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1. Community - Faberry - FanFiction.Net
But as time passes, the chats grow longer, and the girls become friendlier. But sometimes online chats aren't the best place to pour your heart out. Quinn/Rachel
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  • ipickquinn size: Archive: 409 - Subscribers: 48 charter: Pages: 1 of 13 next Fiction Rating: All (? Ratings Guide) Rated K -> T Rated K -> K+ Rated K Rated K+ Rated T Rated M Sort by: Add Date Sort by: Update Date
    Go Ask Quinn
    by watchingmewatchingu reviews Quinn Fabray transfers to McKinley High. To deal with the transission and her new life, she keeps a diary, on everything and nothing, but especially her obsession with a certain Rachel Berry *s1 s2 spoilers* Over My Head by eenak reviews Quinn is back as HBIC and is dating Rachel. She hosts a sleepover for her girlfriend and squad mates to get to know each other. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing on you by weareallgeniouses reviews Quinn is working her way up in the fashion industry. Rachel is in Broadway, but things are different from what she had planned. It's been 8 years since they last talked. Will they be able to pick things up where they left or just go their separate ways? We might fall hard We might fall fast by Apples Within reviews How one slushy changed everything for Quinn and Rachel. Faberry fluff
  • 2. Quinn & Rachel - Polyvore
    oh tht's lea michele who was in spring awakening, she played Wendla, the main character she was awesome, i love mama who bore me, can't wait for glee to come out in England xx

    3. Rachel Quinn, Director, Medical Science Policy, Academy Of Medical Sciences: - Z
    Quinn, Rachel Circle Theatre Quinn, Rachel GlosGrapevine Quinn, Rachel GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA CO INC Quinn, Rachel
    Last Update on 8/16/10
    Academy of Medical Sciences
    10 Carlton House Terrace London, London SW1Y 5AH
    United Kingdom The Academy of Medical Sciences promotes advances in medical science and campaigns to ensure these are translated into healthcare benefits for society. The...
    Dr. Rachel Quinn
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    4. Rachel Quinn, National Waste Prevention Coalition: - ZoomInfo Business Informati
    Quinn, Rachel Circle Theatre Quinn, Rachel GlosGrapevine Quinn, Rachel GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA CO INC Quinn, Rachel
    Community Contributed National Waste Prevention Coalition
    201 South Jackson St. #701 Seattle, Washington 98104
    United States
    Rachel Quinn
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    5. Glee Fanfiction
    pairing jesse/quinn/rachel; pairing jesse/rachel; pairing jesse/santana; pairing jesse/shelby; pairing jesse/tina; pairing jessie/kurt; pairing jessie/rachel
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    Glee Fanfiction
    For the underdog in all of us...who loves to write.
    November 2010
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    May. 29th, 2010
    Where There's Love Overflowing: Brittany/Finn + Others, R
    music : Glee Cast - Home Title: Where There's Love Overflowing
    Author: anomalousalanna
    Brittany/Finn, Implied Others
    Rating: R
    Summary: Sex, babies and hair pulling. Just a normal day in the Glitter world.
    Notes: Based on Glitter versions of Brittany Quinn Santana , and Finn
    (“She was up all night. We were up all night. We’ll all just be cranky unless we get more sleep.”)
    Tags: anomalousalanna brittany/finn fic rating: r finn/brittany Posted at 03:00 am Link Leave a comment Add to Memories Share this!

    6. Ipickquinn: Fanfic: Surprise, NC-17 (Finn/Quinn/Rachel)
    fanfic Surprise, NC17 (Finn/Quinn/Rachel) Title Surprise Author ipickquinn Pairing/Character(s) Finn/Quinn/Rachel Rating M/NC-17 Word Count 1,827
    idek~ ( ipickquinn ) wrote,
    Entry tags: rating: nc-17 ship: finn/quinn/rachel type: fanfic fanfic: Surprise, NC-17 (Finn/Quinn/Rachel)
    Author: ipickquinn
    Rating: M/NC-17
    Word Count:
    None. I'm kind of pretending Quinn's not even pregnant. IDK.
    Summary: Written for a prompt ( HERE ). It's Rachel's first time and the other two (still a couple) are taking charge of it. Finn is enjoying it/being sweet about it because of his feelings for Rachel. Quinn is being aggressive, taking it as an opportunity to punish Rachel for her behaviour with Finn.
    "I see you looking at her," Quinn breathes in your ear before leaving a kiss on the back of the neck. You nearly jump out of your chair because one: how often does someone's girlfriend say something like that to their boyfriend in a not angry tone; two: she scared the crap out of you by sneaking up from behind; and three: because you're in the middle of a Glee rehearsal.
    You're quiet for a few moments because you're not sure if this is a test. You're not sure if she's really going to start freaking out on you if you confirm her accusation. And if you deny it she'll call you out on your bullshit. But then it dawns on you... If you didn't know any better you would say she sounds aroused. You have a very hard time concentrating the rest of Glee. You're making out after school and you totally grabbed her boob and she still hasn't stopped you. This is a first. Unfortunately for you, the doorbell rings.

    7. Quinn, Nicola - Quinn, Rachel | LinkedIn
    Browse for professionals listed alphabetically by last name in the following bracket Quinn, Nicola Quinn, Rachel

    8. Fillthesilence - FanFiction.Net
    Terri has to pay the price to get something she really wants. Spoiler Warning. Quinn/Terri, Slight Quinn/Rachel.

    9. Inky X Fingers
    Kiss and Tell (Loose Lips Sink Ships) Part One Glee, Quinn/Shelby, Brittany/Quinn, Rachel/Santana; Happily Ever After Below the Waist- RPFS, Lea Michele/Dianna Agron (Show Me How
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    Kiss and Tell (Loose Lips Sink Ships)[Part Three]-Glee, Quinn/Shelby, Brittany/Quinn, Rachel/Santana
    • Oct. 13th, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    Title: Kiss and Tell (Loose Lips Sink Ships)
    Author: texaswatermelon
    Pairing: Quinn/Shelby, eventual Quinn/Brittany, eventual Rachel/Santana
    Rating: R, for language and possible adult situations
    Glee is property of Ryan Murphy Television and 20 th
    Archiving: at inkyxfingers
    Word Count: Chapters:
    Part One Part Two A/N: Warnings: It starts eyes closed, to fingers crossed, to I swear, I say.
    Kiss and Tell (Loose Lips Sink Ships) [Part Two]- Glee, Quinn/Shelby, Brittany/Quinn, Rachel/Santana
    • Oct. 13th, 2010 at 7:46 AM
    Title: Kiss and Tell (Loose Lips Sink Ships) Author: texaswatermelon Fandom: Glee Pairing: Quinn/Shelby, eventual Quinn/Brittany, eventual Rachel/Santana Rating: R, for language and possible adult situations

    10. Your Daily Femslash Newsletter's Journal
    {fic updates} Part 8 of My Only Exception by emmelia24 Quinn/Rachel. Part 13 of Gardenia by hennablue Quinn/Rachel. {vids} Hanging On by kebq14 Quinn/Rachel.
    entries friends calendar Your Daily Femslash Newsletter userinfo livejournal userinfo calendar livejournal calendar
    mood content sign up
    Part 14
    of Potions, Dungeons, and Firewhiskey by - Frankie/Bianca, Xover with Harry Potter.
    Send The Sun Away
    by - Abigail Whistler/Danica Talos.
    2 Drabbles
    by frogfrizz - Roslin/Janeway, Xover with WT:Voyager.
    The Slow Descent
    by frogfrizz - Roslin/Tory.
    by - Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau.
    Normal Like You
    by - Emily/JJ.
    Part 5
    of Double Take by - Emily/JJ.
    by - Andy/Miranda.
    by - Andy/Miranda. Untitled by akasarahsmom - Andy/Miranda. Part 8 of Taking Chances by - Miranda/Andy, Rachel/Quinn, Xover with Glee. Part 8 of Handy by kendokuschi -Andy/Miranda. Part 2 of Hanging by the Moments by - Andy/Miranda. Till Death Parts Us of by - Andy/Miranda. When the Leaves Fall Down by mallardeer - Brittany/Santana. Music of the Night by - Rachel/Quinn. Hold Tight Don’t Let Go by sandersson - Brittany/Santana. This Game We Spectate by zerodetorres - Brittany/Santana. Two Cherry Slushies by mooners - Brittany/Santana.

    11. Come On, You're On Fire!!!! - Fic: Third Time's The Charm, Pairing: Quinn/Rachel
    Come on, you're on fire!!!! Fic Third Time's The Charm, Pairing Quinn/Rachel (Glee)
    Username: Password: Forgot your password? Remember Me You are viewing wecanfreakout 's journal
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    Learn more Another syndication dies in your arms!
    • July 2010 Tags band: florence and the machine band: metric celebrity:amy acker celebrity:eliza dushku ...
      18 October 2009 @ 02:51 pm Fic: Third Time's The Charm, Pairing: Quinn/Rachel (Glee) Author: wecanfreakout Rating: NC-17 Word Count: 4,682 Pairing(s): Some Quinn/Finn, Quinn/Puck, Mostly Quinn/Rachel :D , slight Brittany/Santana and some Quinn (unconsciously and sometimes consciously) perving over other Cheerios. Spoilers: Tiny hints of Preggers but nothing huge really Summary/AN: Prompt from
      needs this. nothing would Here it here He finally relents and slips his hand beneath her spankies. His fingers are cold, calloused, and the rough edge of them makes her jump a bit. He finally finds it though and slides two fingers in knuckle deep. She forces a smile, unwilling to break it to him. wants that Quinn rolls her eyes but she acknowledges for once that Puck is only trying to help, with good reason too because now that she stops to think about it (stops thinking about Brittany and Santana being all over each other in the bathroom) she really is in no condition to drive home.

    12. Quinn Rachel | Camas, WA |
    Quinn Rachel 1999 graduate of Camas High School in Camas, WA is on See pictures, plan your class reunion and get caught up with Quinn and other high school alumni.

    13. Source Developing Rural Creativity, Crafts Sligo Fermanagh Leitrim And Sweden, H
    SOURCE Developing Rural Creativity is a cross border and transnational initiative which aims to generate growth in the creative industries sector through trade and marketing
    developing rural creativity svenska home Project Partnership ... Contact Us shopping cart No. Products : Total :
    Online Sales Directory : Member Details Rachel Quinn [Rachel Quinn Ceramics]
    Contact Details
    Rachel Quinn
    Rachel Quinn Ceramics
    Co. Sligo
    Email: Web: Description / Biog Members Gallery Angels (Ceramics) Click for details King,Queen and Princess (Ceramics) Click for details The Nativity (Ceramics) Click for details Vicking girl and ''High Tower'' (Ceramics) Click for details

    14. Glee - Quinn/Rachel - Glee Forum. The Fansite And Forum For FOX's Glee
    Fox's Glee fansite and forum including downloads, videos, pictures, discussion, and more.
    @import url(; @import url( "" ); Glee Open Chat In: New Window or Pop-Up Ask A Question Help Search ... Calendar
    Search this forum only? More Search Options Welcome Guest Log In Register EPISODE #2x05 - "Rocky Horror Glee Show" - Discuss This Episode "Rocky Horror Glee Show" Links: DOWNLOAD The Episode Listen To The MUSIC View The PICTURES CHECK OUT THE LATEST GLEE SONGS
    Don't Go Breaking My Heart
    Lucky River Deep, Mountain High Sing ... VIEW UPCOMING SONGS
    Purchase and Listen to all the MUSIC ON GLEE Glee Forum Glee On Television Glee Characters ... Shippers
    Please refrain from jumping into other shipper threads and bashing on the couple. This section was created for fans to discuss why they enjoy a certain couple and not dislike. Please do not bash on a couple whether you are being serious or sarcastic. Those will be warned if others feel the need to report your negative post. If you feel that you need to create an anti-thread, then you may do so (there's on problem there)...but DO NOT bash in a current thread already created OR go off topic. 20 Pages Quinn/Rachel Options tinkers View Member Profile ipsmenu.register( "post-member-17140", '', 'popmenubutton-new', 'popmenubutton-new-out' );

    15. Tvisionholic - Quinn/Rachel Fanvid - Glee
    Name/AKAs Age City, State, Address Possible Relatives Birthday Phone Number 1. QUINN, RACHEL SHREVEPORT, LA QUINN, THOMAS F 2. QUINN, RACHAEL ANN
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    tvisionholic - Quinn/Rachel Fanvid - Glee
    Page Summary
    Quinn/Rachel Fanvid - Glee
    mood: amused
    You can interpret this video anyway you want, but I am really hoping that these two will become friends before season 2 ends. I mean, in the first 13 episodes of season 1, it seems like the writers are making them friends but then in the back 9, it was like nothing happened. Instead, Quinn became friends with Mercedes. Where did that come from?
    Anyway, I hope you like this vid. It's my first time using premiere pro and it was pretty stressful seeing that I've never used it before. I'm hoping once I get the hang of this program, I can make better ones. But I think this vid turned out pretty well, no? Tags: glee rachel berry quinn fabray lea miche
    Link Leave a comment Add to Memories ... Share this!
    (no subject)
    from: dramatricks
    Jun. 30th, 2010 08:17 pm (UTC)

    16. Ceramics Ireland | Rachel Quinn Irish Art And Pottery - Rachel Quinn Ceramics
    Ceramics Ireland Rachel Quinn. Rachel comes from a Fine Art background, she studied painting and ceramics. Since finishing college she has pursued her passion for clay.
    • Cloonacurra Ballincarrow Co. Sligo
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    Keywords: Submit:

    Rachel comes from a Fine Art background, she studied painting and ceramics. Since finishing college she has pursued her passion for clay. Rachel worked in a large pottery in England and on returning to Ireland she worked with a studio potter for five years. During this time Rachel learned her Craft. Rachel and her husband Tony built and set up their own workshop, next to their home, in the shade of the Ox Mountains. They have been succsessfully running their own business since 2003 and have found that there is a huge interest in this type of work as people are looking for original pieces.
    Living in the north west of Ireland in a rural setting it is impossible to deny ones relationship with nature and the paths travelled by the ancient. As a person you develop an acute awareness of the seasons and the ongoing cycle of past, present and future, of being part of these changes and a sense of belonging to the land and the ancient line from which we are descended. As an artist this influence is very exciting, always new and intriguing with endless possibilities in form, colour and texture.
    To receive our Newsletter please enter your email address below: Christmas Gifts Anniversary Gifts confirmation Christening ... Contact Us
    • Rachel Quinn Ceramics Cloonacurra

    17. Declan Quinn: 'Rachel Getting Married'.(Snapshots: Indie Sensibilities Get A Wor
    Declan Quinn 'Rachel Getting Married'.(Snapshots Indie sensibilities get a workout on locations ranging from San Francisco to Mumbai)(Brief article) find Daily Variety

    18. YouTube - Quinn/Rachel: Don't Let Me Go
    Yes my Glee obsession is continuing to grow as is my love for all things Lea Michele and Rachel Berry. So while I heavily heavily ship Fichel I also have this weird curiosity

    19. Quinn/Rachel.. Yo /Will .. Ken/Finn ... - Suee SilvesteeR!! Tarot For Life Reading The Cards For Everyday Guidance And Growth by Paul Quinn Rachel Pollack. Rs.654, Save 25%. Buy Tarot For Life, All India Free Home

    20. Quinn Rachel MD, Fort Atkinson WI 53538 --
    Quinn Rachel MD is located at 601 Handeyside Ln Fort Atkinson, WI. Phone 920563-5544. . Post a message and leave a review for Quinn Rachel MD. Find coupons, and get Fort

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