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  1. Kaplan GMAT Premier Program, 2009 (Book & CD-ROM) by Kaplan, 2008-06-03
  2. GMAT: Answers to the Real Essay Questions by Mark A. Stewart, 2002-12-13
  3. Math Workout for the GMAT, 2nd Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) by Princeton Review, 2005-06-07
  4. Verbal Workout for the GMAT, 2nd Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) by Princeton Review, Doug French, 2005-06-07
  5. The Official Guide for GMAT Review by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 2009-05-26
  6. The Official Guide for GMAT Review by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 2005-10-05
  7. EZ Solutions - Test Prep Series - Math Practice - Advanced Workbook - GMAT (Edition: New. Version: Revised. 2010) (Ez Solutions: Test Prep Series) by Punit Raja SuryaChandra, EZ Solutions, 2008-01-06
  8. Manhattan Review Turbocharge Your GMAT: Math Study Guide
  9. Kaplan GMAT Verbal Foundations by Kaplan, 2009-06-02
  10. McGraw-Hill's Conquering GMAT Verbal and Writing by Doug Pierce, 2008-05-19
  11. EZ Solutions - Test Prep Series - Math Practice - Basic Workbook - GMAT (Edition: New. Version: Revised. 2010) (Ez Solutions: Test Prep Series) by Punit Raja SuryaChandra, EZ Solutions, 2008-01-06
  12. Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Writing Workbook (Kaplan Gre and Gmat Exams Writing Workbook) by Kaplan, 2008-08-05
  13. GMAT Math Prep Course by Jeff J. Kolby, Derrick Vaughn, 2009-06-01
  14. Barron's GMAT with CD-ROM by Eugene D. Jaffe M.B.A. Ph.D., Stephen Hilbert Ph.D., 2009-01-01

41. Target PGSEM
Weblog for gmat and MBA preparation tips.
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Target PGSEM
This is a journal for recording my journey to an MBA (aka PGSEM) from IIM, Bangalore, India.
Sharing of resources related to the program and the GMAT entrance exam is the primary reason for the existence of this blog.
Monday, November 09, 2009
Been a while
It's been a while since I posted here - around 3 years ! The 3 years were being utilized to finish PGSEM (the program which this blog was about). It's been a very eventful 3 years, on academic, professional as well as personal fronts.
Will resume posting some tips as well as experiences from my PGSEM journey, plus some pointers to preparations. A lot of people target GMAT as the way to enter into this course (this is what I did), so I will also lean a bit more on GMAT prep with specifics to the PGSEM program.
If you have any specific question/topic you want me to cover, please leave a comment here or mail me on target.pgsem at gmail dot com and I will try to get back.
Stay tuned ! Posted by Abhinav at 12:10 AM 7 comments Links to this post
Sunday, April 16, 2006

42. GMatH Main Page
gmatH is the Gnome Mathematical Interface. Its goals is to provide a generic GUI to various popular gnu mathematical tools. For now, there is support for Numerical Python extensions.
Welcome to GmatH
Version 0.2 is out
This is the last release compatible with gnome 1.0. It is not stable really either.
I will be moving to gnome 1.2 in order to use new and nifty widgets like gtkhtml, bonobo....
Please sign the petition below
Quick Links
GMatH Project Page
What is GMatH?
GmatH is a FOR NOW gnome interface to the powerful Numerical Python extensions to Python It has been completely written in Python using the Gnome-Python bindings by James Henstridge. For now, GmatH is nothing more than a nice interface to all those tools. However, I have started adding data visualization tools. These are very early (alpha) tools. GmatH supports only points plotting. The original goal of GMatH (not yet implemented) is to interface with most popular mathematical tools out there. I think of many different things depending on my mood and what happens to be the cool thing at the moment. To explain a bit about GMatH, I have posted to Sourceforge the following description:
GMatH is not and will not be another, reiventing the wheel, mathematical tool!

43. GMAT Prep Course And Free Sample GMAT Tests By GMAT
Provides downloadable gmat preparation courses, free sample questions, and gmat registration information.
Detailed class profile of Wharton MBA program GMATCAT Home
GMAT CAT Prep Courses
The GMAT is unavoidable. However, detours are truly avoidable here at GMATCAT. The advantages of our preparation courses include:
  • Over seven years of experience, Helped over 25,000 test-takers, Strategies for the computer-based test, and
Unlike GMAT books published by other companies, our GMATCAT courses are updated frequently to stay up-to-date. We are always the first company to include the most recent types of question and match the current level of difficulty. Check out our courses now: Comprehensive GMAT Prep Courses ($29) GMAT Verbal Study Guide ($12) Cover all aspects of GMAT exam, courses including Verbal Study Guide Math Review Essay Prep Course and include hundreds of practice questions now at a special price of $29 ($36 value). The Verbal is the last section on the test day, but it can determine your chances of admission to business schools. The GMATCAT Verbal Study Guide is unique in that it provides solid content review for the test as well as strategies for tackling the trick questions.

44. UK London GMAT Preparation Class | Manhattan Review GMAT Prep Course | MBA Admis
Offers preparation courses for the Graduate Management Admission Test and admissions consulting for Master s of Business Administration programmes. Contact form and book shop.
Belgium China Czech Republic Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Japan Netherlands Philippines Poland Portugal Russia Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Turkey United Kingdom United States GMAT MBA Admissions SAT/ACT College Admissions TOEFL LSAT Law School Admissions GRE Graduate Admissions Career Training London Cambridge Dublin Edinburgh Glasgow Manchester Oxford Free Downloads Free Events Free GMAT Advice Free MBA Advice Free Newsletter Free Classes Free Videos
Manhattan Review - GMAT Prep Class, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, SAT Prep
- In-Person and Online London Online
Manhattan Review, founded by Dr. Joern Meissner
whose founder is a business school professor; whose instructors include industry experts, Ivy League School PhDs and grads with substantial teaching experience and top test scores focuses on helping you achieve the highest test scores ( GMAT TOEFL LSAT GRE ) with the least amount of time and financial investments UK Cities GMAT London GMAT Birmingham GMAT Cambridge GMAT Dublin GMAT Edinburgh GMAT Glasgow GMAT Manchester GMAT Oxford Non-UK Cities GMAT Manhattan GMAT Germany GMAT India GMAT Hong Kong GMAT Singapore helps you get into your dream school with high quality Test Prep Admissions Consulting Career Training courses and services offers * Unlimited Class Access * for GMAT courses, GRE courses and LSAT courses, *

45. GMAT « MBA Journal
One of the first realities of Business school, and one of few that I’ve actually experienced to this point, is the gmat. I understand that there are schools in which even

46. TestCircle | Test Preparation Excellence
Math preparation course. Provides gmat test preparation videos, CDs and DVDs, with a free online gmat practice test.
test preparation excellence
  • Home Login Sign Up Support ... Search Contact us: 1.800.706.9420
    Your career requires TestCircle GMAT or GRE test preparation, flexible access, comprehensive content, interactive learning technologies. Learn More
    TestCircle online preparationhelping thousands of students excel. SAT and ACT quality online course content, practice tests, real affordability. Learn More
    How it Works: TestCircle online prep course videos: SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE test prepfast, easy, fun!
    The online video courses allow vision, hearing, cognition, recall, repetition, and memory etching to interplay as a package of brain stimulants so your test prep hours are highly effective. Learn More
    Did you know? Students are taking TestCircle test prep courses online in six different continents.
    MATH VERBAL PDF's COURSES THE FASTEST, EASIEST TEST PREPARATION FOR TestCircle SAT prep, ACT prep, GMAT prep, GRE prep course videos. Free prep test videos.
    TestCircle News
    April 5, 2009 TestCircle launches new website.

47. GMAT
Oct 29, 2010 Categories gmat, Reading Comprehension, Verbal No Comments . How it s tested Parallelism is tested on the gmat in a series of
How to Ace Application Questions
vivian kerr October 29, 2010 Application questions go one step further than Inference questions, asking you to apply what you have learned from the passage to a different or hypothetical situation. For these questions, it’s important to ignore the answer choices until you’ve effectively broken down the passage. Understand the author’s argument. Some application questions will focus on the author’s point of view. Just like you would for a critical reasoning passage, identify the author’s conclusion and the evidence provided. Put yourself in the author’s shoes and ask yourself questions. What is my argument? What would make my argument stronger? What might weaken it? Focus on process. Another application question tool is to pay attention to how a particular process is performed. For example, if the passage focuses on describing an experiment, you must clarify step-by-step how the experiment is carried out, before you can apply that same method to a different situation. Go back through the passage and list the verbs on your scratch pad. This will help you to understand the steps of the process and not confuse the sequence. Example Question Which of the following is most analogous to the change in the financial circumstances of the average middle-class American family from the 1970s to today, as described in the passage?

48. Common Mistakes On The GMAT |
Oct 28, 2010 Common Mistakes on the gmat. The graduate management admission test, gmat, is used by nearly 1,900 graduate business schools around the world to help determine which
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Home Education Standardized Tests ... Common Mistakes on the GMAT
More Articles Like This
Common Mistakes on the GMAT
By Michael Ryan eHow Contributor updated: October 28, 2010 I want to do this! What's This?
  • Ryouchin/Digital Vision/Getty Images Avoid these common mistakes when studying for the GMAT. The graduate management admission test, GMAT, is used by nearly 1,900 graduate business schools around the world to help determine which students should be admitted, according to GMAT's official website. Prospective students often prepare for the GMAT by setting a up a schedule that includes taking practice tests, meeting with study groups or even taking GMAT preparation courses. Knowing some of the most common mistakes made while taking the GMAT could give you a better understand of what to expect.
  • Pace
  • The GMAT is a timed test, so practice tests should be taken with the same time limits. Some students spend a long time on difficult questions, leaving them with insufficient time to work on problems that they are more likely to correctly answer. Similarly, breezing through the questions that look easy to save time for harder problems is a good way to make careless errors. Try to work methodically. A time limit for each type of question should be decided on before the final test date.
  • 49. Test Prep: GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, SAT, ACT, And More
    Online Test Prep courses for the gmat, SAT, GRE and LSAT.

    50. GMAT Vocabulary Builder - List
    gmat vocabulary words for great scores testing for gmat.

    GMAT Vocabulary Builder
    Try: FlashCard - List 1 Multiple Choice Questions (List 1) Welcome. We are pleased to introduce you 1200+ commonly used GMAT vocabulary words. Our GMAT word service has been in operation since 2001. We have seen a significant number of visitors coming from India, Puerto Rico, United States, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, etc. We would like to thank you for visiting and for all of your kind words. I hope we are helping you to improve your GMAT scores. These GMAT words have been revised by many of you as you requested updates on many of these GMAT words. We thank you. Best, Soundkeepers The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 11th Edition Quick Draw Links: Your Personalized Index Cards Your Personalized List Help Buy GMAT Books
    List Example Words Tools Word List 1 abaft, abandon, abase FlashCards Printable Word List 2 alchemist, alchemy, allegory FlashCards Printable Word List 3 arid, aromatic, arrogant FlashCards Printable Word List 4 benign, berate, bereft, beseech FlashCards Printable Word List 5 catharsis, caustic, cavil, censor

    51. Toefl, Sat, Gre, Gmat, Lsat En Los Centros De Kaplan España
    Centros de ingl s en Madrid y Barcelona que preparan para los certificados de TOEFLl, SAT, GRE, gmat, LSAt, USMLE o Asesoria Master.
    Toefl Sat Gmat One to One ... One to One Centro de Enforex en Madrid

    Actualmente el centro de Enforex cuenta con modernas y espaciosas instalaciones en Madrid Enforex Madrid
    28015 Madrid
    (semiesquina Alberto Aguilera, 21 - ICADE)
    Tel.: (91) 547 48 52
    Fax: (91) 594 51 59

    52. GMAT Prep Course | GMAT Pill 1 Month Study Plan From 98% GMAT Prep Tutor In 2 We
    gmat Prep Course Online 98%ile gmat in 2 weeks tutor Zeke Lee shows you his secrets to acing the gmat with online gmat preparation videos.
    GMAT Prep Quadruple Pill Combo Package + Quizzes! Compare Studying like crazy but still NO results? We can help! Simple Video Explanations
    Quick and Painless
    Incredible Value
    Loading Quotes...

    53. Gmat - ClearAdmitWiki
    gmat Preparation and Experience Add your insights regarding gmat preparation and your experiences scheduling and taking the gmat. It's free to sign up and contribute just

    54. Gmat, SAT, ' - Gmax
    Preparation for the SAT, gmat, TOEFL, and GRE. Also offering spoken English courses. Based in Tel-Aviv.
    MA, MS .
    SAT - SAT .
    TOEFL - TOEFL "..
    GMAX Jerusalem

    - GED . -GED " ". IELTS - IELTS " . GMAX Gmax,

    55. GMAT Test Preparation, Graduate Management Admission Test Preparation, Success G
    Find info about gmat Test preparation, gmat proven course has worked for hundreds and hundreds of students and gmat know it will work for you too.
    Select Your Location
    Select your location Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Charlotte, NC Chicago, IL Houston, TX Miami, FL Nashville, TN New York City Raleigh, NC Richmond, VA Seattle, WA Washington D.C

    56. Gmat -
    Learn about gmat on Find info and videos including How to Cram for the gmat, What Is a gmat Score?, Define gmat and much more.
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    Home Gmat
    Gmat Featured Articles
    • About the GMAT GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, and is a type of standardized test that is required for those applying to business graduate schools. The higher the score, the more favorably admissions committees will look at your application. The test includes analytical writing, quantitative and verbal sections. How to Take the GMAT For anyone interested in attending a reputable business school, it is essential to pass the GMAT exam with your best score possible. There are many variables that go into taking this important test, but with enough preparation you will be confident about your odds of passing with flying colors. Here are tips. How to Prepare for the GMAT After completing an undergraduate degree, many people go on to graduate school. The first step in preparing for certain graduate study programs such as business administration is to prepare for and take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). The test consists of a verbal section, a quantitative section and an analytical... How to Pass the GMAT The GMAT, or the Graduate Management Admissions Test, is used by many schools to accept or reject students applying to a particular program. The score can be paramount in getting a graduate degree from the best schools. Preparing for the test properly will help you to pass the GMAT.

    57. GMAT Coaching In Delhi, GRE Coaching In Delhi, IELTS Coaching In Delhi, SAT Coac
    Coaching for gmat, SAT, GRE, TOEFL, MBA entrance, also offers visa counselling.
    Franchise / Business

    Partnership Enquiry

    English Fluency Coaching Program

    To be most useful, reliable and efficient provider of Study Abroad Services. We will strive for continuous growth which will be measured by customer satisfaction level and own targets achievements. For Free Brochure Home CAREER MAKERS - A profile International Exams What we offer ...
    You are visitor no.

    58. GMAT Preparation Course In Budapest - GMAT Teszt, Felkszts
    Intensive 3 day gmat testpreparation course in BUDAPEST; site includes everything you want to know about the gmat.
    GMAT GMAT PREPARATION 3 DAY COURSE BUDAPEST wien austria czech vienna bratislava praha

    since 2002
  • 18 hours of Teaching Discussing Skills and TEST TAKING TECHNIQUES to help you to score high Reviewing all types of problems and excersises appearing on the test Small groups (max 7 people) Only 499 EUR + VAT Private course: only 995 EUR + VAT (15 hours/60m) Private course: only 1195 EUR + VAT (18 hours/60m)

  • Find out more about the

    Next Courses 3-day course: November 26-28. 6-week course: November 10 to December 15, on Wednesdays from 18:00 to 21:00 REGISTER TODAY CALL +36-30-657-8692 AND SECURE A PLACE AT THE COURSE! Click here to register Some results - Timea (2010 August course) Scored 710 - Daniel (2010 July Private course) Scored 680 - Pter (2010 March course) Scored 690 - Tibor (2010 January Private course) Scored 720 - Nra (2009 Private course) Scored 680 - Zoltn (2009 November course) Scored 660 - Roger (2009 Private course) Scored 720 - Anna (October 2009) Scored 710 - Mila (September 2009 Private course) Scored 690 - Lszl (August 2009) Scored 650 - Zoltn (August 2009) Scored 710 - Rbert (July 2009 private course) Scored 660 - Adam (June 2009) Scored 660 - Guenther (April 2009) Socred 630 - Kinga (March 2009) Scored 640 - Stefan (March 2009 Private course Scored 690 - Jarret (Januar 2009) Scored 700

    59. GMAT Test Preparation, Graduate Management Admission Test Preparation, Success G
    Find info about gmat Test preparation, gmat proven course has worked for hundreds and hundreds of students and gmat know it will work for you too. We are so confident in our
    Select Your Location
    Select your location Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Charlotte, NC Chicago, IL Houston, TX Miami, FL Nashville, TN New York City Raleigh, NC Richmond, VA Seattle, WA Washington D.C

    60. GRE®| GMAT™| SAT®|TOEFL® And IELTS Preparation | Coaching And Training Insti
    Training and coaching for gmat, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and admissions and visa counselling.

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