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         Sports Psychology:     more books (100)
  1. Championship Sports Psychology by Keith F. Bell, 1990-04
  2. Sport Psychology by Arnold LeUnes, 2008-06-18
  3. Triathlon (Sport Psychology Library) by Joe Baker, Whitney Sedgwick, 2005-04
  4. You Are a Contender!: Build Emotional Muscle to Perform Better and Achieve More In Business, Sports and Life by John Haime, 2009-12-15
  5. Sport Psychology: A Student's Handbook by Matt Jarvis, 2006-07-24
  6. Sports Psychology Basics by Andrew Caruso, 2004-09
  7. Scripture and Sport Psychology: Mental-Game Techniques for the Christian Athlete by Derek de la Peña, 2004-08-04
  8. Ride Right with Daniel Stewart: Balance Your Frame and Frame of Mind with an Unmounted Workout and Sports Psychology System. by Daniel Stewart, 2004-06-01
  9. Learning, Experiences in Sport Psychology by Glyn C. Roberts, 1985-12
  10. Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology, 7th Edition by Kevin L. Burke, Michael L. Sachs, et all 2002-09
  11. Victory Beyond the Scoreboard: Building Winners in Life Through Youth Sports by John Devine, 1997-03
  12. Key Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology by David Lavallee, Jean Williams, et all 2008-03-01
  13. Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Science) by Alan Kornspan, 2009-03-18
  14. Sport Psychology: Contemporary Themes by David Lavalle, John Kremer, et all 2004-03-04

61. Personal Best Consulting, Inc.
Offering business consulting and sports psychology.
How Can Personal Best Consulting Help You?
  • We help athletic departments improve the quality of mental health care for their athletes.
  • We assist coaches who want to work smarter, not necessarily harder, in their pursuit of championships.
  • We provide fee-for-service therapy services for individuals. No more insurance hassles, no more months of waiting for reimbursement.
  • We work with some of the top professional and collegiate athletes in the world, helping them train smarter and more effectively.
  • We provide dynamic and powerful keynotes and workshops to meet the needs of busy conference and corporate planners.
  • We help new clinicians and therapists build their own businesses more quickly and with less hassle, allowing them to do more good for more people.
  • Our extensive experience in the field of sport psychology allows us to provide powerful sport psychology mentoring and coaching programs to professionals in the field of sport psychology.

Advanced Praise for Sports Psychology for Dummies Wow!! What a comprehensive manual for coaches and athletes. Leif and Todd have compiled a terrific resource for serious competitors. Every encounter that awaits the coach and player is addressed. This book needs to be on every coach's desk and in every player's locker. Jim Tressel
Head Football Coach
The Ohio State University
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62. Sports Psychology Information Guide
According to The Association for Applied Sport Psychology, According to The Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Applied sport and exercise psychology involves extending
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Sports Psychology
(Photo Credit: Davi Sommerfeld)
What is Sports Psychology?
According to The Association for Applied Sport Psychology, "Applied sport and exercise psychology involves extending theory and research into the field to educate coaches, athletes, parents, exercisers, fitness professionals, and athletic trainers about the psychological aspects of their sport or activity. A primary goal of professionals in applied sport and exercise psychology is to facilitate optimal involvement, performance, and enjoyment in sport and exercise."
Learn About Sports Psychology
Association For Applied Sport Psychology: Founded in 1986, the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) promotes the ethical practice, science, and advocacy of sport and exercise psychology. the association website has an excellent resource center where visitors can read articles and obtain information on a variety of sports psychology topics. You can visit the AASP website homepage by Clicking Here The British Psychological Society: Click Here for information on:
  • The Role of The Sports Psychologist How Much Sports Psychologists Get Paid Becoming A Sports Psychologist Obtaining Relevant Work Experience
  • Sports Psychology 2.0

    63. Andrew Walton Associates
    Consulting Psychologists offering a range of services to individuals and companies. Services include; Crisis Counselling; Hypnotherapy; Fear of Flying therapy; Sport Psychology and Personal Management.
    WALTON ASSOCIATES (E.U.) London Harley St. Coventry Dublin Consulting Psychologists We provide Clinical Hypnosis, Employee Assistance Provision, Mediation, Personal Performance Management, Training Seminars, Educational and Sports Psychology services for individuals and organisations. In addition, many highly sought after specialisms are available. (Click Index of Services Holistic Therapies Test Yourself Telephone number for all enquiries: (call / text) or 024 76 712 619 (call / fax) Students using our association with on-line book / music shop:- AMAZON you can obtain, delivered to your door, any book / CD / DVD titles or computer software at prices far below the High Street or Mall. We also act as affiliates for Fleshlight in Europe. Search: All Products Books Classical Music DVD Electronics Music Software Keywords: ( A Language Translation of this Site can be obtained by clicking Translation
    WHAT'S NEW ?
    Company Profile
    A Philip Walton BA(Hons) DHP Reg.Psychol AFPsSI FRSH Cert CH (U Warwick) is a Registered Psychologist with Associate Clinical, Educational or Occupational Psychologists are all either Chartered or Registered with a European Federation of Psychologists' Association

    64. Sports Psychology - Home
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    65. Allan Bancroft
    Sports psychology and mental skills training for sports competitors.

    66. Exercise And Sport Psychology (Division 47)
    Exercise and Sport Psychology (APA Division 47) brings together psychologists, as well as exercise and sport scientists, interested in research, teaching, and service in this area.

    67. John Cady: Topics: Sport Psychology OverSite
    A comprehensive list of links to sites that focus on mental training and performance enhancement.
    john cady > topics > sport psych home about works topics
    Jump to a category:
    Topics: Affirmation Arousal/Anxiety Confidence Consistency ... Visualization
    Sport-Specific: Auto Racing Baseball Basketball Cycling ... Weightlifting
    Other Miscellany Publications Organizations Academic Programs ... Other Indices
    Sport Psychology OverSite
    Tennis great Jimmy Connors has said that winning is at least 90% mental. Below are some resources for taming the opponent within. If you are new to the field of sport psychology, here is a brief description Send comments and additions to John Cady (one note: I'm just an amateur, so for questions, you probably want to check with the experts
    Belief, Self-Talk and Performance Enhancement

    by Joe Kolezynski. M.B.A., M.A. The Power of Pre-event Thought
    by Craig Townsend Rational and Positive Thinking
    part of the Mind Tools site
    Arousal, Anxiety, and Stress
    Is Your Stress IQ Hurting Your Performance?
    by Dr. Mick G. Mack Jitter Bug: Overcoming the First Tee (golf)
    by Patrick J. Cohn

    68. Center For Sport Psychology
    Dr. Joel Fish is a sport psychology consultant for the Philadelphia Flyers and Phantoms.
    Dr. Joel Fish is a sport psychology consultant for the Philadelphia Flyers and Phantoms. Dr. Joel Fish, pictured with Willie Green is a sport psychology consultant for the Philadelphia 76ers.
    Joel H. Fish, Ph.D., Director
    Programs for Athletes of All Ages and Skill Levels:
    Professional, Elite, Student, Recreational, Summer Camp and Weekend Athletes
    The Center for Sport Psychology, through a variety of unique programs and services, helps individual athletes, coaches and teams to reach their full potential by focusing upon and mastering the MENTAL ASPECTS of Sports, Fitness, Exercise, Rehabilitation, and Competition. Dr. Joel Fish is a nationally recognized expert in sport psychology who has worked in the field for the past twenty years. He has worked extensively with athletes of all ages and skills levels, from youth sport through the Olympic and professional ranks. Dr. Fish has been a sport psychology consultant for the Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia 76ers , the Philadelphia Phillies Organization, the Philadelphia Charge , and the . He has spoken nationwide on sport psychology at over 200 universities and is a popular presenter at a variety of athletic functions. Today , HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, ESPN's

    69. :: HOME PAGE :: Sport Psychology Consulting
    Anne Muscat is a Vancouver, Canada sport psychology consultant, specializing in mental skills training for athletes, coaches and parents. Sessions are provided via workshops, meetings, online and phone.'amuscatmain' MyndMatters - Sport Psychology Consulting
    Helping you achieve your greatest potential.
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    *Founded by Anne Muscat Ph.D., Mynd Matters is a Vancouver mental skills consulting firm that specializes in development of sport, lifestyle and corporate training. We believe that the key to professional and personal excellence is the interplay between mind, emotion, spirit and physical being. Excellence is achieved when the individual's emotional style, mental attitude, spirit and physical makeup are aligned with their dreams and passions. Why use mental skills training? Mental Skills Training can be used for any of the following situations:
    • Dealing with low productivity at work
    • Experiencing a sport performance plateau as an athlete
    • Helping an athlete with the mental component of injury rehabilitation
    • Learning how to be in the "zone" or achieve a "flow" state in sports and life!
    Mental Skills Training will help you develop skills such as:
    • Mental toughness
    • Thought management
    • Behaviour modification
    • Motivation
    • Goal setting
    • Relaxation, stress management, visualization

    70. Sports Psychology | Encyclopedia Of Psychology | Find Articles At BNET
    Sports psychology from Encyclopedia of Psychology provided by Find Articles at BNET
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    • All of BNET Publications Library Home Commentary Leadership Life at Work ... Newspaper Collection @import ""; document.cookie='MAD_FIRSTPAGE=1;path=/;';
      Health Publications
      Sports psychology
      Encyclopedia of Psychology Apr 06, 2001
      Sports-which involve emotion, competition, cooperation, achievement, and play-provide a rich area for psychological study. People involved in sports attempt to master very difficult skills, often subjecting themselves to intense physical stress as well as social pressure. When psychologists began studying sports in the 1930s and 1940s, they focused on motor performance and the acquisition of motor skills. Sports psychology emerged as a distinct discipline in the 1960s, dominated by theories of social psychology. Since then, research has expanded into numerous areas such as imagery training, hypnosis, relaxation training, motivation, socialization, conflict and competition, counseling, and coaching. Specific sports and recreational specialties studied include baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, fencing, dance, and many others. Following the already existing practice in Europe, sports psychologists in North America now work directly with professional athletes and teams to help improve performance. Techniques applied include anxiety management, progressive relaxation, autogenic training, biofeedback, hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Mental imagery, attention control, goal-setting, and work on interpersonal skills are also part of sports psychology programs for athletes. Positive results have been reported in enhancing performance and controlling anxiety.

    71. Sports Psychology Scottsdale
    Helps individuals become successful in attaining their goals using a variety of techniques drawn from hypnotherapy, sports hypnosis, sport psychology, behavior modification, cognitive and positive psychology.
    New at Peak Plus!
    Harmony Health Vitality a unique comprehensive approach
    to Weight Loss. Click here for more information. New Case Management Service - Older Adult Program
    Click here for more information
    Sports Psychology Scottsdale
    Sports Psychology Scottsdale/Sport Performance Enhancement helps individuals learn how to control their own thoughts and emotions in order to improve their Sport Performance. This service includes the following:
    • Improving Focus and Concentration
    • Instant Re-Focus Techniques
    • Converting Negative thoughts into Positive Self-Talk
    • Maintaining Positive Feelings and Positive Self Talk
    • Building Athletic Self Confidence
    Call 480.767.0956 or email us for more information. Peak Performance Plus LLC offers many other services including:
    Business Coaching /Gaining the Mental Edge
    More services and information here. Peak Performance Plus LLC
    Dr. Sam Sterk

    P ART 1 S PORTS P SYCHOLOGY It has long been acknowledged that psychological skills are critical for athletes at the elite level. Athletes with the requisite mental toughness

    73. Sports Psychology Articles, Tips, CDs, And Interviews By Peak Performance Sports
    Online mental training system for athlete and coaches to develop mental game toughness for individual and team success.
    Home Peak Sports Psychology Peaksports Demo Member Benefits ... Member Area Peaksports Demo
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    Tell a Friend Your Account Mental Training Plan Ask Dr. Cohn E-Book Library AMAQ Test Sessions with Doc Book Reviews Success Quotes Elite Coaches' Tips Teleclass Audio Coach Interviews Athlete Interviews Mental Coaches Live Teleclasses Mental Imagery Get Psyched Podcast Mental Game Video Comfort Zones Effective Practice Emotional Control Expectations Fear of Failure Focus/Concentration Goal Setting Injury Psychology Mental Preparation Mental Rehearsal Momentum Motivation Perfectionism Performer Mindset Preshot Routines Self-Confidence Self-Esteem Strategy/Game Plans Teamwork The Zone Youth Sports For Mental Coaches For Coaches Auto Racing Baseball Basketball Equestrian Football Golf Gymnastics Ice Hockey Martial Arts Motocross Skydiving Soccer Swimming Tennis Volleyball Other Sports Peaksports RSS Feed Peaksports Updates Peak Sports Psychology MGCP Certification Auto Racing Psychology Youth Sports Psychology Baseball Mental Game Hockey Psychology Kids Sports Psychology Tennis Psychology Mental Coach Mentor Article Index Discussion Forum Most Popular Text Size Peaksports Site Map Sports Psychology Expert Reveals Secrets...

    74. Sports Psychology
    Sports psychology Increase your strength speed and stamina for free at the amazing new Peak Performance sports science Library

    75. [Potentium: The Coaching Network™]
    Sport psychology professionals based at the University of Ottawa. Research, links, published excerpts, coaching discussion and FAQs.
    Please Follow the HyperLink

    76. Sports Performance | Articles
    Sports Psychology Two Top Strategies For Regaining Control Of Your Sport Performance
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    77. Excel At Life
    Provides informative psychological articles and links on anxiety disorders, sport psychology, performance enhancement, exercise and fitness, weight loss, cognitive-behavioral therapy, happiness, relationships, and jealousy.
    Dedicated to the Pursuit of Excellence in Life, Relationships, Sports and Career

    78. Kids Sports Psychology For Parents And Coaches
    Boost sports kids confidence and success with sports psychology and mental game strategies for sports parents and youth coaches of young athletes.

    79. Ask Dr. Jack Singer
    Licensed psychologist offering psychotherapy (individual, couples and family), HR and management Consulting, sport psychology Services, and hypnotherapy.
    • Home Feel Better Now!
      Start Feeling Better Now!
      Why be unhappy, angry, stressed, frightened or miserable one more day? With more than 30 years of helping people get well quickly, I bring experience, compassion and sensitivity to help you get to the source of your unhappiness and find lasting solutions. I will partner with you to uncover the EXACT CAUSES of your stress and plan IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS with you. If you wish to explore the wonderful power of self-hypnosis, that is an option because I am certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Many of my clients wish to explore hypnosis as an additional tool to eliminate the underlying sources of their discomfort and emotional issues and they are ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the results! Read more...
      Dr. Jack Singer
      By Dr. Jack Singer on March 13, 2010 Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
      About Dr. Jack Singer 
      Dr. Jack Singer is a licensed Clinical, Sports and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, author, trainer and consultant. His expertise includes a Doctorate in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and a Post-Doctorate in Clinical / Sports Psychology. Jack has been recognized with Diplomates from the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine, the Society of Police and Criminal Psychology, and he has been awarded with a special Diplomate in Sports Psychology from the National Institute of Sports Professionals. He has a special Certification in Clinical Hypnosis from the American Academy of Clinical Hypnosis and Jack has taught in the Psychology departments of seven universities, including four years as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

    80. Study Online Sports Psychology -learn Ports Coaching, Performance, Training Athl
    Over 300 distance education courses, free handbook, course counselling, articles, courses, books and videos; plus lots of free information and articles covering a multitude of

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