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         Sports History:     more books (100)
  1. Hawai'I Sports: History, Facts, and Statistics (Latitude 20 Books) by Dan Cisco, 1999-07
  2. The 30 Greatest Sports Conspiracy Theories of All-Time: Ranking Sports' Most Notorious Fixes, Cover-ups, and Scandals by Elliott Kalb, 2009-07-01
  3. Sport in Latin America and the Caribbean (Jaguar Books on Latin America) by Joseph L. Arbena, 2002-05-01
  4. Sport in Britain: A Social History
  5. Corvette C5 (Sports Car Color History) by Patrick Paternie, 2004-02-29
  6. Sports Illustrated The Golf Book by Editors of Sports Illustrated, 2009-10-13
  7. The Field: Truth and Fiction in Sport History by Douglas Booth, 2006-02-13
  8. 100 Athletes Who Shaped Sports History by Timothy Jacobs, Russell Roberts, 2003-11
  9. A Social History of English Rugby Union by Tony Collins, 2009-03-05
  10. Pay for Play: A History of Big-Time College Athletic Reform (Sport and Society) by Ronald A. Smith, 2010-12-01
  11. Sports Illustrated: The College Football Book by Editors of Sports Illustrated, 2008-10-14
  12. Sports in American Life: A History by Richard O. Davies, 2007-01-09
  13. The World's Game: A HISTORY OF SOCCER (Illinois History of Sports) by Bill Murray, 1998-01-01
  14. Mazda Rx-7 (Sports Car Color History) by John Matras, 1994-11

41. Sports History
A recommendation list of sports history readings. 20012003 Sports history books and items from Amazon Vintage sports posters art prints
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    42. Kepopas
    Introduction to the sport with history, sled models, photos, and technique. Summer kicking devices also included.
    Kicksled Primer
    Kicksled club Ketkupolkka, Helsinki 1987-1999 Introduction to kicksledding Places for kicksledding
    • Road traffic
    • Outdoor paths ... Top
      Kicksledding is physical activity for the new millennium. It is a pleasant and environmental-friendly sport for everybody. Snowy and icy winters offer unsurpassed possibilities for kicksledding even in areas without any specific sports facilities. Kicksled is a traditional means of transportation in Nordic countries. However, its significance has decreased as the use of motor vehicles has increased. Furthermore, many roads and streets are sanded and salted to increase the traction of wheeled vehicles, reducing the suitable places for kicksledding. White Christmas in the past ... and nowadays (Suomen Kuvalehti 30.11.1963) Although kicksledding is still part of everyday life in Nordic countryside and small towns, there are no books on the market presenting kicksledding as a fitness activity. This compact primer is written in order to guide beginning kicksledders as well as general sports enthusiasts by introducing the most important aspects of kicksledding from its proud history to available equipment. The primer might give new insight also to an experienced kicksledder. One can learn faster kicking techniques and training tips. In addition, the guide helps to find suitable conditions for kicksledding.

    43. - History Of Sports History of Sports - Sports are timeless activities; ones that humans have enjoyed since at least ancient times, as exemplified by the Greek Olympic Games.
    Education Money Autos Hybrids ... Bulk Products
    See Also: History of Sports The Most Famous History of Holidays Science Mysteries ...

    Choose a History to View:
    Hockey Football Tennis ... Ancient Sports
    History of Sports: A Quick History of Sports
    Sports are timeless activities; ones that humans have enjoyed since at least ancient times, as exemplified by the Greek Olympic Games.
    Featured Histories History of Hockey
    History of Football

    History of Basketball
    History of Tennis ...
    Ancient Sports
    History of Sports Sports are timeless activities; ones that humans have enjoyed since at least ancient times, as exemplified by the Greek Olympic Games. Indeed, ethnographic and archaeological evidence such as cave paintings and the accounts of early European explorers indicate sports may well go back to the very beginning of humankind. More Your Ad Here History of Soccer The history of Soccer or football takes it origins back over 3000 years.  One cannot exactly point out as to when and where the game actually began.  A lot of references agree that China is the birthplace of “kicking the ball”. Documentary evidence reveals that an organized activity resembling football transpired during the 2nd century BC in the reign of the Han Dynasty.  More History of Golf Most sports historians trace golf’s origins to a type of land hockey played in Flanders in the middle ages. It is suggested that three Scotsmen fighting in a regiment allied with the French witnessed the game and took it home to Scotland where golf as we know it took root.

    44. Illinois Press Book Blog » Sports History
    Author appreciation, broadcast bulletins, event ephemera recent reviews from the University of Illinois Press

    45. Sports History @
    Mousepad Mousepad Mousepad Today is Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Today in Sports History 1990 Wayne Gretzky became the first NHL player to reach 2,000 points.
    Today is Sunday, October 31, 2010
    Today in
    Sports History
    - The Milwaukee Bucks won their first game. They beat Detroit 138-118.
    - The NHL's New Jersey Devils announced that they would stay in New Jersey.
    - Bryan White sang the National Anthem at the Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville prior to the game between the Tennessee Titans and the St. Louis Rams. Following the game, White gave his second annual Howl-O-Ween concert at the north end of the coliseum.
    - In Miami Beach, FL, Jose Canseco was involved in a nightclub brawl. Canseco later violated his probation and was sentenced to two years of house arrest and three years probation.
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    Sports Quote I didn't like the '50s, you know. I appreciate Elvis, but I'm not a big fan. I'm not a rockabilly fan. And the '60s and early '70s were, to me, the greatest times to live. - Brett Hull

    46. - History - Croquet
    Hickok Sport s history of croquet worldwide and in America.
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Table of Contents
    Although croquet is a rather young sport, its ancestry can be traced at least to the 14th century, and there are a couple of stories about how it originated. One is that lawn bowlers developed an indoor form of their sport to be played during the winter, adding hoops and mallets to make the game more challenging on the much smaller playing area. This indoor version of lawn bowling then moved back outdoors and become known in France as paille-maille ("ball-mallet"). The other is that paille-maille was originally a form of outdoor billiards. However, judging by what scanty documentation there is, billiards seems to have come along about a century later. It's quite possible that the movement went the other waythat paille-maille moved indoors and become billiards. In any event, the sport existed for several centuries without becoming particularly popular. Scottish golfers seem to have taken it up, possibly as a kind of practice, during the 16th century and, when James VI of Scotland became James I of England in 1604, he brought paille-maille equipment as well as golf clubs to his new court. Played during the 17th century by Charles II and his courtiers at St. James's Park in London, the name of the game was anglicized to Pall Mall, which also became the name of a nearby street. "Mall" then turned into a generic word for any street used for public strolls. And now, of course, it usually refers to an enclosed area where people stroll from store to store.

    47. Sports History
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    48. The American Sportscasters Association-Hall Of Fame
    Honors and preserves the legendary voices that have accompanied sports history s greatest moments.
    Hall of Fame "The ASA Hall of Fame was established to honor those sportscasters who have achieved excellence in the field of sportscasting. Since 1984, annual Hall of Fame induction ceremonies have been held to recognize the abilities of the world's top sportscasters. Their accomplishments will be recognized and perpetuated in the ASA Hall of Fame." Dick Enberg, ASA Chairman The ASA Hall of Fame memorialized the illustrious careers of those who gave voice to sports history's greatest moments. The Hall of Fame was officially opened on February 26, 1998, and was located in the MCI National Sports Gallery in Washington, D.C. It featured rare memorabilia, the greats on interactive display, and it traced the history of sports broadcasting since its inception in the early 1920's. A popular attraction allowed fans to recreate early radio broadcasts from a scrolling LED board or dial their favorite sportscasters' most famous calls. (The 25,000 sq. ft. National Sports Gallery located in the MCI Center in Washington, D.C., was officially closed in 2000 to make room for office space.) The ASA is actively pursuing a new space in which to house its Hall of Fame.

    49. The Journal Of Sports History — Sports And Their Place In History
    Sports and their place in History As grown men reflect on their youth, most recall having had at least one boyhood hero.

    50. - Sports History Questions Including "What Was The Name Of The First
    Sports History Questions including Was there ever a time when there were no Olympics and What are the most important events at the Olympics games

    51. Chip Taylor Communications
    DVDs, videos and digital streaming files for all ages. How-to, entertainment, education, documentaries, arts, humanities, sports, history, and health.
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  • 52. Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland - One Of Irelands Most Visited Tourists Sites
    An information source for the area including shopping, community, tourism, sport, history, recreation and travel.
    Russborough House, Blessington - Open for Arranged visits during Winter Months You are very welcome to these virtual pages on Glendalough, its amenities, services, and views. The site is managed by the Haven Design Ltd Any comments are welcome, and we encourage link s to any interesting information. These should be e-mailed to Please enjoy and make your selection from the interesting trai l of connections below. Alternatively why not take time out and travel to Glendalough, in County Wicklow, and visit one of the most famous places in Ireland, where St, Patrick and St Kevin passed through. Visit the Round Tower or ancient monaastic places and churches. You may like to stay with some of the local people in the welcome accommodation! NEW DUBLIN CITY LUNCHTIME MARKET ... CLICK HERE
    Enjoy Glendalough
    Glendalough Search A rare opportunity to acquire a spacious detached period residence built c 1884 to a design by the renowned Victorian Architect Thomas Deane. Click Here WALKING HOLIDAYS IN WICKLOW
    This weeks Special Attraction:
    Glendalough Newsletters Eating and Entertainment Virtual Community Pages - Local Glendalough Bus Service - St Kevins ... Arts and Crafts, Shopping

    53. Sports History. Historical Facts About The Origins Of College Sport And Games.
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    Who invented Your Sport or game
    The game of Badminton was invented a long time ago; its origins go back at least 2000 years to the game of shuttlecock and battledore played in ancient India, Greece and China. Baseball originated before the American Civil War (1861-1865) as rounders, a humble game played on sandlots. Early champions of the game fine-tuned it to include the kind of skills and mental judgment that made cricket respectable in England. In particular, scoring and record-keeping gave baseball gravity. Basketball James Naismith, a Canadian, invented the game of basketball in 1891 while working at the YMCA. College at Springfield, Massachusetts. The first official basketball game was played at the Springfield, MA YMCA Training School. The University of Chicago played its first college basketball game, defeating the Chicago YMCA Training School 19-11, in 1894.

    54. Welcome To Attica Online
    Local news, sports and history
    NOTICE: The City of Attica has been notified by Norfolk Southern Railroad that the North Perry Street railroad crossing will be closed on October 11th for about 3-4
    days to replace ties and rails.
    (Updated 10/5/10) 2010 Attica Turkey Trot
    Charity 5kWalk/Run
    Proceeds to benefit Attica Food Pantry supported through A.S.K. INFO PAGE About This Event
    What a better way to start Thanksgiving Day than to get some exercise and provide food for people in Attica. This event is a 5K charity run/walk. All proceeds will go to benefit the Attica Food Pantry, supported by A.S.K. The event will start and finish at Attica High School in Attica IN. Date
    Thursday, November 25, 2010. Start time for the Run/Walk is 9:00am Rain or Shine. Location /Parking
    Attica High School Attica IN Attica High School is located at 211 E. Sycamore St. Parking is available in the school lot.
    Map Location
    Scenic Course
    The 5K course will have you winding through downtown and neighborhoods of charming Attica The course has some a few slight hills, but is fairly flat. (

    55. Sports History
    The Reading Cottage can help teachers find lesson plans and other teaching aids, assist students with homework, aid business executives with corporate planning, and provide
    Find your favorite books, teacher resources, homework help for students, classic literature, sports history, the best online university libraries and more.
    Nonfiction Award Winners Featured in the Media ... Wish List
    Educational Resources Special Interest Teacher Resources Student Resources History of Sports Classics Online ... Business Education Sports History
    Multiple resources on the history of sports from early BC to the present.
    Sports history includes football history, basketball history, baseball history, ice hockey history, golf history, boxing history, triathlon, horseracing, soccer, and the Olympics. Sports history is an intriguing topic with interests for every age group, male and female. Sports history takes us through all types of cultures and geographical regions.
    A Brief History of the Game of Golf

    Auto Racing History
    - Features types of auto racing, famous automobile races, and regulatory bodies. The race most popularly associated with the sport of auto racing is the Indianapolis 500, so called because contestants must cover 500 mi (about 805 km); it has been held annually on Memorial Day since 1911. With crowds averaging 400,000, the Indianapolis 500 auto racing event is the best-attended sports event in the U.S.
    Baseball History
    - Baseball is a competitive athletic game of skill played with a hard ball and a bat by two opposing nine-player teams, widely regarded as the American national sport. Among the earliest games to be played professionally in the U.S., baseball is also the most popular; it daily attracts crowds of fans to parks and stadiums where it is played, is followed by millions more over radio and television, and is reported extensively in almost every newspaper in the country.

    56. MediaETHIOPIA - Your Ultimate Portal To Ethiopia.
    Portal with news, arts, sports, history, travel notes.
    H is account of the border demarcation in the vast Ethiopian territory of Ogaden between the English (English Somaliland) and Ethiopia in the pre-World War II era is one of the most anticipated works of Historical significance. This upcoming work to be published by the AAU press will be based on the notes he took in his capacity as member of the border commission appointed by Emperor Haile Selassie. Blaten Geta Mersie Hazen W/Qirqos was a prolific writer whose works - thanks to his son Amha MH - continue to be valuable as landmark documents of Ethiopian way of life in the early 20th Century. The Blaten Geta is perhaps most remembered by the text book he wrote in early the century. What was the name of the book that almost all students in Ethiopia preparing for the national exams had to read? B iography of Jegnaw Lt. General Jagama Kello - as written by Ato Fikre Markos Desta - is published in Ethiopia by Shama. The book entitled 'Yebegaw Mebreq' documents the extraordinary life of this hero who - at one point - led as many as 2500 freedom fighters during the Italian invasion. At the young age of only 18, he led the Ethiopian patriot forces who liberated the town of Woliso from the Italians.
    The three 'qnewoch' are taken from Negadras Tessema Eshete's classic book 'Semna Worku' (authored by Yidnekachew Tessema). Composed more than 50 years ago, these pieces seem to have a remarkable relevance in today's Ethiopia. What are their meanings? Answers to

    57. The PRCC Story--Sports History
    Pearl River College has a long tradition of winning on the gridiron and courts. This page outlines that tradition.
    powered by FreeFind
    Poplarville, Mississippi All rights reserved. Contact: Webmaster
    Last Update 9-16-2003

    Sports History (Note: This section is incomplete. All research has not been completed. We are posting the new information as our research progresses. If you have any helpful suggestions or information email the webmaster. Pearl River Community College's Athletic tradition spans most of this century and includes some prominent and memorable sports figures, athletes, and coaches. Football Pearl River County Agricultural High School played its first football game in 1911, according to information gathered by former Director of Public Relations, Larry Stanford, for the Wildcats Roar sports magazine: ...Making its debut in 1911, the first-ever Wildcat team finished with a 2-1-1 record under head coach Blonde Williams (See Note Below.) The first game ever played by Pearl River (County Agricultural High School) was against Laurel in a hard-fought defensive battle that ended in an uncharacteristic 5-5 tie. Later in the debut season, halfback and Captain George Pearson scored Pearl Rivers first touchdown...Besides Pearson, other members of the Wildcats inaugural squad included tackle Basil Breland, tackle Ned Cooper, center Seancy Davis, guard Clyde Fulton, quarterback L.A. Hurst, guard John Lumpkin, end Tom Pearson, fullback Luther Smith, end Clarence Stewart, and halfback Hubert Strahan. Editor's Note: Blonde Williams, it is discovered, was not the first coach, but was listed as the coach for Mississippi Normal College's (now USM) football team and served as a referee at this game. The first football coach was Mr. L. A. Hurst. Mr. Hurst served as the school's second Agricultural teacher. During those times, the coach would often play as well. Hurst played on and coached the Pearl River "Aggies," as the team was known. This inaugural football team, after beating Laurel 6-3 claimed the State prep school championship. Their claim was not challenged.

    58. Sports Central
    Learn about major sports, their history, and the changes they ve undergone over the years.
    Thanks for visiting our site. You are visitor number:
    We hope that you find this experience both educational and fun.
    Enter into the halls of history.

    Remember this address, and visit us again sometime.

    59. Bartlesville Area History: Bartlesville Sports History
    Bartlesville Sports History Basketball. In 1920 Phillips Petroleum began its sponsorship of the 66ers basketball team which accumulated a 1,543 to 271 record, won two Olympic

    Advanced Search
    Bartlesville Carrels City History
    City Attractions

    County Info

    Area Indian Tribes
    Oil History

    Sports History
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    Sports Shortcuts Basketball

    Swimming ... High School
    Bartlesville Sports History
    In 1920 Phillips Petroleum began its sponsorship of the basketball team which accumulated a 1,543 to 271 record, won two Olympic Trial championships, captured 11 Amateur Athletic Union crowns, produced 39 AAU All-Americans and yielded four company presidents - Boots Adams, Paul Endacott, Bill Martin, and Pete Silas. The field house at College High in Bartlesville was paid for by the Phillips Foundation and provided a home for the team until the Adams Building gym was built downtown. The team disbanded in 1968 because of increased competition from professional teams. Four former 66ers made the Sports Illustrated '50 from 50' list from various states: Bob Kurland from Missouri, Burdy Halderson from Minnesota, Chuck Darling from Colorado, and Gary Thompson from Iowa. In addition to that recognition

    60. The Calgary Balloon Club
    Alberta, Canada. A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of hot air ballooning as a recreational sport. Contains history, activities and membership information.
    The Calgary Balloon Club Photo by Wayne Emde Who are we Weather Conditions What do we do Current Calgary Weather@ YYC Why do we do it Current Calgary Weather@ COP ... Friends of the Calgary Balloon Club powered by website analytics program. Last Updated October 25, 2010 C-to-Sky logo property of the Calgary Balloon Club, used with permission

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