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         Schizoid Personality Disorder:     more detail
  1. Psychopathy, Asperger's: a 'serious' combination; Dahmer also had schizoid personality disorder features and schizotypal pathology, expert says.(Forensic ... An article from: Clinical Psychiatry News by Joyce Frieden, 2004-12-01
  2. Schizoid personality disorder: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders</i> by Gary, M.A. Gilles, 2003
  3. Personality Disorders: Paranoid, Schizoid, and Schizotypal (DVD)
  4. Personality Disorders: Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Psychopathy
  5. Schizoid Personality Disorder: Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, Flattened Affect, Eugen Bleuler, Descriptive Psychiatry
  6. The Empty Core: An Object Relations Approach to Psychotherapy of the Schizoid Personality by Jeffrey Seinfeld, 1991-10
  7. Split Self/Split Object: Understanding and Treating Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Disorders by Philip Manfield, 1992-06
  8. The dissociation of a personality;: A biographical study in abnormal psychology, (The Classics of psychiatry & behavioral sciences library) by Morton Prince, 1992
  9. Working the Organizing Experience: Transforming Psychotic, Schizoid, and Autistic States by Lawrence E. Hedges, 1994-10-01
  10. Missing Persons (Alan Gregory) by Stephen White, 2006-03-07

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