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  1. Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology w/Web Study Guide-5th Edition by Robert Weinberg, Daniel Gould, 2010-11-15
  2. Sport Psychology in Practice
  3. Directory of Psychological Tests in the Sport and Exercise Sciences
  4. Training Professionals in the Practice of Sport Psychology by John M., III Silva, et all 2007-07-30
  5. Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives by Tony Morris, Peter Terry, et all 2007-11-30
  6. The Psychology of Concentration in Sport Performers: A Cognitive Analysis by Aidan P. Moran, Aidan Moran, 1999-02-01
  7. EFT for Sports Performance by Gary Craig, 2010-10-15
  8. Cultural Sport Psychology by Robert Schinke, Stephanie Hanrahan, 2008-09-08
  9. Sport Psychology (with InfoTrac) by Arnold LeUnes, Jack R. Nation, 2001-11-07
  10. Sport and Exercise Psychology: A Critical Introduction by Aidan P. Moran, 2009-08-14
  11. Exploring Sport and Exercise Psychology
  12. Sport and Exercise Psychology: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides) by Ellis Cashmore, 2008-07-23
  13. Social Psychology in Sport by Sophia Jowett, David Lavallee, 2006-09-18
  14. A Sport Psychology Workbook for Riders by Ann Reilly, 2000-07-01

41. Stay In The Zone | Top Sports Doctors, Top Training, Top Equipment, Information,
Teaching people how to get in the zone and stay in the zone.
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  • About the Founder Where have We Lectured? Resources
Dr. Jay P. Granat
Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author, Lecturer, Coach of Champions, Founder Of
Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. The founder of, Dr. Granat has coached athletes and their families from virtually every sport from around the world. He has worked with an Olympic Gold Medalist, professional golfers, tennis pros and elite young athletes from many sports and has lectured to many teams, clinics, camps and to some of America’s largest corporations. A former university professor, he writes a weekly column for four newspapers and has appeared in The New York Times, Good Morning America, The BBC, The CBC, Sporting News, ESPN, The Newark Star Ledger, ESPN, Tennis Magazine, Tennis View Magazine, Iowa Golfer, Executive Golfer, New York Family Sports and The Bergen Record. Golf Digest named him one of America’s top ten mental gurus. Jay Granat, earned his Masters and Ph.D. in Counseling from The University of Michigan. He is the author of To Get In The Zone And Stay In The Zone With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis, How To Lower Your Golf Score With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis, How To Conquer Test Anxiety and How To Bowl In The Zone With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis and How To Break A Hitting Slump With Sport Psychology and Self-Hypnosis, 21 Creative Ways To Conquer Stress and 18 Ways To Relax With Self-Hypnosis, Meditation And Visualization How To Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute and Zone Tennis.

42. Matthew Keck - Adapt Psychotherapy Sports Psychology
Matthew Keck ADAPT Psychotherapy works. It has been shown effective for the treatment of a number of mental health problems. I specialize in treating eating disorders, sports
Home About Psychotherapy My Specializations The ADAPT Psychotherapy Approach ... The Waiting Room
Sports Psychology
What makes some athletes perform consistently better than others, given they have comparable athletic skills and training? What is the best way to coach youth athletes, through focusing on winning or focusing on having fun? Are there any mental techniques athletes can use to improve their performance? All of these questions are the types of questions sports psychology sets out to answer. Sports Psychology is a science that deals with the mental and emotional aspects of physical activity. By this definition, sports psychology can be useful to athletes of all levels, even just casual gym-goers. I utilize the principles of sports psychology in many different ways. One common way is working with teams and coaches on performance enhancement. This could be in the form of group dynamics work, building a more cohesive team unit, and working with individual players on mental techniques to enhance performance, and working with coaches on techniques to enhance player motivation. Another way I utilize sports psychology is working with athletes who are having clinical difficulties.

43. Sports Psychology And Mental Training For Sport |
Sports psychology and mental training resources for athletes, coaches and anyone interested in higher achievement.
Most Popular Mental Toughness Training Motivational Sports Speeches Managing Arousal and Anxiety Ken Ravizza ... Football (Soccer) Psychology
Sports Mind Skills has visualization, imagery and hypnosis MP3s to help anyone develop their mental skills for the challenges we face in sport and in life. Get into the minds of elite Athletes, Sports Psychs and Coaches and the mental skills required to perform your best! Download MP3s, videos and audio books and listen on your computer, MP3 player or iPod anytime, anywhere - they are particularly suited to be used as part of your pre-competition routine. Listen to the tracks again and again to put yourself in the zone - calm and focused for peak performance!
Do I need Mind Skills?
Has nervousness ever got in the way of you achieving your best? Do you ever dwell on mistakes or have trouble staying positive and determined? Do you easily become distracted or lose motivation for your goals? Do you want to get the edge on your competition? Whether you are an athlete, coach, teacher, parent or anyone wanting to learn new mind skills and sport psychology tools then this site is for you. Read more at Do I need Mind Skills?

44. Sports Psychology Podcast By
This week's sports psychology podcast is about when to start mental training with young athletes. This podcast helps youth coaches and sports parents understand when they can

45. Keith A. Kaufman, Ph.D.
Private practice in Washington, District of Columbia. Lists services provided, FAQs including sports psychology / mental fitness of athletes, and links to relevant articles authored by the provider.
Keith A. Kaufman, Ph.D.
com Having done my training in clinical psychology, with a focus in sport psychology, my practice offers a unique array of services for individuals interested in enhancing their performance or addressing current life challenges. Athletes and non-athletes of all ages are welcome. Among the types of sessions offered are:
  • Individual and group therapy sessions Individual and team consultation sessions Educational workshops Coaches' trainings Parent consultations
With an integration of complementary approaches, I draw from a variety of methodologies and techniques to incorporate what is most helpful for each individual, group, or team. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to clients' needs to help them attain the goals they are striving for.
I am a Licensed Psychologist in the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia, and maintain two offices in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area:
  • My Washington, DC office is part of

46. Sports Psychology | Read About Sports Psychology And Learn How You Can Become A
Sports Psychology Degrees. Read about Sports Psychology and learn how you can Become a Sports Psychologist

47. Athletic Enhancement Center » Boston University
Provides athletic enhancement programs for competitive athletes, teams, and coaches. Integrates strength training, sport psychology, and sports medicine for complete development. Training professional, collegiate, and junior athletes.

48. Sports Psychology -
Learn about Sports Psychology on Find info and videos including How to Apply Sports Psychology in College Sports, What Is Sport Psychology?, How to Work in Sports
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Home Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology Featured Articles
  • What Is Sport Psychology? Psychologists have been studying the athlete's mind since the 19th century. Sport psychology deals with the mental and psychological factors related to sports and exercise. Sports psychologists also study how physical activity affects athletes' mental health in other aspects of their lives. Sports psychologists find careers in... Sports Psychology Training There many areas an aspiring sports psychologist can focus on. Most sports psychologists zero in on one specialty, whether it's working with children, coaches, professionals or choosing a specific branch of psychology like motivation or rehabilitation. The key is finding the area most interesting to you and pursuing it through... Sport Psychology Information Sports psychologists have, for many years, played an active role in college and professional sports. Their mission is to get the best possible mental performance from athletes, as well as nurturing a competitive atmosphere that produces peak physical performances on the playing field. Definition of Applied Sport Psychology Applied sport psychology refers to the application of proven mental techniques designed to enhance performance and help people get the most benefit out of their chosen sport. It concerns itself with how the mind influences and is influenced by participation in physical competition. Sport psychologists also focus on how non-athletes...

49. Hippo Campus
Institute for Equitherapy and Equine Sport Psychology in the Netherlands. Includes an article on the horse as equine intermediary during the healing process in psycho-motor therapeutic vaulting (PMTV), photos, and contact information. Also available in German and Dutch.
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dr.Ulrike Thiel
de Bult 2
NL-6027 RG Soerendonk
nieuwe homepage tel: 0031-(0)495-453757 GSM:0031-(0)6-51548351

50. Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology,TRANQUIL MIND AND WELLNESS Sports Performance Enhancement and Positive Psychology for the Athlete with Bonnie Moran, LMHC psychology.html
Sports Performance Enhancement and Positive Psychology for the Athlete with Bonnie Moran, LMHC Sport Psychology Consultant
Services Provided
  • Assessment of athlete's strengths and needs Goal Setting Visualization/Imagery Increase self-confidence, focus and motivation Building concentration skills and distraction control Assist injured athletes in the mental aspects of recovery Time management during training and competition Overall personal development Team building workshops
Individual Sport Psychology Sessions: 1/2 hour session $30 One hour session $60 Team workshops available ABOUT BONNIE Bonnie Moran is a licensed mental health clinician and graduate of Bridgewater State College with a Masters of Education in Counseling. She has 10 years experience working with children, adolescents, families and couples. Her work focuses on various mental health concerns such as post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, domestic violence and anger management. Bonnie's love of sports inspired her to go back to school to obtain a certificate of advanced graduate studies in Sport Psychology from Boston University. She currently consults with athletes at Boston University sport psychology clinic. Bonnie has specialized training and an understanding of an athlete's unique experience and lifestyle. Her philosophy as a sport psychology consultant and licensed clinician is to integrate positive psychology with performance enhancement in order to assist athletes with over-all personal development.

51. Arete Sport Psychology And Performance Enhancement
Provides psychological counseling for effective athletic performance by deepening the connection between mind, body, and soul.

52. Sports Psychology
We have all seen some kind of sporting event over the course of our lives. Watching these is definitely one of the most popular forms of spectating that our culture has.
Sports Psychology
We have all seen some kind of sporting event over the course of our lives. Watching these is definitely one of the most popular forms of spectating that our culture has. But what would these events be like without the athletes? Today the field of athletics has become big business. For this reason professional team utilize the services of psychology to help athletes perform to the best of their abilities. This area of psychology is known as sports psychology. While it is obvious that the team members are the athletes themselves, it is now common to consider the psychologists as members of the team. The sports psychology involved is necessary and helpful to help create a winning team. Sports psychology deals specifically with athletes that are forced to deal with various stresses that come from sports, as opposed to every day events. This is unique to sports psychology since other branches of psychology tend to deal with more common situations. In sports psychology the psychologist will work in tandem with the coaches and trainers in order to help guide the athlete. Likewise, the area of sports psychology relies on the input from professional athletes and coaches. The information they provide helps the psychologist to understand mental patterns and can occur before, during, and after sporting events.

53. Welcome To Headstart Sports. Personal Training, Sports Psychology And Consultanc
Describes the sports psychology and training services, both for individuals and for schools to promote healthy lifestyles for kids. Based in the Surrey area.
Welcome to Headstart Sports Consultancy Ltd
Providing opportunities for active minds and active bodies. Headstart Sports Consultancy Ltd is a multi-disciplinary organisation within the health industry. We offer Sport Psychology services to sports teams and exercise individuals. We provide a Fitness management resource. Here, the expertise and support of our Personal Trainers may help you conquer your personal challenges. In addition, we consult on private and commercial gym set-ups. Further, we promote active living For Kids , providing after school exercise groups. Personal fitness training, online personal trainer motivational sports psychology See our photo Gallery We are a Surrey based consultancy yet have delivered
our service both nationally and internationally. In accordance with the following organisations
you attempt
to do in life if
you knew you
Click here to get your adventure started...

54. Sports Psychology |
Sports Psychology Sports Psychology is the study of behavior of people in the context of sports. Sports psychologists tackle with the emotions of the sportsmen and help them to
Home World News Latest Articles Escape Hatch ... Endless Buzz
Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology is the study of behavior of people in the context of sports. Sports psychologists tackle with the emotions of the sportsmen and help them to decrease the psychological effects of an injury or a poor performance.
Performance Anxiety in Sports

The ability to deal with anxiety is an integral part of sports training. People who are able to overcome their anxiety, perform much better than some of the strongest contenders of the game. Read on to know more...
The Psychology of Sports

On The Couch: An Analysis of Current Topics and Issues in Sport Sports.
Mind Games: Tennis Psychology

With tennis the psychological dimension is especially pronounced, says Will Skidelsky
Sports Memorabilia Collectors Love Sports Display Cases

The best way to protect the integrity of your sports memorabilia is by investing in an appropriate display case for the item. Available in dozens of different styles that are perfect for displaying all sorts of sports memorabilia, sports display cases are a smart purchase for those who collect and display valuable or even sentimental sports items.
Incite Motivation and Watch Your Team Soar To New Heights

Tired of watching your team members start a training program, only to beg out after a few weeks? Find out how to get that special spark that gets your team fired up and race-ready for the long-haul.

55. Home
Perthshire Details of services offered including hypnotherapy, NLP and sports psychology. Features downloads, seminars and self help products.
Your 1 stop source for personal development
There is one simple but effective way to improve any situation that you are unhappy with:
We all act and behave according to how we as individuals see our world, in fact we are products They all stem from our own "Map of the World" being upset. Thankfully, through the use of techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and Sports Psychology there is no longer a need to stay locked in a unacceptable state - whatever it is. Because when you Change your mind - you change your life. or call me on At Hypnosisworks you, the customer always comes first. All products and services are available on a Private and Corporate basis. Contact me for details. Brian McGowan Brian McGowan B.A. Hyp, Gen Th, Dip. Sports Psych, Dip NLP, NLP Practitioner
CONTACT: 07810 758641
EMAIL Me But what about pain relief, motivation, stress management - can Hypnosis and these other techniques help them?
A resounding, yes! Hypnosis is not just about quitting a negative situation. These techniques can be used to aid:
  • The relief of long term or chronic pain Improve your concentration Personal and business motivation Confidence Improve sports performance
[Home] [ About Hypnosisworks Services Explained Downloads E-Shop ... Links

56. Psychwatch - Sport Psychology Page
Association of Sports Psychology German Sport Psychology Site. Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology. - Sport Psychology products

57. Lou Ferrigno Sports Psychology Interview
Interview transcript provides insight into his bodybuilding technique and experience.
Lou Ferrigno: Sports Psychology Interview
Professional Bodybuilder / Actor; interviewed April 9, 1994 Bodybuilding Lou Ferrigno is perhaps best known as the actor who played the "Incredible Hulk" during the early and mid-80's. Yet, others have known him has the a giant competitive bodybuilder during the Schwartzenegger era. At 42 years of age, after 17 years from competitive retirement, Ferrigno has made his move back up into the light, placing in the top ten in the Mr. Olympia lineup. Lou is quick to point out that there's more to come... In the mean while, Mr. Ferrigno is continuing his acting career in "Cage" and promises his new autobiography about his life's struggles to hit the shelves soon. Manhattan, Kansas, USA many had the opportunity to witness this true success story at a posing exhibition at the 1994 NPC Big 8 Regional Bodybuilding Championships at Kansas State University. After a standing ovation of over 1200 screaming fans and four eye boggling encores later, I was able to interview Lou during a limousine ride back to the Kansas City International Airport. James : Apart from being a famous bodybuilder and an actor, what is it like to be large, just huge. What are peoples' reactions and what is your response to this?

58. Sports Psychology For Athletes, Coaches, And Parents
Learn powerful sports psychology, mental training, and golf psychology strategies for athletes and coaches. Your leading source for sport psychology programs, coaching
Home Athletes Coaches Sports Parents ... Contact Us
"Discover Proven Sports Psychology Strategies To
Who Else Wants To Learn Powerful Mental Strategies
1000s Of Athletes Use to Perform with Confidence?
Learn practical sports psychology tips for any athlete, coach, or sports parent. Discover the secrets to think like a champion with FREE access to mental toughness articles, podcasts, and sport psychology e-books . Or get one-on-one training from master mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn ! You'll learn how to overcome any mental game challenge in sports quickly Or get focused quickly with The Confident Athlete CD Programs Improve Your Confidence and Success in Sports... Get Started Today Learn Mental Game Secrets Dr. Cohn Teaches to Pro Athletes! If you're an athlete, coach, or sports parent, you'll discover cutting-edge sports psychology and mental toughness secrets to improve your or your athletes' success. Contact Dr. Patrick Cohn today to learn how to improve focus, composure, and confidence. Discover proven sport psychology strategies that 1000s of athletes use to reach their potential!

59. Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency
Represents adult non-fiction such as cooking, health, medicine, history, sports, and psychology. Includes submission guidelines, information on how to write a proposal, and client lists. Located in New Canaan, Connecticut.
About Us Submission Guidelines Writing a Book Proposal Testimonials ... News Welcome to the Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency, Inc. website. Since 1997 the Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency, Inc. has specialized in representing quality adult nonfiction by experts in their fields. We particularly enjoy working with authors who communicate important new information that will make a positive difference in the lives of a sizable population. Before submitting a query or book proposal, please see the Submission Guidelines and How to Write a Successful Nonfiction Book Proposal Mailing address:
Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency, Inc.
221 Benedict Hill Road
New Canaan, CT 06840
Phone/fax: 203 972-3011 Email: jeanne.fredericks at Member of the Association of Authors Representatives (AAR)
Click on a category to see titles and authors. Health, Medicine, Science Nature, Animals, Pets Gardening Business, Real Estate ... Legal Self-Help Search our site using this form: Search for:

60. Sports Psychology Course, For Athletics, Elite & Competition Sports And Coaching
School of Psychology Sports Psychology course from the directory of psychology, human behaviour and counselling courses at ACS Distance Education, for online or correspondence

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