and enjoy.
    Sports History
    Early Beginnings to the Current World Of Sports
    Enter your search terms Submit search form Web The People History
    Sports The History and Evolution
    Overview Though for many sports today is just another part of their daily lives, it is easy to forget that just 120 years ago, many of the sports we take for granted did not yet exist, and those that did would be barely recognizable to the modern sports audience. The history of modern sports details an evolution, from games played primarily for entertainment and leisure to an industry rivaling any other in size and power.
    Popular Culture Influence With that evolution came an increase in influence. Sports over the last hundred years has affected modern popular culture and has often reflected changing social attitudes and standards. Sports has also seen advances in techniques and achievements in records and levels that reflect the commitment by sportsman, sportswomen and training to be the best. Fashions now often reflect sports clothing, partly because of the money injected into sports by fashion houses and partly because of our desire to emulate our heroes and heroines.
    Politics Along with an increase in influence over popular culture has come an increase in political influence. This can include athletes using their fame to run for office, office-seekers using athletes to boost their candidacy, boycotts to boost causes – most famously the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and most recently the immigration law passed in Arizona – and using sports as a way to reach certain demographics.

    39. Indianapolis Olympians - Sports History
    The Olympians were founded in 1949 to replace the Indianapolis Jets. The Olympians were led by University of Kentucky alumni Alex Groza and Ralph Beard, both of whom were key

    40. Bar Billiards - Online Guide
    Features information on the sport, with history, basic rules and descriptions of the various tables.
    The Online Guide to Traditional Games
    Features Board Games
    Bar Billiards - History and Useful Information
    Lawn Games Pub Games Game Index Table Games ... Where to Buy
    English Bar Billiards
    The similarity of Bar Billiards with Bagatelle , a game that was very popular for more than a century after 1770 is so evident that it seems highly likely that Bar Billiards is a derivative of Bagatelle via some lineage but that lineage is, at present, unknown. For more information on this earlier game, please visit the separate page on the history of Bagatelle Beyond that assumed and mysterious connection, it isn't known how Bar Billiards originated but in the early 1930s an Englishman called David Gill observed a game called Russian Billiards (Billiard Russe) being played in Belgium. A Russian link is therefore a possibility but it seems more likely that the game was named so as to sound slightly exotic to the ears of West Europeans at the time (in the same way as for Chinese Checkers and Polish Draughts There are a number of variations in table sizes and rules. The Jersey tables were apparently

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