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  1. Dancing at Halftime: Sports and the Controversy over American Indian Mascots by Carol Spindel, 2002-10-01
  2. The Handbook of Mascots & Nicknames: A Guide to the Nicknames of All Senior, Junior, and Community Colleges Throughout the United States and Canada by Peter J. Fournier, 2003-08
  3. Mascots: Football's Furry Friends (Sport (Tempus)) by Rick Minter, 2004-09-01
  4. Damn Good Dogs: The Real Story of Uga, the University of Georgia's Bulldog Mascots by Sonny Seiler, Kent Hannon, 2006-11-01
  5. Here come the bears: The story of the Baylor University mascots by Eugene W Baker, 1996
  6. Go Team!Mascots of the SEC by Delia Corrigan, Elizabeth Tighe, 2008-07
  7. Sports Mascots: Black Swan Emblems and Popular Culture, Native American Mascot Controversy
  8. College Nicknames: And Other Interesting Sports Traditions by C. Joanne Sloan, Cheryl Watts, et all 1993-01
  9. The Multi-million Pound Mascot by Chris Powling, 2001-06-14
  10. The Professional Mascot Handbook by Daren Ahearn, 1982-03
  11. Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy
  12. The man behind the mascot mask.(Raven's Eye: Special Section providing news from BC & Yukon)(Interview): An article from: Windspeaker by Sam Laskaris, 2010-02-01
  13. Bad duck gets home game timeout for fighting with Houston mascot.(Sports): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2007-09-08
  14. The Story of John the Orange-Man: Being a Short Sketch of the Life of Harvard's Popular Mascot

1. Sports, Mascots, And Native Americans - The Boston Globe
Jun 05, 2005 WHAT'S IN a name? For sports fans, quite a lot, as the nickname of their favorite pro or college team is a topic of great interest. And today, Shakespeare's famous query

2. Sports Mascots Cartoons And Comics
Sports Mascots cartoons from the CartoonStock directory the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics.

3. Sports Mascots - Mascots For Sporting Events And Sports Teams.
Custom Mascot produces all different kinds of mascots including corporate mascots, sports characters, international mascots and school mascots. Custom Sports Mascot Design.
Sports Mascots - Mascot Accessories - Custom Mascots
Sports Mascots - Team Mascots - Sports Characters - Character Costumes
Custom Mascot
Design Services Sports Mascots Corporate Mascots International Mascots School Mascots ... Order Mascot Sports Mascots - Custom Mascot Design Services Mascots are most popularly known at sporting events . What better way to entertain the audience than with fun antics of your own mascot.
Custom Mascot is proud to have produced many sports mascots the most memorable being the Clarksville Fox mascot Trixy. Trixy is a good will ambassador spreading fun and promoting the Woman's Semi Pro football club Clarksville Fox. Coach Fox approached Custom Mascot with a dream, he knew it had to be a fox but was not sure how to show the female side of the sport. Up Front Mascots' talented art department worked one on one with Coach Fox and Trixy was born. Trixy a sassy, mascot with large eye lashes and perky nose, represent the female side of football with class and elegance. On the other side is cuddly Rocky Racoon. Rocky has been a long time fan favorite of the Kelowna Rockets. Rocky has made an impact in his community with hugs and hand shakes for everyone. Rocky is fun, loveable and very personable. He attends many community events. Rocky wears his team jersey, and is known to skate at the half time show. Blizzard not a wolf, not a bear but somewhere in between. He has a full muscle chest with long flowing fur that moves in the wind as he is screaming around the ice. His don't mess with me face tells all around Blizzard means business. While stopping for a hug and slap on the back, that is always the center of attention. Blizzard had a unique problem, when he was ready to ship to Baker lake there was a snow storm, as he has to coordinate with 3 airlines to get to his home up north, the staff worked closely with the staff at the air lines, and the Blizzard team, He arrived on time and was a hit from day one, and the team won the game.

4. Sports Mascots Topics At Duck Duck Go
Berlino Berlino, an anthropomorphic bear, was the mascot for the 2009 World Championships in Athletics held in Berlin, Germany, noted for his hyperactivity and celebrations with

5. America's Top Sports Mascots -
Jan 27, 2009 Mets fans have at least one thing to cheer about this year.

6. Sports, Mascots, And Native Americans - The Boston Globe
Jun 05, 2005 WHAT'S IN a name? For sports fans, quite a lot, as the nickname of their favorite pro or college team is a topic of great interest. And today, Shakespeare's famous query

7. Sports Mascots
Sports mascots . Angus the Bull is the official Football Mascot for Aberdeen F.C.. more on Wikipedia about Angus the Bull Benny the Bull, commonly known as Benny, is the
Sports mascots
Angus the Bull is the official Football Mascot for Aberdeen F.C.. ...more on Wikipedia about "Angus the Bull" Benny the Bull , commonly known as Benny, is the mascot of the Chicago Bulls. ...more on Wikipedia about "Benny the Bull" BJ Birdie was the mascot for the Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, from August 31, 1979, to December 1999. BJ resembled a large blue bird, and was similar to the early San Diego Chicken. He was designed and played by costume designer Kevin Shanahan for the entire twenty years of his tenure, and was replaced by Ace and Diamond. ...more on Wikipedia about "BJ Birdie" Broxi Bear is the official pre-match mascot of Rangers Football Club. Its name is derived from Rangers' home stadium, in the Ibrox area of Glasgow, Scotland. He is blue. ...more on Wikipedia about "Broxi Bear" Burnie is the mascot of the Miami Heat, an NBA basketball team. Burnie is a rough depiction of a flame with a basketball for a nose. ...more on Wikipedia about "Burnie (mascot)" Abdul Jalil (b. Sialkot, North-West Pakistan) aka

8. Category:Sports Mascots - Wikimedia Commons
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Category:Sports mascots
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9. Top Five Weirdest Sports Mascots - Associated Content -
The top five strangest critters shaking it at sporting events.
AC.base_www = '/'; AC.base_adm = ''; AC.base_img = ''; AC.base_siteimg = ''; Associated Content Home Sports
  • Home Sports
  • Top Five Weirdest Sports Mascots
    Adjust font-size: Published August 17, 2009 by: Chrystal Gubanche View Profile Follow Add to Favorites ... Snow Sports Sports mascots are fuzzy, lovable creatures designed to pump up the fans, shoot t-shirts and embarrass the other team. Children love mascots. One of the highlights of a game for kids is having their picture taken with the team mascot. Some of these mascots are fierce, some cute, but some are downright strange. Here's a list of the top five strangest mascots:
    5. Otto the Orange, Syracuse University. You would expect to find a giant orange with a face running around in Florida, but in Syracuse, New York? Not so much. Syracuse used to be known as the Saltine Warriors until the Native American student organization protested. They went quite a while without a mascot until claiming Otto in 1978. Chancellor Shaw attempted to replace Otto in 1995, but gave up due to student petitions and protests. So the poor, tropical orange lives on in the land of snow and ice.
    4. Brutus the Buckeye

    10. Sports - Mascots - Embroidery Designs
    Sports, sport mascots, animals, embroidered designs for your business, club, organization or personal use.
    Sports - Mascots
    Click on pictures for close up view
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    Always refer to design with both name and number.
    Eagle with Soccer Ball
    (E) szsp280
    Cardinal Head
    (E) eh24
    Cardinal Head side view
    (E) eh27
    Eagle Head front view (E) gh36 Eagle head side view (E) gh38 Gamecock side view (E) hh51 Gamecock front view (E) hh56 Wasp (E) wsp-50 Tiger (E) tg-603 Panther (E) pn-605 Panther Profile (E) pn-509 Cougar (E) ms4n03 Mascots Page: of 2 Click Here to Search for a design!

    11. The 10 Worst Sports Mascots Of All-Time - Dallas Sports - Sportatorium
    It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. In that order. There is a God .
    Blogs Top blog Stories Lists, Rankings and Guesstimations
    The 10 Worst Sports Mascots of All-Time
    By Richie Whitt Thu., Nov. 20 2008 @ 2:00PM Comments Categories: Lists, Rankings and Guesstimations

    12. List Of Mascots - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    4 Professional sports mascots; 5 Public service mascots; 6 Television and movie mascots; 7 Computer and video game mascots. 7.1 Company and system mascots
    List of mascots
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Here is a list of several known mascots
    edit College mascots
    edit Computing mascots

    13. Sports Mascots
    About sports teams mascots from the world of sport

    • home sports Resources
      Sports Mascots
      There have been mascots associated with sporting teams for a long time - the first college mascot was an English bulldog named "Handsome Dan" who was adopted as the Yale University mascot in 1889. A mascot is defined as any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck. Mascots have been used by many sporting teams in the form of a costumed person at matches to rev up the supporters. In more recent times, the mascots have an additional purpose and are used for merchandising too. Mascots can be based on many things, here are a few examples:
      • a desired quality, such as the courage of a lion they can symbolize a local or regional trait a local product or resource - oranges, corn a local industry - miners, farming animals - eagles, cougars, kangaroo, tiger
      Top Mascots
      Here are the Top 10 mascots as listed by the website. Just USA sports teams here. rank mascot team San Diego Chicken San Diego Padres Harvey the Hound
      Calgary Flames Phillie Phanatic Philadelphia Phillies Go (Gorilla) Phoenix Suns Rally Monkey Anaheim Angels PAWS
      Detroit Tigers The Orioles Bird Baltimore Orioles Wild Wing Anaheim Ducks Rocky
      Denver Nuggets Youppi!

    14. Sugars Mascots - Sugar's Mascots | Mascots For Sports - Colleges - Companies - T
    Producer of sports mascots, corporate mascots, and character mascots.
    Request Information Contact Us Sugar's Mascot Costumes are turning heads and capturing hearts across Canada, the United States, West Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as in Central and South America! It's not just the attention to detail that gives our mascot costumes heart, although it's there, too. The twinkle in the eye, a saucy grin, or a crowd-pleasing, huggable body. You'll also notice the heart in attention to safety, the mascot care we offer and the parental pride with which we announce events featuring our mascots.
    Mascots Enhance Awareness!
    Studies show that mascot costumes enhance awareness of your company, team or brand. Mascots make a great marketing tool! Unlike most marketing endeavors, a mascot can have immediate impact on revenue if used wisely, and should be viewed as a revenue stream. Besides rousing the fans at games or public events, a mascot can act as an ambassador at other functions, such as parades, festivals and community outreach programs. When you choose Sugar's Mascot Costumes, you get more than an excellent mascot costume. We can care for your mascot, repair mascots that have been hugged too many times, redesign or replicate mascot costumes and help with publicity when your mascot is appearing publicly.

    15. List Of Sports Team Names And Mascots Derived From Indigenous Peoples - Wikipedi
    Cultural appropriation Lists of sports teams Sports mascots Lists of names Indigenous culture
    List of sports team names and mascots derived from indigenous peoples
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search The following is a list of sports team names and mascots derived from indigenous peoples , including generically used terms, those named after specific peoples, and words or iconography derived from indigenous languages or traditions. Also see, List of ethnic sports team and mascot names which includes both names derived from peoples indigenous to the area where a sports team is based, as well as names derived from peoples not indigenous to the teams home. There is considerable controversy over these team names and mascots because various American Indians activist groups view them as disrespectful and offensive. Most notably, the National Congress of American Indians has issued a resolution opposing continued usage of Native team names, mascots, and logos. Various tribal entities have also issued resolutions opposing usage, as well. According to a 2002 Sports Illustrated article (Price, S.L. "The Indian Wars"

    16. 20 Most Bizarre College Sports Mascots | Boarding Schools Wizard
    From an angry ear of corn to a banana slug, some college mascots are too bizarre to be believed. Check out this list of the 20 Most Bizarre College Sports Mascots and find out
    Search Schools All Boys Boarding All Girls Boarding Co-Ed Schools College Prep Schools Day Boarding Schools Gifted Students Int'l. Baccalaureate Junior Boarding Learning Differences Military Schools Schools with ESL Summer Boarding
    20 Most Bizarre College Sports Mascots Posted on Tue, Aug 10, 2010 @ 07:00 AM by admin
    Tagged with: Sports boarding schools College Prep Schools Day Boarding Schools ...

    An apparent homage to the corn fields surrounding the campus of Concordia College, its mascot, Kernel the Cobber appears to be an angry ear of corn. Putting aside the fact that corn is not the most feared of all vegetables, Kernel does look particularly vicious. And weird. SOURCE
    2. Delta State University's Fighting Okra
    Delta State has long been known as the Statesmen in a nod to State Rep. Walter Sillers, Jr., who was the speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives for 20 years. However, in the late 1980s, a basketball player and some dorm mates were complaining to each other that a Fighting Statesman was not particularly frightening to their opponents. They wanted a mascot that was "mean and green." The discussion continued and one of the baseball players suggested that since it was green, fuzzy and tough, that okra would be the perfect mascot. Thereafter, the rally cry of, "Okra! Okra! Okra!" could be heard regularly at basketball games, prompting the creation of the unofficial Fighting Okra mascot. SOURCE
    3. Evergreen State College's Speedy the Geoduck

    17. The Mascot Photos
    Collection of fan photos with various professional sports mascots.
    Carl's Mascot Photos
    "If it had a point, it wouldn't be a hobby." Dogbert
    Update, September 27: a big green furry thing
    Want some mascot-themed AIM icons? Of course you do.
    Click here and save them to your computer. Please note that IE 6 shrinks JPGs to fit within a given window.
    So when you click the thumbnail and get the pop-up,
    You may be able to enlarge the picture by enlarging the window.
    Major League Baseball (National League) and national freelance mascots on this page
    Major League Baseball (American League)

    Minor League Baseball

    more Minor League Baseball

    Other People Part 2
    and Part 3
    The Phanatic, Philadelphia Phillies , August 1993.
    This one was taken at Dukes Stadium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Phanatic, like some other mascots, will occasionally tour with the team or do promotional gigs at other stadiums. Being a lifelong Phillies fan (or "phan," if you will), I couldn't pass up the chance to get a picture with our furry green friend. The Famous Chicken , February 1998. Better known as the San Diego Chicken. Strictly speaking, the Chicken isn't the Padres' mascot anymore; he freelances. I got this shot at a Chesapeake Icebreakers game. He was the first mascot I ever heard SAY anything (it was just "uh, sure" when I asked for a photo, but still). The small red-headed child isn't mine, thank you very much.

    18. America's Top Sports Mascots -
    Jan 15, 2008 Mean and scary is out, warm and fuzzy is inall the better to warm youngsters' hearts.

    19. Starbird Inc Embroidery Design Pack: Sports Mascots
    Looking for Sports Mascots embroidery design collections? You’ll find Sports Mascots by Starbird Inc and many more machine embroidery downloads at Inc/packs/1/CD071307AA.
    CART DOWNLOAD CONTACT WISHLIST MY ACCOUNT ... Help Embroidery Designs Embroidery Designs Top Selling Designs Free Embroidery Designs New Embroidery Designs ... Suggest A Design Licensed Designs Search By Vendors Search By Artists New Licensed Designs Licensed Design Packs Embroidery Packs Custom Packs Embroidery Design Packs Design Packs on CD Top Selling Packs ... Suggest A Design Embroidables Search By Vendor Personalizeable Pals Bib Buddies Lil' Rookies ... Embroidery Paper Embroidery Catalogs Embroidery Catalogs Great Notions Catalogs Dakota Collectibles Catalogs Balboa Catalogs ... Used Catalogs Embroidery Software Search By Vendor Designs Magazine Pantograms Software Dakota Collectibles Software ... Online Software Training Embroidery Equipment Search By Vendor Designs Magazine Brother Equipment Tajima Neo ... Suggest A Design Print Art Designs What is Print Art? New Print Art Designs Search By Vendor Browse By Category ... Search By Print Art Type Custom Digitizing Digitized Samples Check Status View Mailbox Request a Quote ... Our Pricing FreeEmbroideryStuff Free Embroidery Designs Free Embroidery Software Embroidery Classifieds Embroidery Articles ... Embroidery Tradeshows Education Materials Embroidery Articles Embroidery Projects New Embroidery Articles New Embroidery Projects What's New New Embroidery Articles New Embroidery Projects New Embroidery Designs New Embroidery Packs ... New Embroidery Fonts Gift Cards Purchase Gift Cards Redeem Gift Cards Embroidery Tools Thread Conversion Chart Online Conversion Tool Online Instant Lettering Custom Digitizing Freebies Embroidery Designs Embroidery Font Samples Embroidery Software Format Conversion ... Suggest A Design Product Details

    20. Monkey Boy Graphix T-Shirt Art. Simply The Most Creatively Designed Sports & Mas
    Black and white clip art illustrations of sports mascots, in vector EPS format. Individual images or collections available for purchase.

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